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Chapter 3: Subsystems / Chases

Sample Obstacles

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 158
You can use the following obstacles in your chases, which are organized by environment. The name is followed by the level of group they’re best suited for, and many include both a basic version for lower levels and a higher-level version.

Underground Obstacles

Crumbling Corridor (1st)DC 13 Acrobatics to avoid disturbing the walls, DC 15 Crafting to shore up the walls; Quaking Corridor (11th) DC 25 Acrobatics, DC 30 Crafting
Fungus Grotto (1st)DC 15 Fortitude to endure poisonous spore, DC 13 Survival to avoid the mushrooms; Virulent Fungi (5th) DC 20 Fortitude, DC 18 Survival
Pit Trap (1st)DC 13 Athletics to quickly climb out, DC 15 Perception to spot the trap before it’s triggered; Exceptional Pit Trap (5th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 18 Perception
Wandering Gelatinous Cube (1st)DC 18 Occultism to identify its deficiencies, DC 15 Stealth to sneak past; Wandering Black Pudding (7th) DC 24 Occultism, DC 19 Stealth
Collapsed Tunnel (5th)DC 20 Athletics to dig through, DC 18 Perception to find a secret door around; Ancient Collapse (12th) DC 30 Athletics, DC 28 Perception
Pendulum Trap (5th)DC 20 Reflex to dodge the blades, DC 15 Thievery to disable the tap; Panoply of Pendulums (12th) DC 30 Reflex, DC 28 Thievery
Wooden Portcullis (8th)DC 25 Acrobatics to squeeze through, DC 20 Athletics to lift the gate; Iron Portcullis (11th) DC 25 Acrobatics, DC 30 Athletics

Urban Obstacles

Crowd (1st)DC 15 Acrobatics or Athletics to weave or push through, DC 13 Society to follow the flow; Festival Crowd (4th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 18 Society
Fruit Cart (1st)DC 13 Athletics to vault over or smash through, DC 15 Intimidation to make the merchant move it; Merchant Pavilion (5th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 22 Intimidation
Guard Dog (1st)DC 14 Nature to calm, DC 16 Stealth to sneak past; Guard Roc (9th) DC 26 Nature, DC 28 Stealth
Rickety Rooftops (1st)DC 15 Acrobatics to cross clotheslines, DC 13 Athletics to jump from roof to roof; Crumbling, Steep Rooftops (5th) DC 18 Acrobatics, DC 20 Athletics
Wooden Fence (1st)DC 13 Athletics to climb over, DC 15 Thievery to unlock a gate; High Iron Fence (8th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 25 Thievery
Gang of Hooligans (2nd)DC 13 Deception to trick, DC 15 Stealth to sneak past; Elite Criminals (12th) DC 28 Deception, DC 30 Stealth
Twisting Alleyways (2nd)DC 17 Perception to find a path, DC 13 Society to recall a map; Multi-Story Maze (7th) DC 22 Perception, DC 20 Society

Wilderness Obstacles

Deep Mud (1st)DC 15 Athletics to slog through, DC 13 Perception to find a path; Horrid Bog (5th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 18 Perception
Downpour (1st)DC 13 Fortitude to push through, DC 15 Nature to predict the weather; Magical Thunderstorm (5th) DC 30 Fortitude, DC 25 Nature
Rope Bridge (1st)DC 15 Acrobatics to cross carefully, DC 13 Crafting to make repairs; Solitary Frayed Rope (11th) DC 25 Acrobatics, DC 30 Crafting
Rushing River (1st)DC 15 Athletics to swim or hop across stones, DC 13 Survival to find a ford nearby; Flash Flood (5th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 18 Survival
Steep Hills (1st)DC 13 Athletics to climb across, DC 15 Perception to find easier path; Rugged Mountain (5th) DC 20 Athletics, DC 18 Perception
Swarm of Wasps (1st)DC 15 Fortitude to endure stings, DC 13 Survival to smoke them out; Those Aren’t Wasps! (5th) DC 20 Fortitude, DC 18 Survival
Tangled Forest (2nd)DC 17 Perception to find the way, DC 13 Survival to plot a path; Enchanted Forest (5th) DC 20 Perception, DC 18 Survival