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Player Core

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Release Date 11/15/2023
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Ancestries [12]

Aiuvarin, Changeling, Dromaar, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Human, Leshy, Nephilim, Orc

Ancestry Heritages [49]

Aiuvarin, Ancient Elf, Ancient-Blooded Dwarf, Arctic Elf, Badlands Orc, Battle-Ready Orc, Cactus Leshy, Cavern Elf, Chameleon Gnome, Changeling, Charhide Goblin, Death Warden Dwarf, Deep Orc, Dromaar, Fey-touched Gnome, Forge Dwarf, Fruit Leshy, Fungus Leshy, Gourd Leshy, Grave Orc, Gutsy Halfling, Hillock Halfling, Hold-Scarred Orc, Irongut Goblin, Jinxed Halfling (Uncommon), Leaf Leshy, Lotus Leshy, Nephilim, Nomadic Halfling, Rainfall Orc, Razortooth Goblin, Rock Dwarf, Root Leshy, Seaweed Leshy, Seer Elf, Sensate Gnome, Skilled Human, Snow Goblin, Strong-Blooded Dwarf, Twilight Halfling, Umbral Gnome, Unbreakable Goblin, Versatile Human, Vine Leshy, Wellspring Gnome, Whisper Elf, Wildwood Halfling, Winter Orc, Woodland Elf

Animal Companions [16]

Ape, Arboreal Sapling, Badger, Bat, Bear, Bird, Boar, Cat, Crocodile, Dromaeosaur, Horse, Riding Drake, Scorpion, Shark, Snake, Wolf

Animal Companions - Advanced Options [2]

Nimble, Savage

Animal Companions - Specialized Options [6]

Ambusher, Bully, Daredevil, Racer, Tracker, Wrecker

Animals (Rentals/Sales) [10]

Guard Dog, Hunting Eagle, Messenger Raven, Pack Animal, Riding Dog, Riding Horse, Riding Pony, Service Dog, Warhorse, Warpony

Arcane Schools [7]

School of Ars Grammatica, School of Battle Magic, School of Civic Wizardary, School of Mentalism, School of Protean Form, School of the Boundary, School of Unified Magical Theory

Arcane Thesis [5]

Experimental Spellshaping, Improved Familiar Attunement, Spell Blending, Spell Substitution, Staff Nexus

Archetypes [8]

Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Witch, Wizard

Armor [13]

Breastplate, Chain Mail, Chain Shirt, Explorer's Clothing, Full Plate, Half Plate, Hide Armor, Leather Armor, Padded Armor, Scale Mail, Splint Mail, Studded Leather Armor, Unarmored

Backgrounds [40]

Acolyte, Acrobat, Animal Whisperer, Artisan, Artist, Bandit, Barkeep, Barrister, Bounty Hunter, Charlatan, Cook, Criminal, Cultist, Detective, Emissary, Entertainer, Farmhand, Field Medic, Fortune Teller, Gambler, Gladiator, Guard, Herbalist, Hermit, Hunter, Laborer, Martial Disciple, Merchant, Miner, Noble, Nomad, Prisoner, Raised by Belief, Sailor, Scholar, Scout, Street Urchin, Teacher, Tinker, Warrior

Classes [8]

Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Witch, Wizard

Conditions [42]

Blinded, Broken, Clumsy, Concealed, Confused, Controlled, Dazzled, Deafened, Doomed, Drained, Dying, Encumbered, Enfeebled, Fascinated, Fatigued, Fleeing, Friendly, Frightened, Grabbed, Helpful, Hidden, Hostile, Immobilized, Indifferent, Invisible, Observed, Off-Guard, Paralyzed, Persistent Damage, Petrified, Prone, Quickened, Restrained, Sickened, Slowed, Stunned, Stupefied, Unconscious, Undetected, Unfriendly, Unnoticed, Wounded

Deities [22]

Abadar, Asmodeus, Atheism, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Erastil, Gorum, Gozreh, Green Faith, Iomedae, Irori, Lamashtu, Nethys, Norgorber, Pharasma, Rovagug, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Torag, Urgathoa, Zon-Kuthon

Doctrines [2]

Cloistered Cleric, Warpriest

Domains [37]

Air, Ambition, Cities, Confidence, Creation, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Dreams, Earth, Family, Fate, Fire, Freedom, Healing, Indulgence, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Might, Moon, Nature, Nightmares, Pain, Passion, Perfection, Protection, Secrecy, Sun, Travel, Trickery, Truth, Tyranny, Undeath, Water, Wealth, Zeal

Druidic Orders [4]

Animal, Leaf, Storm, Untamed

Equipment [157]

