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Chapter 2: Camping


Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 107
Camping isn't just a matter of lying on the ground wherever and falling asleep. You need to locate a site for the camp, set it up, prepare and eat food, and address any other basic needs, including allowing some time for relaxation before sleep!

The dangers facing campers in the Stolen Lands vary greatly depending on where the camp is set. To quantify these dangers, each zone of the Stolen Lands (as defined in Chapter 2 of the Kingmaker Adventure Path) has its own values. The table below lists all 20 zones of the Stolen Lands, organized by level from 0 to 19. The Zone DC is the base DC required for success at any skill check involved with securing the campsite or performing most campsite activities; these DCs closely follow the expected DCs by level but some of them have been adjusted upward or downward to account for that zone's additional dangers (or lack thereof). The Encounter DC indicates the flat check DC of a random encounter occurring during the camping session. And the number listed under the Encounter Chart column lists the Kingmaker Adventure Path page number for that zone's random encounter table.

Camping Zones

ZoneNameZone DCEncounter DCPage
1Rostland Hinterlands151251
6Sellen Hills201284
8Nomen Heights241290
9Tors of Levenies281691
12Tiger Lords2812105
14Glenebon Lowlands3012108
16Glenebon Uplands3512110
18Thousand Voices4314115
19Branthlend Mountains4116117

Step 1: Prepare a Campsite

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 107
In order to locate a safe place to set up a campsite while hexploring the Stolen Lands, the PCs must perform the Prepare Campsite exploration activity. While one PC performs this activity, others can attempt the following Exploration activities: Decipher Writing, Identify Alchemy, Identify Magic, Repair, or Treat Wounds. They can also attempt to Influence an NPC companion or attempt to Aid the PC Preparing the Campsite.

Step 2: Camping Activities

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 108
Once the PCs finish preparing their campsite, they can simply head to bed immediately, consuming rations and skipping straight on to Step 3, or if the check to Prepare the Campsite wasn't a critical failure, they can spend time attempting Camping activities. These activities can help to bolster them for the coming day, strengthen their campsite against possible attacks, build bonds between themselves or their NPC companions, allow time to craft while in the wild, and so on. Camping activities are each undertaken by a single PC, and each takes 2 hours to complete. Multiple PCs can perform their chosen Camping activity simultaneously, but no two PCs may attempt the same Camping activity at the same time. Once any PC has achieved at least a success on a particular Camping activity, that activity cannot be attempted again by any PC until the next camping session. The PCs can take up to four Camping activities each day as long as they aren't fatigued and as long as there's enough time in the day before watches begin.

Other Exploration activities (such as Identify Magic, Repair, or Treat Wounds) can also be performed during this time; these are not limited to one success per camping session and take the normal amount of time that activity takes to perform. PCs can also attempt to use the Influence or Discover activities to learn more about their NPC companions who are at the camp; each such attempt to Influence or Discover takes an hour and isn't limited to one success per camping session.

Camping activities increase the risk of attracting a random encounter, as someone or something comes to investigate all of the activity. At the end of each hour that anyone in the party undertakes a Camping activity, attempt a flat check against the zone's Encounter DC (see the Camping Zones table); on a success, a random encounter occurs. (If the check to Prepare the Campsite was a critical success, skip it for the first hour.) Each successive hour you attempt this check, the Encounter DC decreases by 1; once the PCs finish their daily preparations, or once an encounter occurs, the Encounter DC resets to its original value.

Step 3: Eating

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 108
Once all Camping activities have been resolved, the PCs eat their meals. Each PC chooses their own meal, and the party collectively chooses the meals for any companion NPCs camping with them.

If anyone performed the Cook Basic Meal or Cook Special Meal Camping activity, those servings are available meal choices; after all characters have selected their meals, those performing the Cook Meal activities roll checks to determine the effect of the meal they cooked.

Characters may instead choose to consume their own rations, use the Subsist downtime activity for food, or receive magical sustenance (such as a create food spell, a heroes' feast ritual, a ring of sustenance, and so on). A PC gains the effects of the only first meal they eat at this time; they cannot gain additional effects from additional meals during the same camping session.

Step 4: Resting

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 108
Once the party has eaten, it's time to rest, as detailed under Resting. The table above summarizes how long the group needs to set aside for rest, assuming rotating watch assignments of equal length. This table reprints and expands on Table 10-3 from the Core Rulebook, as the PCs' campsite in a Kingmaker campaign can include a number of NPC companions as well.

During this period, check for random encounters once every 4 hours by attempting a flat check against the zone's Encounter DC (see the Camping Zones table). Any adjustments made to this DC from additional hours spent pursuing Camping activities persist. After an encounter occurs, the Encounter DC resets to its original value.

Watches and Rest

Group SizeTotal TimeDuration of Each Watch
216 hours8 hours
312 hours4 hours
410 hours, 40 minutes2 hours, 40 minutes
510 hours2 hours
69 hours, 36 minutes1 hour, 36 minutes
79 hours, 20 minutes1 hour, 20 minutes
89 hours, 9 minutes1 hour, 9 minutes
9+9 hours1 hour

Step 5: Daily Preparations

Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 109
This final step includes time spent to prepare for the adventuring day, as detailed under Daily Preparations. You can assume menial tasks like breaking down the campsite are included in this step without impacting how long it takes for the PCs to prepare for the day. Daily preparations take 30 minutes to complete. The zone's Encounter DC returns to its original DC. If the PCs wish to continue camping at this same location, they must use the Prepare Campsite activity again (though it takes only 1 hour to Prepare a Campsite that has been used before).