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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
Pathfinder #169: Kindled MagicSource Page


Umbopg. 22

Bramble Champion Constructpg. 41

Shieldbearer Constructpg. 41

Sicklehand Constructpg. 41

Urbelpg. 55

Kurshking, Gremlin Tricksterpg. 86

Stone Ghost, Spite-Filled Apparation and Failed Studentpg. 88

Takulu Ot, Kindly Teacher of Incoming Studentspg. 90


Centipede Carcasses Trap


Airburst, Friendfetch, Grave Impressions, Impeccable Flow, Mind Games, Stumbling Curse, Verminous Lure
Pathfinder #170: Spoken on the Song WindSource Page


Folklorist, Nantambu Chime-Ringer


Terra-Cotta Soldierpg. 8

Coil Spypg. 10

Emperor Cobrapg. 11

Giant Viperpg. 11

Wood Golempg. 11

Tigerpg. 14

Basiliskpg. 16

Mpeshipg. 17

Kirupg. 27

Mashkudu The Bully pg. 27

Loakanpg. 28

Rethpg. 29

Kalembi's Guardspg. 34

Mutated Sewer Oozepg. 37

Ochre Jellypg. 37

Snapping Flytrappg. 37

Injured The snapping flytraps are drained 4 and have only 5 Hit Points each.

Verdurous Oozepg. 37

Minotaurpg. 40

HP 70; Resistance fire 5

Striding Firepg. 41

Rajatapg. 42

Female Hellcat

Jungle Drakepg. 45

Hrroupopg. 47

Spotted Fistpg. 47

Female gnoll sergeant

Yorulupg. 47

Female grippli bruglar
Initiative Perception +10 (+11 to find traps); low-light vision
Languages Common, Grippli

Old Thrasherpg. 48

Grippli Skirmisherpg. 49

Kolbopg. 49

Giant Dragonflypg. 50

I'iko Dragonpg. 50

Grubushpg. 51

Kreekosspg. 53

Nairupg. 53

Male elf assassin
Initiative Perception +16; low-light vision
Languages Common, Elven
Speed 30 feet

Serpentfolk Granitescalepg. 56

Aapoph Serpentfolkpg. 57

Atathikpg. 57

Female serpentfolk venom caller
Initiative Perception +15
Items scroll of water breathing (2), shortbow (20 arrows), sickle, staff of illusion

Giant Water Cobrapg. 58

Great Grodairpg. 59

Grodairpg. 59

Gbahalipg. 60

Longshimmerpg. 61

Syrithpg. 61

Serpentfolk Venom Callerpg. 62

Fire-Pot Ubanu, Fire Lover with a Grudgepg. 91

Froglegs, Brutal Grippli Crime Bosspg. 91

Salathiss, Serpentfolk Infiltrator Obsessed with his Rolepg. 93


Communal Tale, Deny the Songs of War, Fleet Tempo, Folklorist Dedication, Folktales Lore, Nantambu Chime-Ringer Dedication, Narrative Conduit, Rule of Three, Sing to the Steel, Song of Grace and Speed


Agitated Carnivorous Plants, Boulder Deadfall Trap, Electrified Water Ward, Serpent Ward
Pathfinder #171: Hurricane's HowlSource Page


Roiling Incantpg. 7

Onyijipg. 9

Gang Memberpg. 13

Human bounty hunter

Karinapg. 13

Otobinpg. 13

Female human fence

Shavnillpg. 13

Male human necromancer

Tyrannosaurus Skeletonpg. 13

Weak Dezullonpg. 13

Mudwringer Mercenarypg. 17

NE Human tomb raider

Bog Mummypg. 18

Screaming Sulfurpg. 18

Vyrinapg. 19

Female spirit naga

Bog Mummy Amalgamationpg. 20

Ixamè pg. 22

Bharlen Sajorpg. 27

Kongamatopg. 27

Giripg. 30

Male Terwa star reader

Lizardfolk Scoutpg. 30

Lingering Injury The lizardfolk scouts were nearly at death's door. They are drained 2, and enfeebled 2 for as long as they are drained.

