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PFS StandardPowerful InhalationFocus 3

Uncommon Air Druid Evocation 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 201 1.1
Cast somatic, verbal
Area 10-foot emanation
Saving Throw basic Fortitude
You rapidly draw the air from your surroundings, hoarding it for yourself. Creatures in the area when the spell is cast take 5d6 bludgeoning damage with a basic Fortitude save. A creature that fails its save can't speak above a raspy whisper for 1 round. A creature that critically fails can't speak or use abilities that require it to breathe for 1 round. This prevents it from using effects that require speech, such as casting spells with verbal components, and from using a breath weapon or similar ability.

Creatures made of air (such as air elementals) attempting a save against this spell get a degree of success one worse than they rolled.

    Heightened (+1) Increase the damage by 2d6.