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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
Pathfinder #181: Zombie FeastSource Page


Corpse Tender


Zombie Shamblerpg. 13

Mosghuta, Boss Cowpg. 15

Zombie Horsepg. 16

Zombie Houndpg. 16

Nimapg. 22

Female tombstone troll

Arghun the Annihilatorpg. 23

Variant elite crawling hand
Skills Athletics +7, Stealth +8, Survival +4, Warfare Lore +5
Languages Common, Taldane
Str +1, Dex +3, Con +0, Int –2, Wis +0, Cha +1

Rat Swarmpg. 23

Ostovitepg. 25

Scrabbling Ribcagepg. 25

Giant Ratpg. 26

Skull Fairypg. 27

Chattering Jawspg. 34

Bone Shard Toughspg. 35

Crawling Handpg. 35

Sahreg the Dirge Screamerpg. 35

The Leftoverspg. 37

Squirming swill

Phalanx Of Phalangespg. 39

Opkherabpg. 44

Granite Vulturepg. 46

Shambler Trooppg. 48

Packed for Storage The shambler troop occupies 12 squares, even at its maximum Hit Points in the highest threshold.

Deppikpg. 49

Female esobok

Necrophidiuspg. 50

Anqt-em-khebpg. 55

Female ghoul

Crooked Coffin Brewerpg. 55

Ruffianpg. 56

Tesaynapg. 56

Nonbinary ghoul
Items Crooked Coffin grate key

Pesgahi the Poisonerpg. 57

Dirge Piperpg. 58

Plague Zombiepg. 58

Zombie Shamblerpg. 58

Sewer Oozepg. 59

Zombie Brutepg. 60

Kepgeda the Hag-Nailedpg. 61

Severed Headpg. 61

Kepgeda the Hag-Nailed, Three-Fingered Hand Gang Leaderpg. 90


Command Corpse, Corpse Tender Dedication, Corpse Tender's Font, Imbue Mindlessness, Improved Command Corpse


Bursting Bone Vault, Kepgeda's Keening Cauldron, Ostovite Nest, Precarious Bone Pile, Sickle Blades, Slamming Gate, Summoning Rune, Tylegmut's Last Meal


Horrifying Blood Loss, Inside Ropes, Shadow Zombie, Swallow Light, Teeth to Terror, Umbral Mindtheft, Vicious Jealousy
Pathfinder #182: GraveclawSource Page


Drusillapg. 9

Marcopg. 9

Weak redcap

Rolnopg. 9

Weak redcap

Arboreal Snagpg. 11

Cairn Wightpg. 12

Cottage Caretakerpg. 12

Elite fetchling scout

Animated Fireplacepg. 14

Smirtlbinpg. 14

CN Male domovoi

Nebumipg. 16

Shadowpg. 16

Honoriapg. 18

Female elite fetchling scout

Iron Taviahpg. 18

Midnightpg. 18

Shadow drake

Assassin Vinepg. 25

Terra-Cotta Soldierpg. 25

Melee [one-action] claw +17 (agile, magical), Damage 2d8+6 slashing

Kapoacinthpg. 28

Giant Moray Eelpg. 29

Sallowdrudgepg. 30

Ghoul Crocodilepg. 32

Lacedonpg. 32

Items religious symbol of Dagon

Zombie Chuulpg. 33

Meat Guardianpg. 34

Wightpg. 35

Aquatic Oozepg. 36

Variant gray ooze
Speed 10 feet, climb 10 feet, swim 10 feet
Paralysis (incapacitation) A creature hit by the ooze's pseudopod is paralyzed unless it succeeds at a DC 19 Fortitude save. A victim can attempt a new save to recover at the end of each of its turns.

Brood Leech Swarmpg. 36

Mandragorapg. 36

Sahni Bride-Of-The-Seapg. 36

Blaanloolpg. 37

Male marsh giant
Items +1 striking gaff, religious symbol of Dagon, ring of cold resistance, sack of 5 rocks
Resistances cold 5

Mechanical Laborerpg. 41

Virulak Villagerpg. 41

Clockwork Riflerpg. 44

Ghostly Mobpg. 44

Elite Revenantpg. 45

Zombie Hulkpg. 45

The Shroudpg. 46

Male virulak necromancer

Forge-Spurnedpg. 49

Decrosiapg. 50

Female rust hag
Skills Decrosia has Poison Lore +16 in addition to her other skills.
Items arquebus (10 rounds), bag of holding type II (with 230 gp in assorted jewelry stolen from her past victims, two vials of giant scorpion venom, and a greater leaper's elixir), flintlock pistol (20 rounds)

Supervisor Hakapg. 50

Male elite forge-spurned

Nathnelmapg. 56

Female grave hag
Rituals create undead (mohrg, mummy, wraith), portrait of spite

Sulvikpg. 56

Teaching Assistantpg. 57

Geistpg. 59

Priest of Pharasmapg. 62

Wraithpg. 63

Mummy Valetpg. 65

Elite mummy guardian
Subtle Presence [one-action] (concentrate) The mummy valet activates or deactivates its despair aura.