Adventurer's Pack, Alchemist's Lab, Alchemist's Lab (Expanded), Alchemist's Toolkit, Artisan's Toolkit, Artisan's Toolkit (Sterling), Backpack, Barding, Barding (Heavy; Large), Barding (Heavy; Small or Medium), Barding (Light; Large), Barding (Light; Small or Medium), Basic Crafter's Book, Bedroll, Beverages, Beverages (Bottle of Fine Wine), Beverages (Bottle of Wine), Beverages (Keg of Ale), Beverages (Mug of Ale), Beverages (Pot of Coffee or Tea), Brass Ear, Caltrops, Candle, Cane, Chain, Chalk, Chest, Climbing Kit, Climbing Kit (Extreme), Clothing, Clothing (Explorer's), Clothing (Fine), Clothing (High-Fashion Fine), Clothing (Ordinary), Clothing (Winter), Compass, Compass (Lensatic), Concealed Sheath, Cookware, Corrective Lenses, Crowbar, Crowbar (Levered), Crutch, Detective's Kit, Disguise Kit, Disguise Kit (Elite Cosmetics), Disguise Kit (Elite), Disguise Kit (Replacement Cosmetics), Dueling Cape, Fishing Tackle, Fishing Tackle (Professional), Flint and Steel, Formula Book (Blank), Grappling Hook, Hammer, Healer's Toolkit, Healer's Toolkit (Expanded), Hearing Aid, Hearing Aid (Magical), Hourglass, Ladder (10 ft.), Lantern, Lantern (Bull's-Eye), Lantern (Hooded), Lock, Lock (Average), Lock (Good), Lock (Poor), Lock (Simple), Lock (Superior), Lodging, Lodging (Bed, for 1), Lodging (Extravagant Suite, for 6), Lodging (Floor Space), Lodging (Private Room, for 2), Magnifying Glass, Manacles, Manacles (Average), Manacles (Good), Manacles (Poor), Manacles (Simple), Manacles (Superior), Meal (Fine Dining), Meal (Poor), Meal (Square), Meals, Merchant's Scale, Mirror, Mug, Musical Instrument, Musical Instrument (Handheld), Musical Instrument (Heavy), Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Handheld), Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Heavy), Net, Oil, Parrying Scabbard, Periscope, Piton, Primal Symbol, Prosthesis, Rations, Religious Symbol, Religious Symbol (Silver), Religious Symbol (Wooden), Religious Text, Repair Toolkit, Repair Toolkit (Superb), Rope, Sack, Saddlebags, Scholarly Journal, Scholarly Journal (Compendium), Signal Whistle, Soap, Spellbook (Blank), Spellcasting, Spellcasting (1st level), Spellcasting (2nd level), Spellcasting (3rd level), Spellcasting (4th level), Spellcasting (5th level), Spellcasting (6th level), Spellcasting (7th level), Spellcasting (8th level), Spellcasting (9th level), Spyglass, Spyglass (Fine), Stabling, Survey Map, Survey Map (Atlas), Tack, Ten-Foot Pole, Tent, Tent (Four-Person), Tent (Pavilion), Tent (Pup), Thieves' Toolkit, Thieves' Toolkit (Infiltrator Picks), Thieves' Toolkit (Infiltrator), Thieves' Toolkit (Replacement Picks), Toll, Tool, Tool (Long), Tool (Short), Torch, Transportation, Transportation (Caravan), Transportation (Carriage), Transportation (Ferry or Riverboat), Transportation (Sailing Ship), Waterskin, Wheel Chair (Chair Storage), Wheelchair, Wheelchair (Traveler's Chair), Writing Set, Writing Set (Extra Ink and Paper)

Familiar Abilities [41]

Absorb Familiar (familiar), Accompanist (familiar), Amphibious (familiar), Burrower (familiar), Cantrip Connection (master), Climber (familiar), Construct (familiar), Damage Avoidance (familiar), Darkvision (familiar), Dragon (familiar), Echolocation (familiar), Elemental (familiar), Familiar Focus (master), Fast Movement (familiar), Flier (familiar), Focused Rejuvenation (familiar), Fungus (familiar), Independent (familiar), Innate Surge (master), Kinspeech (familiar), Lifelink (master), Major Resistance (familiar), Manual Dexterity (familiar), Master's Form (familiar), Partner in Crime (familiar), Plant (familiar), Plant Form (familiar), Recall Familiar (master), Resistance (familiar), Restorative Familiar (master), Scent (familiar), Share Senses (master), Skilled (familiar), Speech (familiar), Spell Battery (master), Spell Delivery (master), Spellcasting (familiar), Toolbearer (familiar), Touch Telepathy (familiar), Tough (familiar), Valet (familiar)

Feats [853]

