Source Core Rulebook pg. 631 4.0
This indicates abilities from the druid class.


Advanced Elemental Spell, Animal Companion, Apex Companion, Bizarre Transformation, Call of the Wild, Can't You See?, Cryptic Spell, Current Spell, Deimatic Display, Dragon Shape, Eerie Environs, Eerie Proclamation, Eerie Traces, Effortless Concentration, Elemental Shape, Elemental Summons, Enhanced Familiar, Ferocious Shape, Fey Caller, Fiery Retort, Fire Lung, Fire Resistance, Forgotten Presence, Form Control, Green Empathy, Green Tongue, Harden Flesh, Healing Transformation, Heart of the Kaiju, Hierophant's Power, Impaling Briars, Incredible Companion (Druid), Insect Shape, Invoke Disaster, Irezoko Tattoo, Leshy Familiar, Leshy Familiar Secrets, Leyline Conduit, Mature Animal Companion (Druid), Monstrosity Shape, Natural Swimmer, Necromantic Deflection, Order Explorer, Order Magic, Overwhelming Energy, Perfect Form Control, Pesh Skin, Plant Shape, Poison Resistance, Primal Aegis, Primal Focus, Primal Summons, Primal Wellspring, Pristine Weapon, Purifying Spell, Reach Spell, Reactive Transformation, Sheltering Cave, Shore Step, Side by Side (Druid), Soaring Shape, Sow Spell, Specialized Companion (Druid), Steady Spellcasting, Steadying Stone, Storm Born, Storm Retribution, Thousand Faces, Timeless Nature, True Shapeshifter, Verdant Metamorphosis, Verdant Presence, Verdant Weapon, Wandering Oasis, Widen Spell, Wild Shape, Wind Caller, Woodland Stride

Focus Spells

Apex Companion, Goodberry, Heal Animal, Impaling Briars, Primal Summons, Storm Lord, Stormwind Flight, Tempest Surge, Wild Morph, Wild Shape