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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
Crown of the Kobold KingSource Page


Kolmokmurkpg. 24

Unkillable Zombie Kobold
Size Small
Unkillable This zombie is nigh unkillable. The zombie loses its weakness to slashing and gains resistance against all damage equal to its level (minimum 3), and it gains weakness equal to twice its level (minimum 6) to critical hits. Increase the zombie's level by 1 if you give it this ability.

Wyvernpg. 24

Bloodseekerpg. 25

Foolish Hunterspg. 25

Giant Moorsnakepg. 25

Elite ball python

Wolfpg. 25

Ulizmila's Cauldronpg. 28

Grung Knifetonguepg. 29

Elite hobgoblin soldier

Tatzlwyrmpg. 29

Hunting Spiderpg. 32

Gurtlekeppg. 34

Darkmantlepg. 35

Skeleton Guardpg. 36

Vampire Bat Swarmpg. 36

Graypeltpg. 37

Male elite warg

Kobold Warriorpg. 43

Grickpg. 44

Gelatinous Cubepg. 45

Giant Ratpg. 45

Shocker Lizardpg. 45

Vargouillepg. 46

Animated Anvil Pounderpg. 48

Variant animated statue

Homunculuspg. 48

Gristogarpg. 49

Male shadow

Ygrikpg. 50

Edgrin Galesongpg. 51

Barlus Chortunpg. 52

LG male human hunter (variant acolyte of Nethys)

Head-Hurling Elite Skeletonpg. 52

Elite skeleton guard
Screaming Skull [two-actions] (auditory, emotion, fear, mental) The skeleton removes its skull and throws it, making a jaws attack with a range of 20 feet. It then attempts to Demoralize each foe within 10 feet of the target. The head bounces, rolls, or even flies back, returning to the skeleton at the start of its next turn. The skeleton is blind until then.

Ghoulpg. 53

Kerrdremakpg. 54

Kobold Scoutpg. 54

Forge-Spurnedpg. 55

Hell Houndpg. 55

Skirrshpg. 56

Elite choker

Slurkpg. 56

Lekmekpg. 57

Dark Talon Koboldpg. 59

Grugakurgpg. 59

Dark Talon kobold

Reglos the "Rock Devil"pg. 59

Male elite gargoyle

Colbrin Jabbspg. 60

N variant human merchant

Kapmekpg. 60

Jekkajakpg. 62

Vreggmapg. 63

Female kobold dragon mage

Festrogpg. 69

Shambler Trooppg. 69

Elite Skeleton Guardpg. 71

Revenantpg. 71

Ghastpg. 75

Squirming Swillpg. 75

Grimbalpg. 76

Ciliospg. 77

Variant male mummy guardian
Blinding Rot (curse, disease, divine, necromancy, negative) Cilios's fist Strikes expose those they damage to blinding rot. This disease and any damage from it can't be healed until this curse is removed. A creature killed by blinding rot turns to dust and can't be resurrected except by a 7th-level resurrect ritual or similar magic. Saving Throw DC 22 Fortitude; Stage 1 carrier with no ill effect (1 minute); Stage 2 4d6 negative damage and dazzled (1 day); Stage 3 4d6 negative damage and blinded (1 day)

The Myriad Eyespg. 79

Elite gibbering mouther

Bloody Skeletonspg. 81

Elite bloody skeleton guards
Bloody The skeleton is covered in dripping blood and gains fast healing equal to its level.

Hymmir Urathpg. 82

Tazimir, the Hanging Seerpg. 87


Tallow Guardianpg. 88

The Disciplespg. 89

Raksmitpg. 90

Elite mummy

Drazmorg the Damnedpg. 92

Yurkyurkpg. 99

Dark Talon kobold

Ashen Guardianpg. 100

Variant shadow
Melee [one-action] shadow hand +15 (finesse, magical), Damage 2d6+3 fire

Id Oozepg. 100

Thoqquapg. 101

Dretchpg. 102

Soul Smithpg. 102

Elite forge-spurned

Salamanderpg. 103

Items +1 maul
Melee [one-action] maul +18 (shove), Damage 2d12+7 bludgeoning

Dismemberment Tablepg. 104

Poltergeistpg. 104

Kieragan Skrosspg. 105

Narlynarkpg. 106

Klavniirpg. 107


Albino Giant Batpg. 108

King Merlokreppg. 109

"Vreggma"pg. 110

Giant Stag Beetle


Avalanche Doors, Charge of the Spear Legion, Explosive Crystal Spheres, Falling Debris, Hidden Pit, Lodestone Trap, Loose Slab, Obscured Pitfalls, Pendulum Blades, Phantom Mold, Pit of Toil, Shrieker, Spear Launcher, Spike Thrower, The Last Crucible, Toxic Furnace, Trapped Elevator, Unsafe Stairs