Ssaraku Akaipg. 30

Female elite Terwa chosen

Terwa Chosenpg. 30

Asanbosampg. 33

Groulooppg. 33

Boggard Hunterpg. 34

Giant Frilled Lizardpg. 34

Touutipg. 35

Bloodied Hippopotamuspg. 36

Mobogopg. 36

Abendego Brutepg. 37

Abendego Jailerpg. 42

Yonsuupg. 44

Abendego Priestpg. 46

Riding Frogpg. 47

Speed 35 feet, swim 25 feet

Cyclops Bullypg. 48

Golgopopg. 48

Halbrux Far-Sightpg. 48

Gogitethpg. 50

Tirpg. 50

Male great cyclops

Ssumzilipg. 53

Guild Toughpg. 56

Male burglar

Urukani Tenth-Starpg. 57

Male Terwa Chosen

Sherris Loddpg. 61

Female Jorogumo

Norgorberite Spypg. 63

Vinson Haddelorpg. 63

Male Jorogumo

Karumzek Swarmpg. 65

Ajbal Kimon pg. 67

Ajbal Kimon, Brutal Gang Leaderpg. 86

Halbrux Far-Sight, Cyclops Historian and Oraclepg. 88

Thiarvo The Quick, Ruthless Halfling Treasure Seekerpg. 90


Cloud Walk, Deflecting Cloud, Mighty Wings, Shape of the Cloud Dragon


Spider Summoning Rune, Stinger Ward Trap


Blackfinger's Blades, Clawsong, Gasping Marsh, Girzanje's March, Gray Shadow, Mirecloak, Stormburst, Swampcall
Pathfinder #172: Secrets of the Temple CitySource Page


Bright Lion


Jackal Guardpg. 9

Reborn Sun Hunterpg. 10

Reborn Sun Magepg. 11

Reborn Sun Warriorpg. 11

Grave Karinapg. 31

Iron Golempg. 35

Biloko Reaverpg. 36

Gambulamipg. 37

Popobawapg. 38

Sunburst Corpsepg. 39

Umandayopg. 39

Male graveknight champion

Dajermubepg. 41

Female elite nemhaith
Divine Innate Spells DC 38, attack +30; 8th finger of death (×3), harm (×3), wall of radiance, wall of shadow

Soul Swarmpg. 42

Drenchdeadpg. 43

Shining Childpg. 43

Azure Wormpg. 44

Doprillupg. 48

Gold Defenderpg. 49

Kilia Mwibopg. 49

Gold Defender Garrisonpg. 50

Living-Sun Spirepg. 57

Sun Warrior Brigadepg. 57

Workneshpg. 59

Avatar Of Walkenapg. 60

Dimari-Diji, Ancient Arboreal Guardianpg. 86

Nkiruka, Stern Diplomat and Prime Speaker of Walkenapg. 88

Worknesh, Walkena's Dedicated Generalpg. 952


Blessing of the Sun Gods, Bright Lion Dedication, Greater Sun Blessing, Lion's Fury, Lion's Might


Cloak of Light, Fear the Sun, Moonburst, Moonlight Ray, Penumbral Disguise, Radiant Field, Wall of Radiance, Wall of Shadow
Pathfinder #173: Doorway to the Red StarSource Page


Raido-Kanpg. 9

Male elite adult sovereign dragon

Pixiepg. 10

Grootslangpg. 11

Gimmerlingpg. 13

Viper Vinepg. 14

Mpondopg. 20

Iobane Magipg. 21

Muradnerpg. 26

Sprithepg. 26

Tollvychpg. 27

Spawn Of Taonpg. 29

Quelauntpg. 30

Vrykolakas Ancientpg. 30

Muzzled The vrykolakas ancient can't use its fangs Strike or Steal Breath until its muzzle is removed, either by the quelaunt or by succeeding at a DC 35 Athletics check as an Interact action.

