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WildfireHazard 4+

Legacy Content

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 125
Survival DC 22 (trained)
Description A fire spreads through the region, be it one accidentally started by a poorly maintained campfire, deliberate arson, a lightning strike, or from a supernatural source like a creature's fiery breath or a fire spell being cast by a bandit in the region. Wildfires cannot occur during heavy downpours or blizzards, and if such an event starts in the area, it brings an existing wildfire to an end.
Prepare DC 18 Survival (trained) or DC 25 Perception to notice plumes of smoke or the tang of smoke in the air.
Routine (1+ hour) An unsheltered character must succeed at a DC 21 Reflex save or take 6d6 fire damage (12d6 fire damage on a critical failure). If the character has sheltered in a temporary shelter or a flammable building, attempt a DC 16 flat check each hour the fire persists; on a failure, the fire consumes the shelter.
Severe Wildfire (10th) A severe wildfire has a duration of 8+ hours. Unsheltered characters must succeed at a DC 29 Reflex save or take 12d6 fire damage (24d6 fire damage on a critical failure), and it's a DC 11 flat check for the temporary or flammable shelter to avoid burning. The heavy smoke in the area is thick enough to function as fog.