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Clockwork CastleVehicle 16

Source Guns & Gears pg. 99
Price 30,000 gp
While the name slightly overstates its size, nonetheless a magical clockwork castle is a sizable mobile fortress built on ten spiderlike clockwork legs, with three stories of palatial accommodations within. Legends tell of a unique clockwork castle massively larger even than this size, perhaps an artifact in its own right.
Space 30 feet long, 30 feet wide, 35 feet high
Crew 1 pilot, 2 crew; Passengers 10
Piloting Check Driving Lore (DC 35), Arcana (DC 39), or Crafting (DC 37)
AC 36; Fort +28
Hardness 20, HP 250 (BT 125); Immunities object immunities
Speed 40 feet (clockwork, magical)
Collision 11d10 (DC 35)
Environmental Protections This vehicle's interior temperature is magically maintained. Creatures inside this vehicle are protected from severe cold, severe heat, extreme cold, and extreme heat.
Luxurious Accommodations This vehicle contains a bridge, engineering room, private sleeping quarters for up to 13 creatures, and four additional rooms (typically a dining room, kitchen, lavatory, and meeting room).
Maneuverable This vehicle is mounted on ten spider-like legs that enable it to turn swiftly, turn in place, and even move backward. Each 90-degree turn made in less than a vehicle length costs 5 extra feet of movement; so, for example, it costs 10 feet of movement for the vehicle to turn around and begin moving backward. This vehicle loses these benefits when broken.
Skewering Step (attack) Two crew members each perform a 3-action activity on their turn to skewer nearby enemies with the clockwork castle's legs. All creatures under or adjacent to the vehicle at the end of the second character's turn take 7d8 piercing damage (DC 35 basic Reflex save). Weapon Mounts This vehicle has four rooftop weapon mounts; one mount on each corner of the vehicle. At purchase, these weapon mounts are initially empty. Installing or uninstalling a weapon into a weapon mount requires 10 minutes, a successful DC 35 Crafting check, and an appropriate weapon. Three of these weapon mounts can be equipped with ranged weapons, and the fourth can be equipped with a ranged siege weapon of size Large or smaller.
Wind-Up 10 minutes of wind-up, 1 hour of operational time, DC 35, standby