Accompany, Accursed Claws, Adapted Cantrip, Adaptive Adept, Additional Lore, Additional Recollection, Adopted Ancestry, Advanced Arcana, Advanced Dogma, Advanced Domain, Advanced First Aid, Advanced General Training, Advanced Hunter's Trick, Advanced Maneuver, Advanced Muse's Whispers, Advanced School Spell, Advanced Trickery, Advanced Warden, Advanced Weapon Training, Advanced Wilding, Advanced Witchcraft, Advantageous Assault, Ageless Patience, Aggressive Block, Agile Grace, Alchemical Crafting, All in my Head, Allegro, Analyze Weakness, Ancestral Longevity, Ancestral Paragon, Ancestral Suspicion, Anchoring Roots, Angelkin, Animal Accomplice, Animal Companion, Animal Elocutionist, Animal Empathy (Druid), Animal Empathy (Ranger), Annotate Composition, Anthemic Performance, Anthropomorphic Shape, Anticipate Ambush, Arcane Breadth, Arcane School Spell, Arcane Sense, Archwizard's Might, Armor Proficiency, Assisting Shot, Assurance, Assured Knowledge, Athletic Might, Automatic Knowledge, Avatar's Audience, Avatar's Protection, Avenge Ally, Bard Dedication, Bardic Lore, Bargain Hunter, Bark and Tendril, Barreling Charge, Basic Arcana, Basic Bard Spellcasting, Basic Cleric Spellcasting, Basic Dogma, Basic Druid Spellcasting, Basic Hunter's Trick, Basic Lesson, Basic Maneuver, Basic Muse's Whispers, Basic Trickery, Basic Wilding, Basic Witch Spellcasting, Basic Witchcraft, Basic Wizard Spellcasting, Battle Cry, Battle Medicine, Beast Trainer, Bespell Strikes, Bestial Manifestation, Bizarre Magic, Blade Brake, Blank Slate, Blessed Blood, Blind-Fight, Bloody Blows, Bloody Debilitation, Bond Conservation, Bonded Animal, Bonded Focus, Boulder Roll, Bounce Back, Boundless Reprisals, Break Curse, Breath Control, Brine May, Brutal Beating, Brutal Finish, Brutish Shove, Bullseye, Burn It!, Cackle, Call and Response, Call of the Green Man, Call of the Wild, Call Wizardly Tools, Called, Callow May, Camouflage, Canny Acumen, Cantrip Expansion, Cast Down, Castigating Weapon, Cat Fall, Cauldron, Cautious Curiosity, Cave Climber, Ceaseless Shadows, Celestial Magic, Celestial Mercy, Ceremonial Knife, Certain Strike, Changeling Lore, Channel Smite, Channeling Block, Charming Liar, City Scavenger, Cleric Dedication, Clever Counterspell, Clever Gambit, Clever Improviser, Cling, Cloak of Poison, Cloud Jump, Cloud Step, Cognitive Loophole, Combat Assessment, Combat Climber, Combat Grab, Combat Reading, Communal Crafting, Communal Healing, Companion's Cry, Conceal Spell, Confabulator, Continual Recovery, Convincing Illusion, Cooperative Nature, Cooperative Soul, Counter Perform, Counterspell, Courageous Advance, Courageous Assault, Courageous Onslaught, Courtly Graces, Coven Spell, Craft Anything, Crashing Slam, Cremate Undead, Critical Debilitation, Crossbow Ace, Cultural Adaptability, Current Spell, Cut from the Air, Dance Underfoot, Dashing Strike, Dazing Blow, Deadly Aim, Deadly Simplicity, Debilitating Shot, Deep Lore, Defensive Coordination, Defensive Recovery, Defensive Roll, Defy Death, Defy the Darkness, Deimatic Display, Deity's Protection, Delay Trap, Desperate Finisher, Determination, Diehard, Directed Audience, Directed Channel, Dirge of Doom, Disarming Stance, Disarming Twist, Discordant Voice, Disorienting Opening, Dispelling Slice, Disrupt Prey, Disruptive Stance, Distracting Feint, Distracting Shadows, Distracting Shot, Diverse Weapon Expert, Divine Apex, Divine Breadth, Divine Castigation, Divine Countermeasures, Divine Declaration, Divine Guidance, Divine Infusion, Divine Rebuttal, Divine Weapon, Divine Wings, Domain Focus, Domain Initiate, Double Prey, Double Shot, Double Slice, Double, Double, Dragon Shape, Dread Striker, Dream May, Druid Dedication, Dual-Handed Assault, Dubious Knowledge, Dueling Dance (Fighter), Dueling Parry (Fighter), Dueling Riposte, Dwarven Doughtiness, Dwarven Lore, Dwarven Reinforcement, Dwarven Weapon Familiarity, Earned Glory, Earworm, Ebb and Flow, Echoes in Stone, Echoing Channel, Eclectic Polymath, Eclectic Skill, Educate Allies, Effortless Concentration, Elemental Shape, Elemental Summons, Elf Atavism, Elf Step, Elven Lore, Elven Weapon Familiarity, Emblazon Antimagic, Emblazon Armament, Emblazon Energy, Emotional Push, Energized Font, Energy Ablation, Enhanced Familiar, Enigma's Knowledge, Esoteric Polymath, Eternal Bane, Eternal Blessing, Eternal Composition, Eternal Wings, Evasiveness (Rogue), Exacting Strike, Expeditious Search, Experienced Professional, Experienced Smuggler, Experienced Tracker, Expert Bard Spellcasting, Expert Cleric Spellcasting, Expert Druid Spellcasting, Expert Longevity, Expert Witch Spellcasting, Expert Wizard Spellcasting, Explosive Arrival, Extraplanar Supplication, Familiar, Familiar's Language, Fantastic Leap, Far Shot, Far Throw, Fascinating Performance, Fast Channel, Fast Recovery, Fatal Aria, Favored Prey, Favored Terrain, Fearsome Brute, Feather Step, Felling Shot, Felling Strike, Ferocious Beasts, Ferocious