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Ancestry Guide

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Latest Errata 2.0 - 12/20/2021
Release Date 2/24/2021
Product Line Lost Omens
These entries have been updated with errata released on 12/20/2021

Ancestries [14]

Android, Aphorite, Beastkin, Fetchling, Fleshwarp, Ganzi, Ifrit, Kitsune, Oread, Sprite, Strix, Suli, Sylph, Undine

Ancestry Heritages [63]

Aphorite, Artisan Android, Battle-Ready Orc, Beastkin, Bright Fetchling, Cactus Leshy, Caveclimber Kobold, Celestial Envoy Kitsune, Cloudleaper Lizardfolk, Created Fleshwarp, Dark Fields Kitsune, Deep Fetchling, Dogtooth Tengu, Draxie, Earthly Wilds Kitsune, Empty Sky Kitsune, Flexible Catfolk, Frozen Wind Kitsune, Fruit Leshy, Ganzi, Grave Orc, Grig, Ifrit, Impersonator Android, Inured Azarketi, Laborer Android, Liminal Catfolk, Liminal Fetchling, Lotus Leshy, Luminous Sprite, Melixie, Murkeyed Azarketi, Mutated Fleshwarp, Nightglider Strix, Nyktera, Oread, Pixie, Polyglot Android, Predator Strix, Resolute Fetchling, Root Leshy, Scavenger Strix, Seaweed Leshy, Shapewrought Fleshwarp, Sharp-Eared Catfolk, Shoreline Strix, Shortshanks Hobgoblin, Snow Rat, Songbird Strix, Spined Azarketi, Steelskin Hobgoblin, Suli, Sylph, Tactile Azarketi, Technological Fleshwarp, Tunnel Rat, Tunnelflood Kobold, Undine, Warrior Android, Wavediver Tengu, Winter Orc, Wisp Fetchling, Woodstalker Lizardfolk

Equipment [2]

Conducting, Soaring

Feats [374]

