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PFS LimitedPurgatory Emissary's StaffItem 12

Legacy Content

Rare Magical Necromancy Staff 
Source Pathfinder #199: To Bloom Below the Web pg. 77
Price 1,820 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
This ash wood staff is topped by a long tassel of bleached-white horsehair. Historically carried by the most important of court officials throughout various regions and periods of Tian Xia's history, purgatory emissary's staves are also strongly associated with psychopomps serving punitive sentences. It's thought this connection is a comical nod to the bureaucratic nature of the afterlife.

Psychopomps and spirits tend to regard you with a level of respect while you carry a purgatory emissary's staff. While you wield this staff, you receive a +2 item bonus to all skill checks made to adjust a psychopomp's or spirit's attitude.

When used as a weapon, a purgatory emissary's staff is a +2 striking ghost touch staff.

Activate Cast a Spell; Effect You expend a number of charges from the staff to cast a spell from its list.