Source Core Rulebook pg. 628
Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the abjuration school of magic, typically involving protection or wards.


Antimagic, Antimagic Oil, Armor Potency, Arrow-Catching Shield, Barkskin Potion, Bracers of Armor, Bracers of Missile Deflection, Brooch of Shielding, Channel Protection Amulet, Daredevil Boots, Dispelling Sliver, Dragonslayer's Shield, Energy-Resistant, Flame Navette, Forge Warden, Fortification, Headband of Inspired Wisdom, Heartstone, Impenetrable Scale, Indestructible Shield, Iron Medallion, Jade Cat, Magic Armor, Mending Lattice, Oil of Repulsion, Plate Armor of the Deep, Potion of Resistance, Reflecting Shield, Resilient, Ring of Counterspells, Ring of Energy Resistance, Ring of Spell Turning, Robe of the Archmagi, Rod of Negation, Savior Spike, Shark Tooth Charm, Spellguard Shield, Spell-Storing, Staff of Abjuration, Sturdy Shield, Swift Block Cabochon


Counterspell (Prepared), Counterspell (Spontaneous)


Alarm, Angelic Halo, Antimagic Field, Arcane Countermeasure, Banishment, Barkskin, Champion's Sacrifice, Chromatic Wall, Circle of Protection, Contingency, Death Ward, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock, Disjunction, Dispel Magic, Divine Aura, Endure Elements, Enduring Might, Energy Absorption, Energy Aegis, Feather Fall, Flame Barrier, Forbidding Ward, Forced Quiet, Freedom of Movement, Globe of Invulnerability, Glyph of Warding, Lock, Mage Armor, Mind Blank, Negate Aroma, Nondetection, Pass Without Trace, Perfected Form, Perfected Mind, Prismatic Sphere, Prismatic Wall, Private Sanctum, Protection, Protective Ward, Protector's Sacrifice, Protector's Sphere, Repulsion, Resilient Sphere, Resist Energy, Retributive Pain, Safeguard Secret, Sanctified Ground, Sanctuary, Shield, Spell Immunity, Spell Turning, Spellwrack, Spiritual Guardian, Stoneskin, Sudden Shift, Undetectable Alignment, Unfettered Pack, Unity