Shape, Fey Caller, Fey Fellowship, Fiendish Magic, Fighter Dedication, Fighter Resiliency, First World Adept, First World Magic, Fleet, Flinging Charge, Flinging Shove, Floral Restoration, Flourish and Ruin, Foil Senses, Folksy Patter, Forager, Forcible Energy, Forest Passage, Forlorn, Form Control, Form Retention, Fortissimo Composition, Fortunate Relief, Furious Focus, Gang Up, Garland Spell, General Training, Glad-Hand, Gnome Obsession, Gnome Weapon Familiarity, Goblin Lore, Goblin Scuttle, Goblin Song, Goblin Weapon Familiarity, Graceful Poise, Grasping Reach, Greater Distracting Shot, Greater Lesson, Grimspawn, Group Aid, Group Coercion, Group Impression, Grown of Oak, Guardian's Deflection (Fighter), Guiding Finish, Guiding Luck, Guiding Riposte, Hag Claws, Hag Magic, Hag's Sight, Halfling Lore, Halfling Luck, Halfling Weapon Familiarity, Halo, Hardy Traveler, Harming Hands, Harmlessly Cute, Harmonize, Haughty Obstinacy, Hazard Finder, Head Stomp, Healing Hands, Healing Transformation, Hefty Hauler, Hellspawn, Heroic Presence, Heroic Recovery, Hex Focus, Hex Master, Hidden Paragon, Hierophant's Power, Hobnobber, Hold Mark, Homeward Bound, House of Imaginary Walls, Hunted Shot, Hunter's Aim, Hymn of Healing, Illusion Sense, Impaling Briars, Impeccable Crafting, Implausible Infiltration, Implausible Purchase (Rogue), Impossible Flurry, Impossible Polymath, Impossible Striker, Impossible Volley, Impressive Performance, Improved Dueling Riposte, Improved Poison Weapon, Improved Reflexive Shield, Improved Swift Banishment, Improved Twin Riposte (Fighter), Improved Twin Riposte (Ranger), In Tune, Incredible Aim, Incredible Companion (Druid), Incredible Companion (Ranger), Incredible Familiar, Incredible Ferocity, Incredible Improvisation, Incredible Initiative, Incredible Investiture, Incredible Ricochet, Infinite Possibilities, Initiate Warden, Insect Shape, Inspirational Focus, Inspire Imitation, Inspired Stratagem, Instant Opening, Instinctive Obfuscation, Instinctive Support, Intimidating Glare, Intimidating Prowess, Intimidating Strike, Inventor, Inviolable, Invoke Disaster, Iron Fists, Irrepressible, Irresistible Magic, Junk Tinker, Keen Magical Detection, Kip Up, Kneecap, Know-It-All, Knowledge is Power, Lasting Armament, Lasting Coercion, Lawbringer, Leave An Opening, Legendary Codebreaker, Legendary Linguist, Legendary Medic, Legendary Monster Hunter, Legendary Negotiation, Legendary Performer, Legendary Professional, Legendary Shot, Legendary Sneak, Legendary Survivalist, Legendary Thief, Lengthy Diversion, Leshy Familiar, Leshy Familiar Secrets, Leshy Glide, Leshy Lore, Leshy Superstition, Ley Line Conduit, Lie to Me, Life Leap, Light Step, Lightning Swap, Lingering Composition, Linked Focus, Loremaster's Etude, Loud Singer, Lucky Keepsake, Lunge, Lunging Stance, Magic Hands, Magic Rider, Magic Sense, Magical Crafting, Magical Shorthand, Major Lesson, Maker of Miracles, Manifold Edge, March the Mines, Martial Experience, Martial Performance, Martyr, Master Bard Spellcasting, Master Cleric Spellcasting, Master Druid Spellcasting, Master Monster Hunter, Master of Many Styles, Master Spotter (Ranger), Master Witch Spellcasting, Master Wizard Spellcasting, Masterful Companion, Masterful Warden, Mature Animal Companion (Druid), Mature Animal Companion (Ranger), Melodious Spell, Methodical Debilitations, Miraculous Possibility, Mirror Shield, Mist Child, Mobile Shot Stance, Mobility, Monster Crafting, Monster Hunter, Monster Warden, Monstrosity Shape, Monstrous Peacemaker, Mountain Strategy, Mountain's Stoutness, Mug, Multifarious Muse, Multilingual, Multishot Stance, Multitalented, Murksight, Musetouched, Natural Ambition, Natural Medicine, Natural Skill, Nephilim Eyes, Nephilim Lore, Nephilim Resistance, Nimble Crawl, Nimble Dodge, Nimble Elf, Nimble Hooves, Nimble Roll, Nimble Strike, No Cause for Alarm, Nonlethal Spell, Occult Breadth, Occult Resistance, Oddity Identification, Ode to Ouroboros, Opening Stance (Fighter), Opportune Backstab, Orc Ferocity, Orc Lore, Orc Sight, Orc Superstition, Orc Weapon Familiarity, Order Explorer, Order Magic, Order Spell, Otherworldly Acumen, Otherworldly Magic, Overextending Feint, Overpowering Charge, Overwhelming Blow, Overwhelming Energy, Panic the Dead, Paragon's Guard, Parting Shot, Patron’s Claim, Patron’s Presence, Patron's Breadth, Patron's Truth, Peerless Warden, Penetrating Shot, Perfect Distraction, Perfect Encore, Perfect Form Control, Perfect Shot, Pervasive Superstition, Pet, Pickpocket, Pied Piping, Pitborn, Planar Survival, Plant Empathy, Plant Evidence, Plant Shape, Point Blank Stance, Poison Resistance, Poison Weapon, Positioning Assault, Powerful Leap, Powerful Shove, Powerful Sneak, Prairie Rider, Precise Debilitations, Predictable!, Predictive Purchase (Rogue), Premonition of Avoidance, Premonition of Clarity, Preparation, Prescient Consumable, Prescient Planner, Primal Aegis, Primal Breadth, Primal