Source Rage of Elements pg. 237
This indicates abilities from the kineticist class.


Base Kinesis, Channel Elements, Elemental Blast, Extract Elements


Aerial Boomerang, Air Cushion, Air Shroud, All Shall End in Flames, Alloy Flesh and Steel, Ambush Bladderwort, Architect of Flame, Armor in Earth, Ash Strider, Assume Earth's Mantle, Aura Shaping, Barrier of Boreal Frost, Beasts of Slumbering Steel, Blazing Wave, Body of Air, Burning Jet, Calcifying Sand, Call the Hurricane, Chain Infusion, Clear as Air, Command Elemental, Conductive Sphere, Consume Power, Counter Element, Crawling Fire, Crowned in Tempest's Fury, Cyclonic Ascent, Dash of Herbs, Deflecting Wave, Desert Wind, Drifting Pollen, Driving Rain, Effortless Impulse, Elemental Apotheosis, Elemental Artillery, Elemental Familiar (Kineticist), Elemental Overlap, Elemental Transformation, Eternal Torch, Extended Kinesis, Fearsome Familiar, Flash Forge, Flinging Updraft, Flying Flame, Four Winds, Fresh Produce, Furnace Form, Geologic Attunement, Ghosts in the Storm, Glacial Prison, Hail of Splinters, Hardwood Armor, Hedge Maze, Hell of 1,000,000 Needles, Igneogenesis, Ignite the Sun, Impenetrable Fog, Imperious Aura, Infinite Expanse of Bluest Heaven, Jagged Berms, Kindle Inner Flames, Kinetic Activation, Kinetic Pinnacle, Lava Leap, Lightning Dash, Lightning Rod, Living Bonfire, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Pinions, Metal Carapace, Molten Wire, Nourishing Gate, Ocean's Balm, Omnikinesis, Orchard's Endurance, Plate in Treasure, Purify Element, Rain of Razors, Rain of Rust, Rapid Reattunement, Rattle The Earth, Ravel of Thorns, Rebirth in Living Stone, Retch Rust, Return to the Sea, Ride the Tsunami, Rising Hurricane, Rock Rampart, Roiling Mudslide, Rouse the Forest's Fury, Safe Elements, Sand Snatcher, Sanguivolent Roots, Scorching Column, Scrap Barricade, Sea Glass Guardians, Shard Strike, Shattershields, Solar Detonation, Spike Skin, Steam Knight, Stepping Stones, Storm Spiral, Swim Through Earth, The Shattered Mountain Weeps, Thermal Nimbus, Tidal Hands, Timber Sentinel, Torrent in the Blood, Tree of Duality, Tremor, Tumbling Lumber, Turn the Wheel of Seasons, Two-Element Infusion, Usurp the Lunar Reins, Versatile Blasts, Voice of the Elements, Volcanic Escape, Walk Through the Conflagration, Weapon Infusion, Weight of Stone, Whirling Grindstone, Whisper on the Wind, Wiles on the Wind, Winter Sleet, Winter's Clutch, Witchwood Seed, Wooden Palisade