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Guns & Gears

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Release Date 10/13/2021
Product Line Rulebooks

Ancestries [1]


Ancestry Heritages [4]

Hunter Automaton, Mage Automaton, Sharpshooter Automaton, Warrior Automaton

Archetypes [16]

Artillerist, Beast Gunner, Bullet Dancer, Demolitionist, Fireworks Technician, Gunslinger, Inventor, Overwatch, Pistol Phenom, Sniping Duo, Spellshot, Sterling Dynamo, Trapsmith, Trick Driver, Unexpected Sharpshooter, Vehicle Mechanic

Backgrounds [40]

Alkenstar Outlaw, Alkenstar Sojourner, Anti-Tech Activist, Back-Alley Doctor, Cannoneer, Circuit Judge, Clockfighter, Clockwork Researcher, Codebreaker, Deputy, Discarded Duplicate, Disciple of the Gear, Driver, Farmsteader, Fireworks Performer, Goldhand Arms Dealer, Gunsmith, Hired Killer, Hounded Thief, Junk Collector, Junker, Mechanic, Mechanical Symbiosis, Medicinal Clocksmith, Otherworldly Mission, Press-Ganged (G&G), Printer, Revenant, Saboteur, Saloon Entertainer, Saved by Clockwork, Sheriff, Spotter, Tall-Tale, Tech-Reliant, Toymaker, Undertaker, Wandering Preacher, Waste Walker, Wished Alive

Classes [2]

Gunslinger, Inventor

Class Sample Builds [6]

Armor Inventor (Inventor), Drifter (Gunslinger), Pistolero (Gunslinger), Sniper (Gunslinger), Spellshot (Gunslinger), Weapon Inventor (Inventor)

Equipment [227]