Focus, Primal Howl, Primal Summons, Pristine Weapon, Project Persona, Quick Climb, Quick Coercion, Quick Disguise, Quick Draw, Quick Identification, Quick Jump, Quick Recognition, Quick Repair, Quick Reversal, Quick Shield Block, Quick Squeeze, Quick Swim, Quick Unlock, Quickened Casting, Quiet Allies, Raise Menhir, Raise Symbol, Rallying Anthem, Rampaging Ferocity, Ranger Dedication, Ranger Resiliency, Rapid Mantel, Rapid Response, Razzle-Dazzle, Reach Spell, Reactive Distraction, Reactive Interference, Reactive Pursuit, Reactive Shield, Reactive Striker, Reactive Transformation, Read Lips, Rebounding Smite, Rebounding Toss, Reckless Abandon, Recognize Spell, Reconstruct The Scene, Reflect Spell, Reflexive Courage, Reflexive Shield, Regrowth, Remediate, Replenishment of War, Reprepare Spell, Resounding Bravery, Resounding Finale, Restorative Channel, Restorative Strike, Resurrectionist, Revealing Stab, Reverberate, Ricochet Feint, Ricochet Stance (Fighter), Ricochet Stance (Rogue), Ride, Rites of Convocation, Rites of Transfiguration, Ritual Researcher, Ritual Reversion, Robust Recovery, Rock Runner, Rogue Dedication, Rough Rider, Running Reload, Sabotage, Sacred Ground, Sanctify Armament, Sap Life, Sapping Symbol, Savage Critical, Scare to Death, Scar-Thick Skin, Schooled in Secrets, Scintillating Spell, Scion of Many Planes, Scoundrel's Surprise, Scout's Warning, Scroll Adept, Seasoned, Second Sting, Second Thoughts, Secondary Detonation Array, Seedpod, Selective Energy, Sense Allies, Sense the Unseen, Shadow Hunter, Shadow of the Wilds, Shadow Self, Shameless Request, Shared Assault, Shared Avoidance, Shared Clarity, Shared Prey, Shared Replenishment, Shatter Defenses, Shield Block, Shield of Faith, Shield Warden, Shielded Stride, Shove Down, Side by Side (Druid), Side by Side (Ranger), Sidestep, Sign Language, Siphon Power, Skill Mastery (Rogue), Skill Training, Skillful Tail, Skirmish Strike, Skittering Scuttle, Slag May, Slam Down, Sleek Reposition, Slip Sideways, Slippery Secrets, Sly Disarm, Sly Striker, Smash from the Air, Snagging Strike, Snap Shot, Sneak Adept, Sneak Attacker, Snowdrift Spell, Soaring Shape, Solar Rejuvenation, Song of Marching, Song of Strength, Soothing Ballad, Soulsight, Sow Spell, Speak with Kindred, Specialized Companion (Druid), Specialized Companion (Ranger), Specialty Crafting, Spell Combination, Spell Devourer, Spell Mastery, Spell Protection Array, Spell Tinker, Spellbook Prodigy, Spellshape Channel, Spellshape Mastery, Spirit Familiar, Split Hex, Split Slot, Spring from the Shadows, Stay Down!, Steady Balance, Steady Spellcasting, Stealthy Companion, Step Lively, Stitched Familiar, Stone Bones, Stonegate, Stonemason's Eye, Stonewalker, Stonewall, Storm Born, Storm Retribution, Streetwise, Strong Arm, Stubborn Persistence, Student of the Canon, Studious Capacity, Subtle Theft, Sudden Charge, Sudden Leap, Summon Nephilim Kin, Superior Bond, Supernatural Charm, Sure Feet, Surging Focus, Survey Wildlife, Swift Banishment, Swift Elusion, Swift Sneak, Swift Tracker, Swipe, Swipe Souvenir, Sympathetic Strike, Symphony of the Muse, Symphony of the Unfettered Heart, Tactical Debilitations, Tactical Entry, Tactical Reflexes, Telluric Power, Terrain Expertise, Terrain Master, Terrain Stalker, Terrified Retreat, The Harder They Fall (Rogue), Thorned Seedpod, Thunderclap Spell, Timeless Nature, Titan Slinger, Titan Wrestler, To the Ends of the Earth, Toppling Dance, Toughness, Train Animal, Trap Finder, Tree Climber, Trick Magic Item, Triple Shot, Triple Threat, Triple Time, Triumphant Inspiration, True Hypercognition, True Shapeshifter, Tumble Behind (Rogue), Tusks, Twin Distraction, Twin Feint, Twin Parry, Twin Riposte, Twin Takedown, Twinned Defense (Fighter), Twist The Knife, Two-Weapon Flurry, Ultimate Flexibility, Ultimate Polymath, Ultimate Skirmisher, Unbalancing Blow, Unburdened Iron, Uncanny Dodge, Unconventional Weaponry, Undaunted, Underhanded Assault, Underwater Marauder, Undying Ferocity, Unfettered Halfling, Unhampered Passage, Unified Theory, Universal Longevity, Unmistakable Lore, Untamed Form, Untrained Improvisation, Unusual Composition, Unusual Treatment, Unwavering Mien, Uplifting Overture, Uplifting Winds, Vandal, Verdant Metamorphosis, Verdant Weapon, Versatile Font, Versatile Performance, Versatile Signature, Very Sneaky, Very, Very Sneaky, Vicious Debilitations, Vicious Swing, Vigorous Anthem, Virtuosic Performer, Vivacious Conduit, Void Siphon, Wall Jump, Wandering Oasis, Ward Medic, Warden’s Reload, Warden's Boon, Warden's Focus, Warden's Guidance, Warden's Step, Warpriest’s Armor, Wary Disarmament, Watch Your Back, Watchful Halfling, Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Supremacy, Well-Versed, Whirlwind Strike, Widen Spell, Wind Caller, Witch Dedication, Witch’s Bottle, Witch’s Broom, Witch's Armaments, Witch's Charge, Witch's Communion, Witch's Hut, Wizard Dedication, You're Next, Zealous Rush

