Source Core Rulebook pg. 634 4.0
Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the necromancy school of magic, typically involving forces of life and death.


Drain Life, Drink from the Chalice, Exhale Poison, Jinx


Boatman's Toll, Curse of Slumber, Curse of the Rotting Heart, Grave Curse, Reviling Earth, Spirit Anchor, Unraveling Skin


Bonechill, Nightmare Fever


Ambrosia of Undying Hope, Ancestral Embrace, Anointing Oil, Antivenom Potion, Armor of the Holy Warrior, Barbed Vest, Belt of Good Health, Bloodletting Kukri, Bloodseeker Beak, Bloodthirsty, Brain Cylinder, Burr Shield, Carrion Cask, Celestial Peach, Celestial Peachwood Sword, Chain of the Stilled Spirit, Clockwork Rejuvenator, Corpse Compass, Corpsecaller Round, Cresset of Grisly Interrogation, Crown of the Companion, Crushing, Crying Angel Pendant, Dagger of Eternal Sleep, Dagger of Venom, Deathdrinking, Deathless, Demon Armor, Disrupting, Doctrine of Blissful Eternity, Dreadsmoke Thurible, Dust of Corpse Animation, Emberheart, Enveloping Light, Final Blade, Final Rest, Flaying Knife, Fu Water, Fulcrum Lenses, Fulu Compendium, Galvanic Mortal Coil, Gauntlight, Ghastly Cauldron, Ghostbane Fulu, Ghoul Hide, Giant-Killing, Gift of the Poisoned Heart, Gluttonous Spear, Grim Sandglass, Grisly Scythe, Habu's Cudgel, Healer's Gloves, Healing Potion, Heartripper Blade, Holy Prayer Beads, Holy Water, Horns of Naraga, Hundred-Moth Caress, In the Shadows of Toil, Incense of Distilled Death, Instructions for Lasting Agony, Lady's Spiral, Lich Soul Cage, Life's Last Breath, Lover's Knot, Manacles of Persuasion, Marvelous Medicines, Mask of Mercy, Mask of the Banshee, Mask of the Cursed Eye, Miogimo's Mask, Monkey's Paw, Necrobinding Serum, Nectar of Purification, Oath of the Devoted, Oculus of Abaddon, Oil of Unlife, Pact of Blood-Taking, Panacea, Panacea Fruit, Phoenix Necklace, Poisoner's Staff, Poisonous Dagger, Potion of Shared Life, Psychopomp Mask, Queasy Lantern, Reaper's Grasp, Reaper's Lancet, Reflexive Tattoo, Restful Sleep Fulu, Sage's Lash, Saints' Balm, Salve of Antiparalysis, Sampling Ammunition, Shadow Ash, Skeletal Claw, Skull Bomb, Soul Cage, Spirit-Sealing Fulu, Staff of Final Rest, Staff of Healing, Staff of Necromancy, Stalwart's Ring, Stanching, Sun Orchid Elixir, Tablet of Chained Souls, Tallowheart Mass, Tyrant's Writ, Undead Scourge, Unholy Water, Urn of Ashes, Vampiric Scythe, Venomous Cure Fulu, Wand of Overflowing Life, Wand of Teeming Ghosts, Wayfinder, Wine of the Blood, Wounding


Arrow of Death, Breath of Hungry Death, Cantorian Rejuvenation, Cantorian Restoration, Channel Smite, Cleansing Light, Coffin Bound, Corrupted Shield, Crimson Shroud, Drain Vitality, Eerie Proclamation, Enervating Wail, Festering Wound, Fey Life, Ghost Wrangler, Glory and Valor!, Guardian Ghosts, High-Speed Regeneration, Liberate Soul, Life Leap, Morphic Manipulation, Necromancer's Visage, Olethros's Decree, Pact of the Final Breath, Paralyzing Slash, Rejuvenation Token, Root to Life, Ruby Resurrection, Scapegoat Parallel Self, Secret Eater, Sepulchral Sublimation, Siphon Life, Slayer's Strike, Spirit Speaker, Spirit's Absolution, Spirits' Interference, Sustaining Steel, Tap Vitality, Taste Blood, Their Master's Call, Unbreakable Bond, Undying Conviction