Iron Taviah, Shadow-Weaving Annis Hagpg. 88

Sahni Bride-Of-The-Sea, Sea Hag Dealmakerpg. 90


Anguished Sarenite, Demilich Skull, Hall of Mirrors, Hungry Cottage, Keystone Trap, Wrathful Dinosaur


Blind Eye, Blood Duplicate, Caster's Imposition, Hag's Fruit, Ritual Obstruction, Web of Influence
Pathfinder #183: Field of MaidensSource Page


Yshulapg. 11

Shadowpg. 12

Hungering Growthspg. 13

Shadowforged Guardianpg. 14

Grellapg. 21

Female Vampire Count

Vampire Spawn Roguepg. 21

Arboreal Reaperpg. 26

Hollow Huskspg. 26

Vetalarana Emergentpg. 27

Stone Sisterpg. 32

Nwanyian Archerpg. 36

Aeolaeka (Stone Azata)pg. 37

Grace “The Rhino” Owanopg. 38

Nwanyian Defenderpg. 38

Fexivexpg. 42

Female young crystal dragon

Xornpg. 42

Zuntishan Guardpg. 42

Gulovalpg. 43

Lasheeli Amindapg. 44

Zuntishan Guardpg. 44

Ghast Outlawpg. 45

Yulthrukpg. 46

Animated Tea Cartpg. 51

Prachallapg. 51

Prince Dorielpg. 52

(as Prachalla)
Items greater ring of energy resistance (acid) bearing the Brozan family crest, soul focus gem worth 275 gp
Personality Fragments The Doriel doll is animated by Kerinza's idealized version of her childhood friend. He can telepathically communicate with the Kerinza doll as long as they're within 60 feet of each other.

Princess Kerinzapg. 53

(as Prachalla)
Items skeleton key that is also the key to area F10, soul focus gem worth 275 gp
Resistances acid 10
Personality Fragments The Kerinza doll is animated by a piece of Kerinza's soul, energized by the happiest time in her life. She can telepathically communicate with the Doriel doll as long as they're within 60 feet of each other. If the Doriel doll is defeated, her eyes turn black, and black veins run beneath her porcelain skin. She can cast crushing despair again if she's already cast it, and she can cast it as a single action.

Bulettepg. 54

Corpse Eater These bulettes prefer the taste of necrotic flesh and bone; their favorite prey is undead.

Shadowbound Monk Statuepg. 56

Fossil Golempg. 57

Hungry Ghostpg. 57

Melody On The Windpg. 57

Shadow Librarianpg. 57

Skeletal Knightpg. 58

Swordkeeperpg. 58

Items gloaming arc

Animate Dreampg. 59

Vampire Taviahpg. 59

Kerinzapg. 61

Restored Dollpg. 61

(as Prachalla doll)
For You, Mistress [reaction] (necromancy, occult) Trigger An attack would reduce Kerinza to 0 HP; Requirements The soulbound doll is within 60 feet of Kerinza; Effect The attack is redirected to the soulbound doll, and the doll is destroyed, regardless of the damage dealt to it.

Grace “The Rhino” Owano, Incendiary Field Commanderpg. 86

Kerinza, Legendary Medusa And “Lonely Maiden” Of Southern Gebpg. 88

Lasheeli Aminda, Serene Field Commanderpg. 90


Benefactor's End, Memory Hole, Perilous Flash Flood, Shadow Heart, The Fight, The Flight


Bralani Referendum, Celestial Accord, Elysian Whimsy, Mantle of Heaven's Slopes, Movanic Glimmer, Procyal Philosophy, Radiant Heart of Devotion, Soulshelter Vessel
Pathfinder #184: The Ghouls HungerSource Page


