Source Core Rulebook pg. 629 4.0
A hazard with this trait takes turns in an encounter.


Abyss-Warped Trees, Acidic Needle Launcher, Air Rift, Ancient Apparatus, Angry Dead, Angry Vegetation, Auto-Turret, Avernal Flashback, Avian Rage, Ballista Defense, Banshee's Symphony, Barzillai's Hounds, Bounding Hounds, Breath of Despair, Broken Rebus Attack, Button Mash, Call of the Void, Caustic Dart Trap, Centipede Carcasses Trap, Choking Tethers, Clockwork Dancers, Clone Mirrors, Collapsing Structure (Ebeshra), Collapsing Structure (Mogaru), Compression Tunnel, Confounding Betrayal, Constricting Hall, Convergence Lattice, Corrupted Draft, Dahak's Skull, Damurdiel's Vengeance, Dance of Death, Darkside Mirror, Dart Barrage, Deadly Workshop, Death's Slumber Ward, Dimensional Darkside Mirror, Dragon Pillar, Dream Pollen, Drowning Pit, Echoes of Betrayal, Eldritch Echoes, Electrified Water Ward, Endless Elven Aging, Endless Struggle, Entombed Spirit, Entropy Choir, Eternal Flame, Etward's Nightmare, Exhaling Portal, Explosive Crystal Spheres, Explosive Steam Trap, Flensing Blades, Floating Flamethrower, Flooding Room, Flying Guillotine, Forest Fire, Freezing Floor, Freezing Floor Tiles, Gas Trap, Ghost Stampede, Grasping Currents, Grasping Dead, Gravehall Trap, Gremlin Horde, Guthallath Rockslide, Hall of Fiery Doom, Hall of Mirrors, Hallowed Wheel, Host of Spirits, Huanted Aiudara, Hungry Cottage, Imperious Darkside Mirror, Kepgeda's Keening Cauldron, Keystone Repulsion, Keystone Trap, Krooth Summoning Rune, Lava Flume Tubes, Lesser Dragonstorm, Life Magnet, Lodestone Trap, Lonely Machine Spirit, Maggot Pit, Malevolent Mannequins, Mana Whorl, Masks of Aroden's Guises, Maze of Mirrors, Memory of Osoyo, Mukradi Summoning Runes, Nightmare Portal, Nyrissa's Tempest, Offended Epitaphs, Orb Blast Trap, Ornery Augdunars, Ostovite Nest, Paradox Engine, Pendulum Pit, Perilous Flash Flood, Phantom Bells, Pit of Toil, Planar Tear, Poisoned Dart Gallery, Poisonous Atmosphere, Praise of Yog-Sothoth, Quarry Sluiceway, Quicksand, Raving Spirit, Repeater Crossbow Trap, Reservoir Trap, Rogue Sphere, Rolling Stone Cylinder Trap, Rushing Wind, Sadistic Conductor, Sand Whirlwind, Scalding Tar Lake, Scholar's Bane, Shadow Guards, Shadow Heart, Shadow Lash, Shadow Maze, Shadowshift Field, Shrouded Assailant, Siphoning Spirit, Smoke-Filled Hallway, Soul Stasis, Soul-Draining Spirit Collectors, Spectral Archers, Spider Summoning Rune, Spinning Blade Pillar, Spiraling Comets, Spirit Cyclone, Spitter Pods, Stage Fire, Subduing Gas Chamber, Suffering Xulgaths, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Summoning Rune, Tar Pit, Telekinetic Swarm Trap, Test of Agility, Test of the God Caller, Thalassophobic Pool, The Avalanche, The Cleansing Hall, The Eclipse, The Enmity Cycle, The Fight, The Flight, The Last Crucible, The Power of Faith, The Putrid Rise, Time Rift, Town Hall Fire, Toxic Furnace, Trapped Lathe, Tree of Dreadful Dreams, Tylegmut's Last Meal, Unfinished Portalrender, Unstable Fiendfire Cage, Urgathoa's Ire, Venom Pool, Vision of Dahak, Void Garden, Volatile Reagents, Wailing Crystals, Wheel of Misery, Wooden Bullets Trap, Wrath of the Destroyer, Zogototaru, Zogototaru