Source Core Rulebook pg. 630
An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.


Badger Rage, Borrow an Arcane Spell, Coerce, Command an Animal, Cover Tracks, Decipher Writing, Demoralize, Dismiss, Hunt Prey, Identify Alchemy, Identify Magic, Impersonate, Learn a Spell, Lie, Make an Impression, Perform, Rage, Ready, Recall Knowledge, Refocus, Request, Seek, Sense Motive, Sustain a Spell, Track


Detect Magic, Follow the Expert, Investigate, Repeat a Spell, Scout, Search


Animal Rage, Awesome Blow, Cast Down, Come and Get Me, Command Undead, Conceal Spell, Defensive Recovery, Determination, Dragon Transformation, Dragon's Rage Breath, Echoing Channel, Giant's Lunge, Harmonize, Heroic Recovery, Hunter's Aim, Incredible Aim, Incredible Ricochet, Instant Opening, Knockback Strike, Leyline Conduit, Melodious Spell, Mercy, Metamagic Channel, Moment of Clarity, Necrotic Infusion, Orc Superstition, Perfect Clarity, Quickened Casting, Reach Spell, Reactive Distraction, Renewed Vigor, Saoc Astrology, Shake it Off, Silent Spell, Spell Tinker, Spirit's Wrath, Targeting Shot, Trickster's Ace, True Shapeshifter, Unusual Composition, Uzunjati Storytelling, Wild Winds Gust

Focus Powers

Diviner's Sight


Borrow an Arcane Spell, Coerce, Command an Animal, Cover Tracks, Demoralize, Identify Alchemy, Impersonate, Lie, Make an Impression, Perform, Request, Track

Skills (General)

Decipher Writing, Identify Magic, Learn a Spell, Recall Knowledge