Fossil Golempg. 11

Gliminalpg. 15

Ghoul Antipaladinpg. 22

Ghoul Gnawerpg. 23

Nydazuulpg. 25

Ghoul Gnawerpg. 27

Ragrathaxpg. 28

Male urglid

Straughpg. 28

Vaockpg. 29

Male ghoul razorclaw

Yurgakpg. 30

Elite Nabasupg. 31

Rotbomberpg. 34

Elite Dread Wraithpg. 35

Solar Glass Golempg. 40

Etioling Blightmagepg. 42

Rumin Purgopg. 42

Gashadokuropg. 47

Vampire Guardianpg. 50

Meladaemonpg. 51

Cawadokpg. 53

Male sumbreiva

Plague Giantpg. 57

Skeleton Infantrypg. 57

Bloodshroudpg. 59

Harmony In Agonypg. 60

Soothed Admirerpg. 60

Seething spirit

Weeping Jackpg. 61

Motherpg. 62

Female silent stalker

Xopoxpg. 62

Elite roper

Ancient Skavelingpg. 63

Tormentedpg. 63

Ibbu the Unblinkingpg. 64


Terrorguardpg. 65

Hyrune Loxennapg. 66

Unrisenpg. 66

Hyrune Loxenna, Blood Lord Of Gebpg. 90


Bodysnatcher, Breath of Hungry Death, Competitive Eater, Flailtongue, Graveshift, Secret Eater, Tunneling Claws, Wrath of the First Ghoul


Crystalized Agony, Nightmare Portal, Night's Breath Trap, Pain Milker, The Putrid Rise, Unfinished Portalrender, Void Garden


Pathfinder #185: A Taste of AshesSource Page


Ghiasi The Unraveler, Smuggler Turned Divapg. 91

Pokmit Bloody-Pike, Unyielding Graveknight Of Yledpg. 92


Ash Form, Ashen Wind, Curse of the Spirit Orchestra, Incendiary Ashes, Infectious Comedy
Pathfinder #186: Ghost King's RageSource Page


Wemmuthpg. 7

Elite Divine Living Runepg. 10

Mithral Golempg. 10

Melee [one-action] fist +31 (agile, magical), Damage 3d12+12 bludgeoning
Melee [one-action] spike +31 (deadly 2d10, magical, reach 15 feet), Damage 3d10+12 piercing

Shabti Slayerpg. 12

Raphirapg. 15

Female shabti votary

Morrignapg. 18

Vanth Warriorpg. 18

Nosoipg. 20

Nophpg. 21

N agender nosoi psychopomp
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, Requian; tongues

Esenethpg. 22

Matron Uldrulapg. 26

Arbiter Alcrazaalpg. 27

N male yamaraj psychopomp

Rival Corpsekillerpg. 30

Rival Necromancerpg. 30

Demilichpg. 33

Elite Sorcerous Skull Swarmpg. 33

Nosferatu Overlordpg. 33

Ectoplasmic Amalgampg. 34

Graveknightpg. 36

Graveknight Warmasterpg. 36

Seldeg Bheldispg. 36

Elite Obrousianpg. 37

Basiri, Wellspring Keeperpg. 38

Bloated Mummypg. 38

Bellator Mortus Soldierpg. 39

Necromancer Trooppg. 40

Ecorchepg. 42

Vice-Chancellor Vikroti Stroh pg. 42

Grenvul Gore-Eyepg. 43

Rival necromancer

Nemhaithpg. 43

Kemnebi's Puppets pg. 44

Imdrigal, Arch-Pedagogue of Necromantic Esotericapg. 46

Runecarved Lich

Fluxwraithpg. 47

Berline Haldolipg. 48

Elite necromancer

Hollow Serpentpg. 48

Siabraepg. 48

Dead Fanepg. 51

Rubypg. 52

Firebrand Bastionpg. 53

Shadow Leydrothpg. 61

Shadow Leydroth

Shadow Wormpg. 61

Ghionopg. 62

Soul Slimepg. 63

Intellect Assemblagepg. 66

Kemnebipg. 66

Chancellor Kemnebi, Cunning Vampiric Mastermindpg. 88

Matron Uldrula, Desperate Repository Managerpg. 90


Avian Rage, Button Mash, Castigate the Faithless, Choking Tethers, Compression Tunnel, Crush the Uninvited, Cuastic Shower, Electrified Gate, Keystone Repulsion, Mental Assault, Phantom Soldiers, Psychic Wave, Revisit Past Pains, Shadow Hook, Shadow Lash, Shrieking Souls, Skewering Hall, Soul Stasis, Soul-Draining Spirit Collectors, Spiraling Comets, The Cleansing Hall, Time Rift, Unstable Fiendfire Cage, Urgathoa's Ire


Ancient Dust, Bound in Death, Confront Selves, Dirge of Remembrance, Excise Lexicon, Flense, Guided Introspection, Ravenous Darkness, Spiritual Torrent, Steal Voice, Suffocate, Torturous Trauma