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PFS LimitedPurify Soul PathRitual 2

Uncommon Abjuration 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 234 1.1
Cast 1 day; Cost rare incense and offering worth a total value of 10 gp × your level
Primary Check Religion (trained)
You delve inward, spending extensive time contemplating the purity of your own soul and the actions of your past. If you aren't truly penitent, the outcome is always a critical failure.

Critical Success You reconcile your misdeeds with your soul path, removing your soulforged corruption. The corruption flaw from your armament no longer affects you. Before your reconciliation is complete, you must perform a special quest or other task in accord with your soul path. If completed during downtime, this task should take no less than 1 week. For 1 month, you receive divine insight just before performing an act that would be anathema to your soul path.
Success As critical success, but you gain no special insight regarding its subsequent actions.
Failure You don't reconcile and must continue to meditate and redress your misdeeds. Any future purify soul path rituals for the same misdeeds cost half as much and gain a +4 circumstance bonus to the primary check.
Heightened (+1) Increase the maximum target level by 2 and the base cost by 10 gp