Hunter's Edges [3]

Flurry, Outwit, Precision

Languages [23]

Aklo, Chthonian, Common, Diabolic, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Empyrean, Fey, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Jotun, Kholo, Necril, Orcish, Petran, Pyric, Sakvroth, Shadowtongue, Sussuran, Thalassic, Wildsong

Lessons [10]

Lesson of Death, Lesson of Dreams, Lesson of Life, Lesson of Mischief, Lesson of Protection, Lesson of Renewal, Lesson of Shadow, Lesson of Snow, Lesson of the Elements, Lesson of Vengeance

Monsters [1]

Phantasmal Minion

Muses [4]

Enigma, Maestro, Polymath, Warrior

Patron Themes [7]

Faith's Flamekeeper, Silence in Snow, Spinner of Threads, Starless Shadow, The Inscribed One, The Resentment, Wilding Steward

Rackets [4]

Mastermind, Ruffian, Scoundrel, Thief

Rituals [19]

Animate Object, Atone, Awaken Animal, Binding Circle, Blight, Call Spirit, Collective Memories, Commune, Consecrate, Control Weather, Create Undead, Geas, Planar Displacement, Planar Servitor, Plant Growth, Primal Call, Resurrect, Rune Trap, Wish

Rules [8]

Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 2: Ancestries & Backgrounds, Chapter 3: Classes, Chapter 4: Skills, Chapter 5: Feats, Chapter 6: Equipment, Chapter 7: Spells, Chapter 8: Playing the Game

Shields [4]

Buckler, Steel Shield, Tower Shield, Wooden Shield

Skills [17]

Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Crafting, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Lore, Medicine, Nature, Occultism, Performance, Religion, Society, Stealth, Survival, Thievery

Skills (General) [6]

Decipher Writing, Earn Income, Identify Magic, Learn a Spell, Recall Knowledge, Subsist

Spells [472]

