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Supernatural StormHazard 6+

Legacy Content

Primal Weather 
Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 124
Survival DC 25 (expert)
Description What starts out as a heavy downpour or a windstorm takes a turn for the outlandish, as something strange begins raining down from the heavens above: bolts of fire, acid rain, or even something like a rain of frogs or shards of stained glass.
Prepare DC 25 Nature (trained) or DC 25 Survival (trained) to find shelter in the region.
Routine (1+ hours) Supernatural storms are the result of the growing influence of the First World over the region. When they occur, characters who aren't in shelter take 4d8+18 points of damage each hour (DC 25 basic Reflex save). The type of damage depends on the type of storm, as chosen by you. For example, acid rain would cause acid damage, while a rain of frogs would cause bludgeoning damage.
Escalated Storm (Level +1) Supernatural storms can scale upward in level as you need to continue challenging the PCs. Use the tables for building hazards to set the escalated storm's DCs—it uses the high DCs for Survival and Prepare from Table 2–13 of that book, and the damage value is the Simple Dmg value from Table 2–16.