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Spirit CycloneHazard 9

Complex Haunt 
Source Book of the Dead pg. 68
Complexity Complex
Stealth +20 (expert)
Description A cyclone of angry spirits surges around the area.
Disable DC 30 Occultism or Religion (trained) to weaken the haunt; three total successes in any combination are required to disable the haunt
Gather Spirits [reaction] Trigger Two or more creatures enter the area; Effect A spiraling column of spirits gather, becoming a whirling cyclone of souls 10 feet wide and 60 feet tall. The haunt then rolls initiative.
Routine (3 actions) The spirit cyclone uses 3 actions to move, traveling up to 30 feet with each action and dealing 2d10+13 negative damage to each creature in its path (DC 32 basic Reflex save). A creature needs to attempt only one save during the cyclone's movement, even if the cyclone moves over its space more than once. On a critical failure, a creature is swept up into the cyclone, becoming grabbed (Escape DC 32). A creature grabbed by the cyclone moves along with the cyclone and takes 1d10+6 additional negative damage at their beginning of its turn, and it must attempt a Reflex save against the cyclone on the cyclone's turn, no matter where the cyclone moves. A creature that successfully Escapes from the cyclone falls from a height of 1d12 × 5 feet.
Reset The spirit cyclone disperses after 1 minute and resets after 1 day.