Acid Grip, Aerial Form, Agile Feet, Air Bubble, Alarm, Allegro, Animal Feature, Animal Form, Animal Messenger, Ant Haul, Appearance of Wealth, Aqueous Orb, Arctic Rift, Artistic Flourish, Athletic Rush, Augury, Avatar, Bane, Banishment, Bind Undead, Bit of Luck, Blazing Bolt, Bless, Blessed Boundary, Blindness, Blood Vendetta, Blood Ward, Blur, Breath of Life, Breathe Fire, Cackle, Calm, Canticle of Everlasting Grief, Captivating Adoration, Cataclysm, Caustic Blast, Chain Lightning, Charm, Charming Push, Charming Touch, Chilling Darkness, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Cleanse Affliction, Cleanse Cuisine, Clear Mind, Clinging Ice, Cloak of Shadow, Command, Commanding Lash, Community Restoration, Competitive Edge, Confusion, Contingency, Control Water, Cornucopia, Counter Performance, Courageous Anthem, Cozy Cabin, Create Food, Create Water, Creation, Creative Splash, Crisis of Faith, Cry of Destruction, Curse of Death, Cursed Metamorphosis, Darkened Sight, Darkness, Darkvision, Daze, Dazzling Flash, Deafness, Death's Call, Deceiver's Cloak, Delusional Pride, Desiccate, Destructive Aura, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Scrying, Detonate Magic, Dinosaur Form, Dirge of Doom, Disappearance, Discern Secrets, Disguise Magic, Disintegrate, Dispel Magic, Dispelling Globe, Disperse into Air, Divine Decree, Divine Immolation, Divine Inspiration, Divine Lance, Divine Wrath, Dizzying Colors, Dominate, Downpour, Dragon Form, Dream Message, Dreamer's Call, Dreaming Potential, Duplicate Foe, Earthbind, Earthquake, Earthworks, Eclipse Burst, Electric Arc, Elemental Betrayal, Elemental Form, Embed Message, Enduring Might, Energy Absorption, Energy Aegis, Enfeeble, Enlarge, Enlarge Companion, Entangling Flora, Enthrall, Environmental Endurance, Ephemeral Tracking, Eradicate Undeath, Everlight, Evil Eye, Execute, Fabricated Truth, Face in the Crowd, Falling Stars, False Vision, False Vitality, Fatal Aria, Fear, Feet to Fins, Field of Life, Fiery Body, Figment, Fire Ray, Fire Shield, Fireball, Flame Barrier, Fleet Step, Flicker, Floating Flame, Fly, Forbidding Ward, Force Barrage, Force Bolt, Foresight, Fortify Summoning, Fortissimo Composition, Freeze Time, Frostbite, Gate, Gecko Grip, Gentle Landing, Ghostly Carrier, Ghostly Weapon, Glimpse the Truth, Goblin Pox, Gouging Claw, Gravity Weapon, Grease, Grim Tendrils, Guidance, Gust of Wind, Hallucination, Hand of the Apprentice, Harm, Haste, Heal, Heal Animal, Heal Companion, Healer's Blessing, Heroism, Hidden Mind, Holy Light, Honeyed Words, House of Imaginary Walls, Howling Blizzard, Humanoid Form, Hunter's Luck, Hunter's Vision, Hurtling Stone, Hydraulic Push, Hydraulic Torrent, Hymn of Healing, Hypercognition, Hypnotize, Ignite Ambition, Ignition, Ill Omen, Illusory Creature, Illusory Disguise, Illusory Object, Illusory Scene, Impaling Briars, Impaling Spike, Implosion, Indestructibility, Infuse Vitality, Insect Form, Interdisciplinary Incantation, Interplanar Teleport, Invisibility, Invisibility Cloak, Invoke Spirits, Item Facade, Jump, Knock, Know the Enemy, Know the Way, Laughing Fit, Levitate, Life Boost, Light, Lightning Bolt, Liminal Doorway, Lingering Composition, Localized Quake, Locate, Lock, Loremaster's Etude, Lucky Break, Mad Monkeys, Magic Hide, Magic Passage, Magic's Vessel, Malicious Shadow, Malignant Sustenance, Manifestation, Mariner's Curse, Marvelous Mount, Mask of Terror, Massacre, Mending, Message, Metamorphosis, Migration, Mind Probe, Mind Reading, Mindlink, Mirage, Mislead, Mist, Moment of Renewal, Monstrosity Form, Moon Frenzy, Moonbeam, Mountain Resilience, Mystic Armor, Mystic Beacon, Nature Incarnate, Nature's Bounty, Nature's Pathway, Needle of Vengeance, Never Mind, Nightmare, Noise Blast, Nudge Fate, Oaken Resilience, Ode to Ouroboros, One with Plants, One with Stone, Outcast's Curse, Overstuff, Overwhelming Presence, Paralyze, Paranoia, Patron's Puppet, Peaceful Bubble, Peaceful Rest, Perfected Body, Perfected Mind, Personal Blizzard, Pest Form, Pet Cache, Petrify, Phantasmagoria, Phantasmal Calamity, Phantasmal Minion, Phantom Pain, Phase Familiar, Pied Piping, Pinpoint, Planar Palace, Planar Seal, Planar Tether, Plant Form, Possession, Precious Metals, Prestidigitation, Primal Summons, Project Image, Protection, Protective Wards, Protector's Sacrifice, Protector's Sphere, Pulse of Civilization, Pummeling Rubble, Punishing Winds, Pushing Gust, Quandary, Raise Dead, Rallying Anthem, Ranger's Bramble, Read Aura, Read Fate, Read Omens, Rebuke Death, Regenerate, Remake, Repulsion, Resist Energy, Restorative Moment, Retributive Pain, Retrocognition, Revealing Light, Revival, Rewrite Memory, Ring of Truth, Rune of Observation, Runic Body, Runic Weapon, Safe Passage, Safeguard Secret, Sanctuary, Savor the Sting, Scholarly Recollection, Scouting Eye, Scramble Body, Scrying, See the Unseen, Seize Soul, Sending, Shadow Blast, Shape Stone, Shape Wood, Share Life, Shared Nightmare, Shatter, Shield, Shifting Form, Shrink, Shroud of Night, Sigil, Silence, Sleep, Slither, Slow, Song of Marching, Song of Strength, Soothe, Soothing Ballad, Soothing Mist, Soothing Words, Sound Body, Speak with Animals, Speak with Plants, Speak with Stones, Spellwrack, Spider Sting, Spiral of Horrors, Spirit Blast, Spirit Link, Spiritual Armament, Spiritual Guardian, Stabilize, Status, Stoke the Heart, Storm Lord, Stormwind Flight, Stupefy, Subconscious Suggestion, Sudden Shift, Suggestion, Summon Animal, Summon Celestial, Summon Construct, Summon Dragon, Summon Elemental, Summon Entity, Summon Fey, Summon Fiend, Summon Giant, Summon Instrument, Summon Monitor, Summon Plant or Fungus, Summon Undead, Sunburst, Sure Footing, Sure Strike, Sweet Dreams, Symphony of the Unfettered Heart, Synaptic Pulse, Tailwind, Take its Course, Talking Corpse, Tangle Vine, Tangling Creepers, Telekinetic Hand, Telekinetic Haul, Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Projectile, Telepathy, Teleport, Tempest Surge, Tempt Fate, Terrain Transposition, Thunderstrike, Tidal Surge, Touch of Obedience, Touch of the Moon, Touch of Undeath, Toxic Cloud, Translate, Translocate, Traveler's Transit, Tree of Seasons, Trickster's Twin, Triple Time, True Target, Truesight, Truespeech, Umbral Journey, Uncontrollable Dance, Unfathomable Song, Unfettered Movement, Unfettered Pack, Unimpeded Stride, Unity, Unrelenting Observation, Untamed Form, Untamed Shift, Uplifting Overture, Vampiric Exsanguination, Vampiric Feast, Vanishing Tracks, Vapor Form, Veil of Confidence, Veil of Dreams, Veil of Privacy, Ventriloquism, Vibrant Pattern, Vibrant Thorns, Vision of Death, Vital Beacon, Vital Luminance, Vitality Lash, Void Warp, Volcanic Eruption, Wails of the Damned, Waking Nightmare, Wall of Fire, Wall of Force, Wall of Ice, Wall of Stone, Wall of Thorns, Wall of Wind, Warp Mind, Water Breathing, Water Walk, Wave of Despair, Weapon Storm, Weapon Surge, Whispering Quiet, Wilding Word, Word of Freedom, Word of Truth, Wrathful Storm, Zeal for Battle, Zealous Conviction