Ablative Armor Plating, Ablative Armor Plating (Greater), Ablative Armor Plating (Lesser), Ablative Armor Plating (Major), Ablative Armor Plating (Moderate), Ablative Armor Plating (True), Ablative Shield Plating, Ablative Shield Plating (Greater), Ablative Shield Plating (Lesser), Ablative Shield Plating (Major), Ablative Shield Plating (Moderate), Ablative Shield Plating (True), Acid Spitter, Adaptive Cogwheel, Admonishing Band, Air Cartridge Firing System, Animate Dreamer, Aquarium Lamp, Arboreal's Revenge, Aromatic Ammunition, Awakened Metal Shot, Awakened Metal Shot (Awakened Adamantine Shot), Awakened Metal Shot (Awakened Cold Iron Shot), Awakened Metal Shot (Awakened Silver Shot), Basic Chair, Binding Snare, Black Powder, Black Powder (Dose or Round), Black Powder (Horn), Black Powder (Keg), Blade Launcher, Blast Boots, Blast Boots (Greater), Blast Boots (Lesser), Blast Boots (Major), Blast Boots (Moderate), Blazons of Shared Power, Blazons of Shared Power (Greater), Boastful Hunter, Bomb Launcher, Breath Blaster, Breath Blaster (Greater), Breath Blaster (Major), Breech Ejectors, Camouflage Suit, Camouflage Suit (Superb), Cauterizing Torch, Chameleon Suit, Chameleon Suit (Greater), Chameleon Suit (Major), Clockwork Monkey, Clockwork Bookshelf, Clockwork Box Packer, Clockwork Chirper, Clockwork Disguise, Clockwork Diving Suit, Clockwork Goggles, Clockwork Goggles (Greater), Clockwork Goggles (Major), Clockwork Megaphone, Concealed Holster, Cryomister, Cryomister (Greater), Cryomister (Lesser), Cryomister (Major), Cryomister (Moderate), Darkvision Scope, Darkvision Scope (Greater), Day Goggles, Death Coil, Deployable Cover, Deployable Cover (Ballistic Cover), Detonating Gears Snare, Drake Rifle, Dreaming Round, Duchy Defender, Earplugs, Electrocable, Electromuscular Stimulator, Energized Cartridge, Eroding Bullet, Etheric Essence Disruptor, Etheric Essence Disruptor (Greater), Etheric Essence Disruptor (Lesser), Etheric Essence Disruptor (Major), Etheric Essence Disruptor (Moderate), Explosive Mine, Explosive Mine (Greater), Explosive Mine (Lesser), Explosive Mine (Major), Explosive Mine (Moderate), Exsanguinating Ammunition, Exsanguinating Ammunition (Greater), Exsanguinating Ammunition (Major), Extendible Pincer, Fairy Bullet, Fire Box, Firearm Cleaning Kit, Flame Drake Snare, Flare Beacon, Flare Beacon (Greater), Flare Beacon (Lesser), Flare Beacon (Major), Flare Beacon (Moderate), Frog Chair, Frost Worm Snare, Gadget Skates, Galvanic Mortal Coil, Galvasphere, Gecko Pads, Gecko Pads (Greater), Ghostshot Wrapping, Glue Bullet, Goblin-Eye Orb, Grappling Gun, Grappling Gun (Clockwork), Growth Gun, Gunner's Bandolier, Gunner's Saddle, Heated Cloak, Holy Steam Ball, Hyldarf's Fang, Ignitor, Immaculate Holsters, Immolation Clan Pistol, Immovable Tripod, Impact Foam Chassis, Impact Foam Chassis (Greater), Impact Foam Chassis (Lesser), Impact Foam Chassis (Major), Impact Foam Chassis (Moderate), Indomitable Keepsake, Indomitable Keepsake (Greater), Indomitable Keepsake (Major), Instant Spy, Iris of the Sky, Large Bore Modifications, Liar's Gun, Light Writer, Lucky Draw Bandolier, Lucky Draw Bandolier (Greater), Magnetic Suit, Magnetic Suit (Greater), Magnetic Suit (Major), Magnetite Scope, Magnetite Scope (Greater), Magnifying Scope, Magnifying Scope (Greater), Magnifying Scope (Major), Material Essence Disruptor, Material Essence Disruptor (Greater), Material Essence Disruptor (Lesser), Material Essence Disruptor (Major), Material Essence Disruptor (Moderate), Mechanical Torch, Meteor Shot, Meteor Shot (Greater), Meteor Shot (Major), Mountebank's Passage, Net Launcher, Nightbreeze Machine, Noisemaker Snare, Pact-Bound Pistol, Paper Shredder, Peacemaker, Persistent Lodestone, Petrification Cannon, Pistol of Wonder, Portable Weapon Mount, Portable Weapon Mount (Monopod), Portable Weapon Mount (Tripod, Shielded), Practice Targets, Printing Press, Puff Dragon, Reaper's Grasp, Rowan Rifle, Sambuca, Scope of Limning, Scope of Truth, Screech Shooter, Screech Shooter (Greater), Screech Shooter (Major), Shockguard Coil, Shrapnel Snare, Shrieking Skull, Silencer, Silencing Shot, Silver Tripod, Smoke Fan, Smoke Fan (Greater), Sniper's Bead, Sniper's Bead (Greater), Sniper's Bead (Major), Spider Chair, Spider Gun, Spider Gun (Greater), Spider Gun (Major), Spike Launcher, Spirit Snare, Spirit-Singer, Spirit-Singer (Handheld), Spirit-Singer (Incredible Handheld), Spirit-Singer (Incredible), Steam Winch, Steamflight Pack, Stepping Stone Shot, Stepping Stone Shot (Greater), Storm Chair, Sunken Pistol, Tentacle Cannon, Tentacle Cannon (Greater), Tentacle Cannon (Major), Tiger's Claw, Timepiece, Timepiece (Desktop Clock), Timepiece (Grand Clock), Tin Cobra, Traveler's Chair, Tripod, Trustworthy Round, Underwater Firing Mechanism, Violet Ray, Waterproof Carrying Case, Wind-Up Cart, Wind-up Wings, Wind-up Wings (Flutterback), Wind-up Wings (Homing)

Feats [252]

