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Arcana (Int)

Source Core Rulebook pg. 241 4.0
Arcana measures how much you know about arcane magic and creatures. Even if you’re untrained, you can Recall Knowledge.
  • Recall Knowledge about arcane theories; magic traditions; creatures of arcane significance (like dragons and beasts); and the Elemental, Astral, and Shadow Planes.

Arcana Trained Actions

Item Bonuses for Arcana - Common Items
Hat of the Magi+13Other Worn ItemsNo
Cognitive Mutagen (Lesser)+11Alchemical ElixirsYes
Hat of the Magi (Greater)+29Other Worn ItemsNo
Specialist's Ring+210Other Worn ItemsNo
Master Magus Ring+211Other Worn ItemsNo
Eidolon Cape+211Other Worn ItemsNosummoner with arcane eidolon only
Cognitive Mutagen (Moderate)+23Alchemical ElixirsYes
Possibility Tome+318Held ItemsNochecks to Recall Knowledge
Cognitive Mutagen (Greater)+311Alchemical ElixirsYes
Cognitive Mutagen (Major)+417Alchemical ElixirsYes
Item Bonuses for Arcana - Uncommon/Rare/Unique Items
Ring of Wizardry (Type I)+17Other Worn ItemsNo
Ring of Wizardry (Type II)+210Other Worn ItemsNo
Ring of Wizardry (Type III)+212Other Worn ItemsNo
Ring of Wizardry (Type IV)+214Other Worn ItemsNo
Aeon Stone (Orange Prism)+216Other Worn ItemsNo
The Silent Hag+220The Deck of DestinyNoArcana checks to Recall Knowledge (+3 at 17th level)

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Arcana Trained Actions

Borrow an Arcane Spell

Concentrate Exploration 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 241 4.0
If you’re an arcane spellcaster who prepares from a spellbook, you can attempt to prepare a spell from someone else’s spellbook. The GM sets the DC for the check based on the spell’s level and rarity; it’s typically a bit easier than Learning the Spell.

Success You prepare the borrowed spell as part of your normal spell preparation.
Failure You fail to prepare the spell, but the spell slot remains available for you to prepare a different spell. You can’t try to prepare this spell until the next time you prepare spells.