Traits [173]

Aberration (Creature Type), Acid (Energy), Agile (Weapon), Air (Elemental), Aiuvarin (Ancestry), Alchemical (Monster), Amphibious (Monster), Angel (Monster), Animal (Creature Type), Aquatic (Monster), Arcane (Tradition), Archetype, Archon (Monster), Attached (Weapon), Attack, Auditory (Sense), Aura, Azata (Monster), Backstabber (Weapon), Backswing (Weapon), Bard (Class), Beast (Creature Type), Bomb (Equipment), Bulwark (Armor), Cantrip, Celestial (Creature Type), Changeling (Monster), Cleric (Class), Cold (Energy), Comfort (Armor), Common (Rarity), Composition (Class-Specific), Concealable (Weapon), Concentrate, Consecration, Construct (Creature Type), Consumable (Equipment), Curse, Daemon (Monster), Darkness, Deadly (Weapon), Death, Dedication, Demon (Monster), Detection, Devil (Monster), Dinosaur (Monster), Disarm (Weapon), Disease, Divine (Tradition), Downtime, Dragon (Creature Type), Dromaar (Ancestry), Druid (Class), Dwarf (Ancestry), Earth (Elemental), Electricity (Energy), Elemental (Creature Type), Elf (Ancestry), Elixir (Equipment), Emotion, Ethereal (Creature Type), Exploration, Extradimensional, Fatal (Weapon), Fear, Fey (Creature Type), Fiend (Creature Type), Fighter (Class), Finesse (Weapon), Fire (Energy), Flexible (Armor), Flourish, Focus, Force (Energy), Forceful (Weapon), Fortune, Free-Hand (Weapon), Fungus (Creature Type), General, Giant (Creature Type), Gnome (Ancestry), Goblin (Ancestry), Grapple (Weapon), Hag (Monster), Halfling (Ancestry), Healing, Hex (Class-Specific), Holy, Hryngar (Monster), Human (Ancestry), Humanoid (Creature Type), Illusion (School), Incapacitation, Jousting (Weapon), Leshy (Monster), Light, Lineage, Linguistic, Magical, Manipulate, Mechanical (Equipment), Mental, Metal (Elemental), Mindless (Monster), Minion, Misfortune, Monitor (Creature Type), Monk (Class), Morph, Move, Multiclass, Nephilim (Ancestry), Noisy (Armor), Nonlethal (Weapon), Occult (Tradition), Olfactory (Sense), Ooze (Creature Type), Orc (Half-Orc), Parry (Weapon), Plant (Creature Type), Poison (Poison), Polymorph, Possession, Potion (Equipment), Prediction, Press, Primal (Tradition), Propulsive (Weapon), Rage (Class-Specific), Ranged Trip (Weapon), Ranger (Class), Rare (Rarity), Reach (Weapon), Revelation, Rogue (Class), Sanctified, Scrying, Secret, Shadow (Planar), Shove (Weapon), Skill, Sleep, Sonic (Energy), Spellshape, Spirit, Stance (Class-Specific), Structure (Equipment), Subtle, Summon, Summoned, Sweep (Weapon), Teleportation, Thrown (Weapon), Trap (Equipment), Trip (Weapon), Twin (Weapon), Two-Hand (Weapon), Unarmed (Weapon), Uncommon (Rarity), Undead (Creature Type), Unholy, Unique (Rarity), Versatile (Weapon), Visual (Sense), Vitality (Energy), Void (Energy), Volley (Weapon), Wand (Equipment), Water (Elemental), Witch (Class), Wizard (Class), Wood (Elemental)

Weapons [88]

Alchemical Bomb, Arbalest, Arrows, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Blowgun, Blowgun Darts, Bo Staff, Bola, Bolts, Clan Dagger, Club, Composite Longbow, Composite Shortbow, Crossbow, Dagger, Dart, Dogslicer, Dwarven Waraxe, Elven Curve Blade, Falchion, Filcher's Fork, Fist, Flail, Gauntlet, Glaive, Gnome Flickmace, Gnome Hooked Hammer, Greataxe, Greatclub, Greatpick, Greatsword, Guisarme, Halberd, Halfling Sling Staff, Hand Crossbow, Hatchet, Heavy Crossbow, Horsechopper, Javelin, Kama, Katana, Katar, Khakkara, Kukri, Lance, Light Hammer, Light Mace, Light Pick, Longbow, Longspear, Longsword, Mace, Main-gauche, Maul, Morningstar, Nunchaku, Orc Knuckle Dagger, Orc Necksplitter, Pick, Ranseur, Rapier, Sai, Sap, Sawtooth Saber, Scimitar, Scythe, Shield Bash, Shield Boss, Shield Spikes, Shortbow, Shortsword, Shuriken, Sickle, Sling, Sling Bullets, Spear, Spiked Chain, Spiked Gauntlet, Staff, Starknife, Sword Cane, Temple Sword, Trident, Wakizashi, War Flail, Warhammer, Whip