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Source Player Core pg. 97
As a bard, you select one muse at 1st level. This muse leads you to great things and might be someone you know, a supernatural creature, location, deity, philosophy, or captivating mystery. Depending on the type of inspiration you receive, your 1st-level muse grants you a specific 1st-level bard feat and adds a spell to your repertoire.

In addition to this, each muse opens the door to many later bard feats. If one type of inspiration is not enough to represent your muse, consider the Multifarious Muse feat.

PFS StandardEnigma

Source Player Core pg. 98
Your muse is a mystery, driving you to uncover the hidden secrets of life and the multiverse. These muses can be people you cannot fully grasp, texts layered deeply with symbolism, or emotional paradoxes that underline a lifetime's work. If your muse is an otherworldly creature, it might be a mysterious aeon or an occult dragon; if a deity, it might be Irori or Nethys. Art inspired by an enigma muse could be cryptic, eerie, or laden with speculation and conspiracy.
As a bard with the enigma muse, you support your allies by providing knowledge alongside inspiration and occult support.

Muse Feat Bardic Lore
Muse Spell sure strike

PFS StandardMaestro

Source Player Core pg. 98
Your muse constantly inspires you to greater heights of artistic prowess. For many bards, a teacher or rival fills this role, although some set their sights higher and attempt to surpass great composers of the past or blaze a new trail entirely. If your muse is a supernatural creature, it might be one who loves to perform, such as a choral angel or a lyrakien azata; if a deity, it might be Shelyn. Art inspired by a maestro muse is precise and inventive, a formalist achievement.
As a bard with a maestro muse, you are an inspiration to your allies and confident of your musical and oratorical abilities.

Muse Feat Lingering Composition
Muse Spell soothe

PFS StandardPolymath

Source Player Core pg. 98
Your muse is a jack of all trades, flitting between skills and pursuits. Some bards are constantly moved by new muses or draw their inspiration from an idealized being, whether it's based on a real person or purely philosophical. If your muse is a single creature, it might be an eclectic creature like a fey or one who's learned a lot over a long lifespan; if a deity, it might be Desna or Calistria. Art inspired by a polymath muse is restless, with each composition exhibiting new techniques and an ever-evolving style.
As a bard with a polymath muse, you are interested in a wide array of topics but rarely dedicated to any one, and you rarely make up your mind—you want to try everything.

Muse Feat Versatile Performance Muse Spell phantasmal minion

PFS StandardWarrior

Source Player Core pg. 98
The battlefield is your stage, the clang of steel, your song. Your muse has seen countless battles, whether reveling in combat or resigned to its necessity. An individual soldier or general might inspire you, but so might a battlefield or weapon with a particularly profound history. If your muse is a creature, it might be an otherworldly soldier, such as an archon or devil soldier. If it's a deity, it might be Gorum. Art inspired by a warrior muse is triumphant and strident, often detailing epic battles.
As a bard with a warrior muse, you train for battle in addition to performance, and you prepare your allies for the dangers of combat. You might even wade into the thick of things with them.

Muse Feat Martial Performance
Muse Spell fear