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PFS StandardCall and Response [one-action] Feat 8

Auditory Bard Concentrate Metamagic 
Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 113 2.0

Your composition takes the form of a call-and-response chant, which lets your allies continue the effect without you. If your next action is to cast a composition cantrip with a duration of 1 round, it becomes a call. While the spell is active, one ally affected by the spell can respond to your call as a single action that has the auditory and concentrate traits to extend the spell's duration by 1 round. Only one ally can respond to a given call, and responding to the ally's response has no additional effect.



Auditory actions and effects rely on sound. An action with the auditory trait can be successfully performed only if the creature using the action can speak or otherwise produce the required sounds. A spell or effect with the auditory trait has its effect only if the target can hear it. This applies only to sound-based parts of the effect, as determined by the GM. This is different from a sonic effect, which still affects targets who can't hear it (such as deaf targets) as long as the effect itself makes sound.


An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.


Actions with the metamagic trait, usually from metamagic feats, tweak the properties of your spells. You must use a metamagic action directly before Casting the Spell you want to alter. If you use any action (including free actions and reactions) other than Cast a Spell directly after, you waste the benefits of the metamagic action. Any additional effects added by a metamagic action are part of the spell’s effect, not of the metamagic action itself.