Adaptive Vision, Advanced Breakthrough, Advanced Construct Companion, Advanced Shooter, Advanced Shooting, Alchemical Shot, Arcane Camouflage, Arcane Communication, Arcane Eye, Arcane Locomotion, Arcane Propulsion, Arcane Safeguards, Arcane Slam, Artillerist Dedication, Astral Blink, Automaton Armament, Automaton Lore, Axial Recall, Banshee Cry Display, Basic Beast Gunner Spellcasting, Basic Breakthrough, Basic Modification, Basic Shooting, Beast Dynamo Howl, Beast Gunner Dedication, Black Powder Blaze, Black Powder Boost, Black Powder Embodiment, Blast Lock, Blast Resistance, Blast Tackle, Blood in the Air, Boost Modulation, Brilliant Crafter, Built-In Tools, Bullet Dancer Burn, Bullet Dancer Dedication, Bullet Dancer Reload, Bullet Split, Call Gun, Called Shot, Cannon Corner Shot, Cauterize, Chain Reaction, Clan Pistol, Clockwork Celerity, Collapse Armor, Collapse Construct, Collapse Wall, Come at Me!, Concentrated Assault, Construct Shell, Contingency Gadgets, Control Tower, Controlled Blast, Controlled Bullet, Converge, Core Attunement, Core Cannon, Core Rejuvenation, Coughing Dragon Display, Cover Fire, Crafter's Instinct, Crossbow Crack Shot, Dance of Thunder, Dazzling Bullet, Deadeye, Deep Freeze, Defensive Armaments, Deflecting Shot, Demolitionist, Demolitionist Dedication, Devastating Weaponry, Disruptive Blur, Distracting Explosion, Diving Armor, Dongun Education, Drain Vitality, Drifter's Juke, Drive-By Attack, Dual-Form Weapon, Dual-Weapon Reload (Gunslinger), Duo's Aim, Eagle Eye, Eagle Eyes, Efficient Controls, Electrify Armor, Energy Beam, Engine Bay, Engine of Destruction, Enlarged Chassis, Expert Beast Gunner Spellcasting, Expert Fireworks Crafter, Exploit Opening, Explosion, Explosive Entry, Explosive Expert, Explosive Leap, Explosive Maneuver, Explosive Savant, Express Driver, Fake Out, Fatal Bullet, Field Artillery, Final Shot, Finessed Features, Fire Savvy, Firearm Expert, Firework Technician Dedication, Flesh Wound, Forewarn, Forge-Blessed Shot, Full Automation, Fulminating Shot, Gadget Specialist, Gear Gnash, Gigaton Strike, Gigavolt, Goblin Jubilee Display, Golem Dynamo, Greater Augmentation, Grit and Tenacity, Gunpowder Gauntlet, Gunslinger Dedication, Hair Trigger, Haphazard Repair, Headshot, Helpful Tinkering, Hit the Dirt!, Hot Foot, I Meant to Do That, Impervious Vehicle, Incredible Construct Companion, Instant Backup, Instant Return, Integrated Armament, Inventor Dedication, Jumping Jenny Display, Just the Thing!, Leap and Fire, Lesser Augmentation, Live Ammunition, Lock On, Lucky Escape, Magical Resistance, Manifold Modifications, Master Beast Gunner Spellcasting, Master Siege Engineer, Master Spotter, Megaton Strike, Megavolt, Miraculous Flight, Modular Dynamo, Munitions Crafter, Munitions Machinist, Named Artillery, Negate Damage, No Hard Feelings, No! No! I Created You!, Overdrive Ally, Overwatch Dedication, Paired Shots, Paragon Companion, Patch Job, Penetrating Fire, Perfect Readiness, Persistent Boost, Phalanx Breaker, Phase Bullet, Phenom's Verve, Piercing Critical, Pistol Phenom Dedication, Pistol Twirl, Pistolero's Challenge, Piston Punch, Power Slide, Practiced Reloads, Precious Munitions, Propeller Attachment, Prototype Companion, Push it, Quick Draw, Rain of Bolts, Ranged Disarm, Reach for the Sky, Reach for the Stars, Rebounding Assault, Recycled Cogwheel, Redirecting Shot, Reinforced Chassis, Repurposed Parts, Reverse Engineer, Ricochet Legend, Ricochet Master, Ricochet Shot, Risky Reload, Roadkill, Running Reload, Safety Measures, Scatter Blast, Scrutinizing Gaze, Searing Restoration, Shared Overdrive, Shattering Shot, Shooter's Camouflage, Shorthanded, Showstopper, Slinger's Readiness, Slinger's Reflexes, Smoke Curtain, Smoke Sight, Sniper's Aim, Sniping Duo Dedication, Soaring Armor, Soaring Dynamo, Spark Fist, Spellshot Dedication, Spyglass Modification, Stab and Blast, Stasian Smash, Sterling Dynamo Dedication, Superior Propulsion, Swift Intervention, Sword and Pistol, Tag Team, Take the Wheel, Tamper, Targeted Redirection, That was a Close One, Huh?, Topple Giants, Trapsmith Dedication, Triangulate, Trick Driver Dedication, Trick Shot, Twin Shot Knockdown, Two-Weapon Fusillade, Ubiquitous Gadgets, Ubiquitous Overdrive, Unbelievable Escape, Unbelievable Luck, Unerring Shot, Unexpected Sharpshooter Dedication, Unshakable Grit, Unstable Redundancies, Vantage Shot, Variable Core, Vehicle Mechanic Dedication, Visual Fidelity, Warning Shot, Whirling Knockdown, Wide Overwatch, You Failed to Account for… This!

