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PFS StandardLaughing Shadow

Legacy Content

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 39 1.1
PFS Note Laughing shadow magus gets time jump as their 11th level Studious Spell instead of the limited shift blame.

Magic is freeing, a means to your ends, and you can use it to go where you want, do as you please, and avoid the consequences. You are a laughing shadow of spell and blade, always one step ahead of your foes, always with a trick up your sleeve.

While in Arcane Cascade stance, you gain a +5-foot status bonus to your Speeds, or a +10-foot bonus if you're unarmored. If you have a free hand while in the stance and are attacking a flat-footed creature, you increase the extra damage to 3, to 5 if you have weapon specialization, or to 7 if you have greater weapon specialization. You must have your other hand completely free; the extra damage doesn't apply if you have a free-hand weapon or other item in that hand, even if you would normally be able to use the hand for other things.

Conflux Spell Dimensional Assault
Studious Spell (7th) Mirror Image
Studious Spell (11th) Shift Blame
Studious Spell (13th) Dimension Door