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PFS StandardPollen PodsSpell 7

Concentrate Manipulate Plant Wood 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 197
Traditions arcane, primal
Cast [two-actions]
Range 100 feet; Area four unoccupied 5-foot squares, each of which is at least 20 feet apart
Duration 12 hours
You cultivate four wooden bulbs, each filled with toxic pollen and sensitive to motion. When a creature enters a space adjacent to a bulb, or when a bulb is touched or damaged (each bulb has AC 5), the bulb blossoms and releases pollen in a 15-foot emanation. Creatures in the area take 8d8 poison damage and must attempt a Fortitude save with the following results.

Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature takes half damage and becomes dazzled for 1 round.
Failure The creature takes full damage, becomes dazzled for 1 round, and becomes stupefied 1 for 1 minute.
Critical Failure The creature takes double damage, is dazzled for 1 round, and becomes stupefied 2 for 1 minute.

    Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 2d8.