Aberration Kinship, Adhyabhau, Advanced Targeting System, Agathion Magic, Ageless Spirit, Airy Step, Alter Resistance, Amorphous Aspect, Analyze Information, Anarchic Arcana, Ancestor's Transformation, Ancestral Insight, Anchoring Roots, Ancillary Motes, Android Lore, Animal Magic, Animal Senses, Animal Shape, Animal Speaker, Animal Swiftness, Animalistic Resistance, Aquatic Adaptation, Aquatic Camouflage, Aquatic Conversationalist, Aquatic Eyes, Arise, ye Worthy!, Augment Senses, Axiomatic Lore, Azarketi Purification, Beastbrood, Blazing Aura, Bone Caller, Bone Investiture, Bone Magic, Briar Battler, Brightsoul, Brinesoul, Calaca's Showstopper, Call of Elysium, Call of the Green Man, Can't Fall Here, Cantorian Reinforcement, Cantorian Rejuvenation, Cantorian Restoration, Captivating Curiosity, Cat Nap, Catchy Tune, Catfolk Dance, Catrina's Presence, Cel Rau, Chance Death, Channel the Godmind, Charred Remains, Cindersoul, Cleansing Subroutine, Clever Shadow, Cloak of Poison, Close Quarters, Cloud Gazer, Coating of Slime, Consistent Surge, Consult the Stars, Continuous Assault, Corgi Mount, Cornered Fury, Creative Prodigy, Critter Shape, Crone's Cruelty, Crystalline Cloud, Crystalline Dust, Cunning Hair, Dangle, Daywalker, Deepvision, Defy Death, Deliberate Death, Devil in Plain Sight, Devilish Wiles, Dire Form, Djinni Magic, Dogfang Bite, Draconic Sycophant, Dragon Grip, Dragonblood Paragon, Dualborn, Dustsoul, Earthsense, Eclectic Sword Mastery, Eerie Compression, Efreeti Magic, Elemental Assault, Elemental Bulwark, Elemental Embellish, Elemental Eyes, Elemental Lore, Elemental Trade, Elude Trouble, Emberkin, Ember's Eyes, Emotionless, Energize Wings, Enforced Order, Eternal Wings (Sylph), Evade Doom, Evanescent Wings, Extinguish Light, Favor of Heaven, Favorable Winds, Feathered Cloak, Feed on Pain, Fell Rider, Ferocious Gust, Fetchling Lore, Fey Cantrips, Fey Disguise, Fey Magic, Fey Skin, Final Form, Finest Trick, Finned Ridges, Firesight, Flame Jump, Fledgling Flight, Flexible Tail, Flourish and Ruin, Fluid Contortionist, Focused Cat Nap, Fortify Shield, Fox Trick, Foxfire, Fully Flighted, Fumesoul, Ganzi Gaze, Gaping Flesh, Garuda Magic, Garuda's Squall, Gemsoul, Genie Weapon Expertise, Genie Weapon Familiarity, Genie Weapon Flourish, Gift of the Moon, Glory and Valor!, Gnaw, Graceful Guidance, Greater Animal Senses, Gripping Limbs, Guided by the Stars, Harbinger's Caw, Hard to Fool, Hatchling Flight, Healer's Halo, Heatwave, Hefting Shadow, Hero's Wings, Hopping Stride, Hurricane Swing, Hybrid Form, Hydraulic Deflection, Hydraulic Maneuvers, Idyllkin, Impose Order (Aphorite), Improved Elemental Bulwark, Inner Breath, Inner Fire, Inoculation Subroutine, Inspirit Hazard, Intercorporate, Internal Cohesion, Internal Compartment, Internal Respirator, Intuitive Crafting, Invisible Trickster, Invoke the Elements, Irrepressible (Ganzi), Iruxi Glide, Iruxi Spirit Strike, Janni Hospitality, Janni Magic, Jinx Glutton, Juvenile Flight, Killing Stone, Kitsune Lore, Kitsune Spell Expertise, Kitsune Spell Familiarity, Kitsune Spell Mysteries, Kobold Weapon Expertise, Kobold Weapon Familiarity, Kobold Weapon Innovator, Larcenous Tail, Lavasoul, Lemma of Vision, Lifeblood's Call, Lightless Litheness, Lightning Tongue, Living Weapon, Lucky Break, Magpie Snatch, Maiden's Mending, Marid Magic, Marine Ally, Mariner's Fire, Mask of Fear, Mask of Pain, Mask of Power, Mask of Rejection, Metal-Veined Strikes, Miresoul, Mischievous Tail, Mist Strider, Mistsoul, Moon May, Morrigna's Spider Affinity, Mother's Mindfulness, Mutate Weapon, Myriad Forms, Nanite Shroud, Nanite Surge, Nightvision Adaptation, No Evidence, Nocturnal Charm, Nosoi's Mask, Offensive Analysis, Offensive Subroutine, Old Soul, Olethros's Decree, One with Earth, Orc Warmask, Pack Tactics, Pelagic Aptitude, Peri Magic, Pierce the Light, Plague Sniffer, Plumekith, Powerful Guts, Predator's Growl, Preemptive Reconfiguration, Pride Hunter, Protective Subroutine, Proximity Alert, Purge Sins, Qlippoth Magic, Quick Shape, Radiant Burst, Radiant Circuitry, Radiate Glory, Rakshasa Magic, Rallying Cry, Rampaging Form, Ratfolk Growth, Ratfolk Roll, Read the Stars, Recognize Ambush, Regrowth, Rehydration, Repair Module, Reptile Rider, Retractable Claws, Revivification Protocol, Riftmarked, Rimesoul, Rokoan Arts, Runtsage, Ru-Shi, Saberteeth, Scar-Thick Skin, Scholar's Inheritance, Scion Transformation, Scorching Disarm, Sculpt Shadows, Sense for Trouble, Shackleborn, Shadow Blending, Shadow Sight, Shadow's Assault, Shadowy Disguise, Shaitan Magic, Shaitan Skin, Shapechanger's Intuition, Shifting Faces, Shinstabber, Shoki's Argument, Shrouded Magic, Shrouded Mien, Silent Step, Sinister Appearance, Skillful Tail, Skillful Tail (Ganzi), Skirt the Light, Skittering Sneak, Skull Creeper, Slink, Slip into Shadow, Slip the Grasp, Slip with the Breeze, Slither, Smashing Tail, Smokesoul, Snare Commando, Sneaky, Snow May, Soaring Form, Speak with Bats, Spew Tentacles, Spiteful Rake, Spore Cloud, Sprite's Spark, Squad Tactics, Star Orb, Startling Appearance (Fleshwarp), Steady on Stone, Steam Spell, Stone Face, Stone Form, Storm Form, Stormsoul, Stormy Heart, Story Crooner, Striking Retribution, Strix Defender, Strix Lore, Strix Vengeance, Strong Swimmer, Suli Amir, Suli-Jann, Summon Air Elemental, Summon Earth Elemental, Summon Fire Elemental, Summon Water Elemental, Swift, Taste Blood, Ten Lives, Tengu Feather Fan, Tetraelemental Assault, Thorned Seedpod, Thrown Voice, Thunder God's Fan, Tidal Shield, Tide-Hardened, Tongue Disarm, Tranquil Sanctuary, Translucent Skin, Treacherous Earth, Trickster Tengu, Truespeech, Twist Healing, Uncanny Agility, Uncanny Awareness, Uncanny Cheeks, Undead Companion, Underwater Volcano, Vanth's Weapon Execution, Vanth's Weapon Expertise, Vanth's Weapon Familiarity, Veil May, Velstrac Magic, Vestigial Wings, Vicious Snares, Virga May, War Conditioning, Warren Friend, Water Conjuration, Water Dancer, Water Strider, Waxed Feathers, We March On, Willing Death, Wind God's Fan, Wind Tempered, Wing Step, Winglets, Wings of Air, Winter Cat Senses, Wyrmling Flight, Yamaraj's Grandeur

Languages [1]


Rules [1]


Traits [11]

Android (Ancestry), Aphorite (Ancestry), Azarketi (Ancestry), Beastkin (Ancestry), Conrasu (Ancestry), Fleshwarp (Ancestry), Ganzi (Ancestry), Geniekin (Ancestry), Kitsune (Ancestry), Resonant (Weapon), Strix (Ancestry)

Weapons [12]

Adze, Buugeng, Fangwire, Hand Adze, Rungu, Taw Launcher, Thunder Sling, Tricky Pick, Whip Claw, Wish Blade, Wish Knife, Wooden Taws