Focus Spells

Achaekek's Clutch, Armor of Bones, Call of the Grave, Celestial Brand, Claim Undead, Cleansing Flames, Curse of Death, Death's Call, Delay Affliction, Divine Plagues, Drain Life, Ectoplasmic Interstice, Eject Soul, Eradicate Undeath, Euphoric Renewal, Fallow Field, Fearful Feast, Foul Miasma, Glutton's Jaw, Goodberry, Grasping Grave, Hallowed Ground, Heal Animal, Heal Companion, Healer's Blessing, Hero's Defiance, Hymn of Healing, Jealous Hex, Lay on Hands, Life Boost, Life Link, Life Siphon, Life-Giving Form, Lifelink Surge, Malignant Sustenance, Ode to Ouroboros, Over the Coals, Positive Luminance, Quivering Palm, Rebuke Death, Rejuvenating Flames, Restorative Moment, Return the Favor, Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout, Shambling Horror, Shepherd of Souls, Song of the Fallen, Soothing Mist, Soul Siphon, Spirit Object, Steal Shadow, Subjugate Undead, Take its Course, Tireless Worker, Touch of Corruption, Touch of Undeath, Undeath's Blessing, Wholeness of Body, Withering Grasp


Punishing Altar, Soul Draining Cage

Item Curses

Bloodbiter, Degenerating, Withering


Bathe in Blood, Blight, Blunt the Final Blade, Call Spirit, Clone, Corpse Communion, Create Undead, Extract Brain, Garden of Death, Mind Swap, Mosquito Blight, Mother's Blessing, Plant Growth, Portrait of Spite, Raga of Remembrance, Ravenous Reanimation, Recall Past Life, Reincarnate, Rest Eternal, Resurrect, Terminate Bloodline


Abyssal Plague, Admonishing Ray, All is One, One is All, Ancient Dust, Animate Dead, Awaken Entropy, Bind Soul, Bind Undead, Blindness, Blister, Blood Feast, Blood Vendetta, Bloodspray Curse, Bone Spray, Boneshaker, Bound in Death, Breath of Life, Call the Blood, Chill Touch, Chroma Leach, Claim Curse, Cloak of Light, Cloudkill, Cup of Dust, Deafness, Death Knell, Devour Life, Dirge of Remembrance, Disrupt Undead, Disrupting Weapons, Divine Armageddon, Eclipse Burst, Ectoplasmic Expulsion, Enervation, Envenom Companion, False Life, Feast of Ashes, Feral Shades, Field of Life, Finger of Death, Flense, Fungal Hyphae, Gentle Repose, Ghoulish Cravings, Goblin Pox, Grave Impressions, Gray Shadow, Grim Tendrils, Harm, Heal, Healing Well, Horrid Wilting, Imp Sting, Inner Radiance Torrent, Internal Insurrection, Invoke Spirits, Leng Sting, Life Connection, Life Pact, Linnorm Sting, Magic Stone, Mariner's Curse, Martyr's Intervention, Massacre, Mimic Undead, Moment of Renewal, Moth's Supper, Necromancer's Generosity, Necrotic Radiation, Necrotize, Neutralize Poison, Pernicious Poltergeist, Positive Attunement, Possession, Purify Food and Drink, Purple Worm Sting, Putrefy Food and Drink, Raise Dead, Ravening Maw, Ravenous Darkness, Ray of Enfeeblement, Reaper's Lantern, Regenerate, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Remove Paralysis, Restoration, Restore Senses, Revival, Rip the Spirit, Rouse Skeletons, Sanguine Mist, Seal Fate, Shadow Spy, Shadow Zombie, Shield Other, Slough Skin, Soothing Spring, Soulshelter Vessel, Spectral Hand, Spider Sting, Spirit Blast, Spirit Link, Spirit Song, Spiritual Anamnesis, Spiritual Epidemic, Spiritual Torrent, Stabilize, Steal Voice, Sudden Blight, Suffocate, Summon Healer Servitor, Summoner's Precaution, Swarming Wasp Stings, Talking Corpse, Tempest of Shades, Torturous Trauma, Undertaker, Vampiric Exsanguination, Vampiric Maiden, Vampiric Touch, Vital Beacon, Voracious Gestalt, Wail of the Banshee, Wall of Flesh, Worm's Repast, Wyvern Sting