Source Secrets of Magic pg. 170 1.1
Spellhearts are permanent items that work similarly to talismans. You affix a spellheart using the Affix a Spellheart activity, which is otherwise identical to Affix a Talisman. The limit of one talisman per item remains—an item can have one spellheart or one talisman, not both. When casting a cantrip from a spellheart, you can use your own spell attack roll or spell DC if it's higher. Crafting a spellheart requires the spells the spellheart can cast. For example, a major five-feather wreath requires air walk, gale blast, and wall of wind.


Beastmaster's Sigil, Brightbloom Posy, Desolation Locket, Enigma Mirror, Five-Feather Wreath, Flaming Star, Ghostcaller's Planchette, Grim Sandglass, Jolt Coil, Judgement Thurible, Jyoti's Feather, Lightweave Scarf, Perfect Droplet, Phantasmal Doorknob, Pickled Demon Tongue, Polished Demon Horn, Radiant Prism, Resonating Fork, Rime Crystal, Sanguine Fang, Saurian Spike, Spiny Lodestone, Thorn Triad, Trinity Geode, Vigilant Eye, Warding Statuette, Wyrm Claw