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Source Player Core pg. 89
Your ancestry entry states which languages you know at 1st level. Typically, this means you can both speak and read these languages. Having a positive Intelligence modifier grants a number of additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier. You can choose these languages from the list presented in your character's ancestry entry and from those available from your region or ethnicity. Ask your GM if there's a language you want to select that isn't on these lists.

The languages presented here are grouped according to how common they are throughout the Inner Sea region. Languages that are common are regularly encountered around the Inner Sea, even among those who aren't native speakers. Languages that are uncommon (see the Uncommon Languages table and Regional Languages) are most frequently spoken by native speakers, but they are also spoken by certain scholars and others interested in the associated cultures.

Many uncommon languages are spoken by natives of other planes who rarely appear near the Inner Sea unless summoned. Mortals learning these languages might spend a lifetime without meeting a native speaker.

It is possible for your character to learn languages later in their adventuring career. Selecting the Multilingual feat, for example, grants a character two new languages chosen from those listed below. If your Intelligence changes later on, you also adjust your number of languages accordingly. Other abilities and effects might grant access to common or uncommon languages, as detailed in their descriptions. Rare or secret languages can only be discovered through play

R Language is a regional language

Common Languages

Taldane, Razatlani, PFS StandardSakvroth, PFS StandardFey, PFS StandardCommon, PFS StandardDraconic, PFS StandardDwarven, PFS StandardElven, PFS StandardGnomish, PFS StandardGoblin, PFS StandardHalfling, PFS StandardJotun, PFS StandardOrcish

Uncommon Languages

PFS StandardAlghollthu, PFS StandardAmurrun, PFS StandardArboreal, PFS StandardBoggard, PFS StandardCaligni, PFS StandardCyclops, PFS StandardDaemonic, PFS StandardIruxi, PFS StandardProtean, PFS StandardRequian, PFS StandardSphinx, PFS StandardUtopian, Anadi, PFS StandardTengu, Grippli, PFS StandardAzlantiR, Strix, PFS StandardThassilonianR, PFS StandardGarundiR, PFS StandardErutakiR, PFS StandardVarkiR, Shoony, Destrachan, D'ziriak, Jistkan, Jyoti, PFS StandardYsoki, Adlet, Girtablilu, PFS StandardCalda, PFS StandardEkujae, PFS StandardKibwani, PFS StandardLirgeni, PFS StandardMzunu, PFS StandardOcotan, PFS StandardXanmba, Anugobu, Kitsune, Nagaji, PFS StandardMuan, PFS StandardPetran, PFS StandardPyric, PFS StandardSussuran, PFS StandardTalican, PFS StandardThalassic, PFS StandardChthonian, PFS StandardEmpyrean, PFS StandardDiabolic, Minkaian, PFS StandardKholo, PFS StandardAklo, PFS StandardNecril, PFS StandardShadowtongue, PFS StandardHallit, PFS StandardKelish, PFS StandardMwangi, PFS StandardOsiriani, PFS StandardShoanti, PFS StandardSkald, PFS StandardTien, PFS StandardVarisian, PFS StandardVudrani

Rare Languages

PFS StandardAndroffan, Grioth, Kovintal, Mi-Go, Munavri, Samsaran, Sasquatch, Shae, Vanara, Vishkanyan, Yithian, PFS StandardRasu, PFS StandardGoloma, PFS StandardShisk, Arcadian, Wyrwood, Minatan, Wayang, Senzar, Jistka , Akitonian, Formian, Ikeshti, Shobhad, PFS StandardHwan, PFS StandardOkaiyan, Drooni, Ancient Osiriani, PFS StandardKashrishi, PFS StandardVishkanya, Ratajin, Elder Thing, PFS StandardOrvian

Secret Languages

PFS StandardWildsong