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Source Grand Bazaar pg. 69
A prosthesis is an artificial device designed to replace a missing or damaged body part. Prostheses are made from a variety of materials, including wood or metal for common prostheses and clockwork devices or rare materials for more expensive ones. Advancements in the prosthetic field mean that even the most basic of prostheses can provide the full range of functionality for a missing body part.

These magically engineered prostheses are tailored to go beyond just practicality for the avid adventurer. The various designs and uses mean that adventurers of all classes are bound to find a prosthesis geared toward their specific lifestyle. Additionally, some characters might want to make use of a magical prosthesis but not actually be missing the associated body part. In this case, a variant of the prosthesis is available that fits over the existing body part instead and uses the same statistics.

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