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Kingmaker Companion Guide

Product Page Paizo Store
Release Date 10/26/2022
Product Line Adventure Paths
Source Group Kingmaker

Campsite Meals [27]

Baked Spider Legs, Black Linnorm Stew, Broiled Tuskwater Oysters, Cheese Crostata, Chocolate Ice Cream, First World Mince Pie, Fish-on-a-Stick, Galt Ragout, Giant Scrambled Egg with Shambletus, Grilled Silver Eel, Haggis, Hearty Meal, Hearty Purple Soup, Hunter's Roast, Jeweled Rice, Kameberry Pie, Mastodon Steak, Monster Casserole, Onion Soup, Owlbear Omelet, Rice-n-Nut Pudding, Seasoned Wings and Thighs, Shepherd's Pie, Smoked Trout and Hydra Pate, Succulent Sausages, Sweet Pancakes, Whiterose Oysters

Curses [1]

Cleansing Curse

Equipment [15]

Admirer's Bouquet, Deathdrinking, Energy-Absorbing, Energy-Absorbing (Greater), Feyfoul, Feyfoul (Greater), Feyfoul (Lesser), Feyfoul (Moderate), Giant-Killing, Giant-Killing (Greater), Grisly Scythe, Hooked, Palette of Masterstrokes, Songbird's Brush, Tripline Arrow

Feats [12]

Ambush Tactics, Efficient Explorer, Giant Hunter, Giant Slayer, Hamstringing Strike, Predict Weather, Roll with It (Ranger), Say that Again!, That's Not Natural!, The Harder They Fall (Ranger), Too Angry to Die, Triumphant Boast

Hazards [5]

Collapsing Bridge, Glyph of Warding, Hidden Pressure Plate, Locking Alarm, Shelyn's Shame

Hazards - Weather [12]

Blizzard, Cold Snap, Flash Flood, Fog, Hailstorm, Severe, Heavy Downpour, Subsidence, Supernatural Storm, Thunderstorm, Tornado, Wildfire, Windstorm

Kingdom Events [5]

Barbarian Immigrants, Goblin Backlash, Monster Hunt, Special Edition, The Local Paper

Kingdom Structures [2]

Gladiatorial Arena, Printing House

Monsters [1]

Ekundayo's Dog

NPCs [14]

Amiri (Level 1), Amiri (Level 11), Ekundayo (Level 1), Ekundayo (Level 6), Jubilost Narthropple (Level 1), Jubilost Narthropple (Level 8), Linzi (Level 1), Linzi (Level 7), Nok-Nok (Level 1), Nok-Nok (Level 5), Tristian (Level 1), Tristian (Level 10), Valerie (Level 1), Valerie (Level 9)

Rituals [1]

Incarnate Ancestry

Rules [3]

Chapter 1: Companions, Chapter 2: Camping, Chapter 3: Weather

Spells [10]

Aqueous Blast, Blazing Blade, Dawnflower's Light, Infectious Ennui, Inkshot, Phantasmal Protagonist, Scorching Blast, Transcribe Conflict, Vision of Beauty, Word of Revision

Traits [3]

Camping (Kingdom), Meal (Kingdom), Weather (Hazard)