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PFS StandardAir

Source Rage of Elements pg. 14

Impulse Feats

Click here for a list of all Air impulse feats.

Elemental BlastLevel 1

1d6 electricity or slashing, 60 feet

Impulse Junction (Single Gate)Level 1

Before or after the other effects of the impulse, you can either Stride up to half your Speed or Step. If you have a fly Speed, you can Fly up to half your fly Speed instead.

Gate JunctionLevel 5

Critical Blast Push the target up to 10 feet.
Elemental Resistance air, electricity
Aura Junction You and any ally that starts its turn in the aura gets a +10-foot status bonus to land Speed until the end of that turn, and to fly Speed if applicable.
Skill Junction Stealth, Experienced Smuggler