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Plane of MetalPlane

Source GM Core pg. 176
Category Inner Sphere Planes
Divinities elemental lords of metal
Native Inhabitants metal elementals, shades (metal pneuma), taloses, zuhras
After being cut off since prehistory, the Plane of Metal recently returned to the planar cosmology. Still resuming its ancient form, it wedges between the Plane of Earth and Plane of Water, vast in scope but still expanding. Metal of every kind (liquid and solid), decaying cityscapes, and intense magnetic fields make up the chaotic structure of the plane. Creatures reflect the jumble of forces that make their home. Many have fluid forms of flowing metal or inhabit clouds of rust. The genies of the plane, zuhras, put on bold performances keyed into the plane’s dissonance.

The elemental lords of metal embody the slow disintegration of their home. After an invasion by forces from the Plane of Earth before their plane was sealed off, the lords were dispirited and offered no clear vision for what their plane could be in the absence of the other planes of the Inner Sphere. Laudinmio, the Sovereign of Alchemy, remains in slumber, while Ferrumnestra, the Lady of Rust, treads under the weight of deep despair.