Hazards [3]

Insistent Privacy Fence, Malevolent Mannequins, Steam Vents

Innovations [3]

Armor, Construct, Weapon

Languages [1]


Rules [5]

Gears Characters, Gears Equipment, Guns Characters, Guns Equipment, Introduction

Siege Weapons [19]

Alchemical Springald, Alkenstar Cannon, Ballista, Battering Ram, Blasting Ram, Bombard, Cannon, Catapult, Covered Battering Ram, Door Ram, Fiend's Mouth Cannon, Firedrake, Heavy Ballista, Heavy Bombard, Hwacha, Mortar, Springald, Steelheart 21, Trebuchet

Traits [17]

Automaton (Ancestry), Cobbled (Weapon), Concussive (Weapon), Double Barrel (Weapon), Fatal Aim (Weapon), Gadget (Equipment), Gunslinger (Class), Hampering (Weapon), Inventor (Class), Kickback (Weapon), Modification (Class-Specific), Mounted (Weapon), Portable (Weapon), Scatter (Weapon), Spellshot (Class-Specific), Steam (Equipment), Unstable (Class-Specific)

Vehicles [22]

Adaptable Paddleboat, Ambling Surveyor, Apparatus of the Octopus, Armored Carriage, Automated Cycle, Battery Tower, Clockwork Borer, Clockwork Castle, Clockwork Hopper, Clockwork Wagon, Clunkerjunker, Firefly, Helepolis, Mobile Inn, Sand Diver, Siege Tower, Snail Coach, Speedster, Steam Cart, Steam Trolley, Titanic Stomper, Vonthos's Golden Bridge

Ways [5]

Way of the Drifter, Way of the Pistolero, Way of the Sniper, Way of the Spellshot, Way of the Vanguard

Weapons [60]

Air Repeater, Arquebus, Axe Musket, Backpack Ballista, Backpack Ballista, Backpack Ballista Bolts, Backpack Catapult, Backpack Catapult Stones, Bayonet, Big Boom Gun, Black Powder Knuckle Dusters, Blunderbuss, Cane Pistol, Clan Pistol, Coat Pistol, Dagger Pistol, Dart Umbrella, Double-barreled Musket, Double-Barreled Pistol, Dragon Mouth Pistol, Dueling Pistol, Dwarven Scattergun, Explosive Dogslicer, Fire Lance, Firearm Ammunition (10 rounds), Firearm Ammunition (5 rounds), Flingflenser, Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Forked Bipod, Gnome Amalgam Musket, Gun Sword, Hammer Gun, Hand Cannon, Harmona Gun, Injection Spear, Jezail, Knuckle Duster, Long Air Repeater, Mace Multipistol, Magazine (Air Repeater), Magazine (Long Air Repeater), Mithral Tree, Pantograph Gauntlet, Pepperbox, Piercing Wind, Rapier Pistol, Reinforced Stock, Repeating Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow Magazine, Repeating Hand Crossbow, Repeating Hand Crossbow, Repeating Hand Crossbow Magazine, Repeating Heavy Crossbow, Repeating Heavy Crossbow Magazine, Slide Pistol, Spoon Gun, Three Peaked Tree, Umbrella Injector