Taonpg. 31

Dwandekpg. 32

Bythospg. 38

Contemplativepg. 38

Fourteen Curiositiespg. 38

Agender contemplative meditant

An End to Rumorspg. 39

Male contemplative mentor

Hatred Siktemporapg. 39

Marutpg. 39

Ravager Of Tindalospg. 39

Great Gritcrawlerpg. 43

Shobhad Enforcerpg. 47

Tan-Taknehpg. 49

CN male shobhad sniper

Cookiepg. 51

Male shobhad enforcer
Thasteron Blast [two-actions] (magical) Requirement Cookie is within 10 feet of his stove; Effect Cookie adjusts dials, levers, and vents on his stove, causing a gout of searing blue fire to lance out at a single creature in area C2. The targeted creature takes 17d6 fire damage (DC 37 basic Reflex save). Cookie can't use Thasteron Blast for 1d4 rounds as the stove must rebuild its heat and pressure.

Skartitch Chip-Toothpg. 51

Thasteron Khefakpg. 52

Ysoki Mechanicpg. 52

Gluttonwormpg. 56

Akitonian Skulltakerpg. 57

Ancient Rivenerpg. 58

Formian Mageslayerpg. 59

Formian Deckhandpg. 60

Crimson Acolytepg. 62

Hyakumepg. 62

Formian Queenpg. 65

Soulshredded Nemhaithpg. 65

The King of Biting Antspg. 65

The King of Biting Ants, Megalomaniacal Sorcererpg. 90


Auto-Turret, Deathly Dream, Entropy Choir, Flensing Chute, Rigged Ramen Cart


Return to Essence, Temporal Ward
Pathfinder #174: Shadows of the AncientsSource Page


Crawling Slurrypg. 12

Infused Ogrepg. 15


Lignified Adamantine Golempg. 16

Ta'apundopg. 16

Unshadowed Okoropg. 18

Thorn Guardianpg. 19

Sumbreivapg. 20

Astrological Evaluation When the sumbreiva gains the clumsy condition, it reduces the value by 1.

Unshadowed Mariamapg. 20

Shianshi Waymakerpg. 21

Unshadowed Anchor Rootpg. 23

Unshadowed Haibrampg. 24

Unshadowed Koridepg. 24

Adanyinipg. 29

Male slana

Hunting Clockpg. 29

Clockwork clock tower

Red Commander Antpg. 31

Red Guard Antpg. 31

Alapolopg. 35

Marrmorapg. 37

Speed 30 feet, burrow 30 feet, fly 30 feet

Uncle Cinderpg. 38

Male lerritan

Alate Antpg. 40

Cataclysm Beetlepg. 40

Elite Terotricuspg. 40

Red Guard Antpg. 41

Banner Bearer One of the ants serves as the Red Queen's banner bearer. It's forbidden from doing anything other than standing next to the Red Queen and holding up her banner. As long as it holds the banner, ants who can see the banner can't be controlled or frightened. The banner is magical, even though the banner bearer doesn't know it; see Treasure on page 42.

Red Queenpg. 41

Elite Ankoupg. 42

Tatterthreadpg. 42

Tarn Linnormpg. 43

Ironclad Annihilator Beetlepg. 49

Wereant Poisonerpg. 49

Leydrothpg. 50

Wereant Sentinelpg. 50

Wereant Disciplepg. 51

Chromatic Oozepg. 54

Aspect of Hungerpg. 58

Variant crimson worm
Speed 40 feet, burrow 40 feet, fly 40 feet, swim 20 feet
Key Weakness The Aspect of Hunger is foiled by the bounty of natural magic. It has a weakness to divine spells and primal spells.
Essence of Hunger The Aspect of Hunger doesn’t have the fire trait, immunity to fire, weakness to cold, or fire healing. It instead has immunity to mental effects, and its attacks deal mental damage instead of fire damage.

Aspect of Immortalitypg. 58

Variant grim reaper
Key Weakness Jatembe’s history of vanquishing the King of Biting Ants survives in the halcyon legacy of the Magaambya. The Aspect of Immortality has a key weakness to both arcane spells and primal spells.

Tatterthread, Evil Reflection of a Compassionate Norn pg. 88

Unshadowed Koride, Misguided Professor Cursed with Curiositypg. 90


Cunning Trickster Mask, Emancipator's Mask, Grand Medic's Mask, Protective Spirit Mask, Sky Master Mask, Stalking Feline Mask, Storyteller's Mask, Thick Hide Mask, Tireless Guide's Mask, Vigilant Mask


Venom Pool