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PFS StandardFlash Forge [two-actions] Feat 1

Impulse Kineticist Metal Primal 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 30

An artificial metal object forms in the hands of you or a willing ally within 30 feet. You can choose a level 0, common, handheld weapon or piece of adventuring gear of 1 Bulk or less. The item is entirely made from metal, making some items impossible or impractical to use (if it's unclear, the GM decides). You can make items with simple moving parts or magnetism, like a compass, poor lock, or merchant's scale. The item lasts for 10 minutes, but each time it's used, the user must succeed at a DC 5 flat check or the item is destroyed after the action is completed.



The primary magical actions kineticists use are called impulses. You can use an impulse only if your kinetic aura is active and channeling that element, and only if you have a hand free to shape the elemental flow. The impulse trait means the action has the concentrate trait unless another ability changes this. If an impulse allows you to choose an element, you can choose any element you're channeling, and the impulse gains that element's trait.


Effects with the metal trait conjure or manipulate metal. Those that manipulate metal have no effect in an area without metal. Creatures with this trait consist primarily of metal or have a connection to magical metal.


This magic comes from the primal tradition, connecting to the natural world and instinct. Anything with this trait is magical.