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PFS StandardSpiritual AttunementSpell 4

Uncommon Abjuration 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 130 1.1
Traditions divine, occult
Cast material, somatic
Duration 1 minute
You attune yourself to a spiritual plane of the Outer Sphere (see sidebar), connecting your spirit without fully transporting to it. Your Strikes and spells gain the alignment traits of the plane you chose, which deals additional damage to creatures with a weakness to either of those alignment traits. Furthermore, the plane protects you from energy of the alignments that oppose the plane. You gain resistance 5 to damage of the alignments that oppose those of your chosen plane. For example, if you chose Heaven, your Strikes would gain the good and lawful traits, and you would gain resistance to chaotic and evil. If you choose the Boneyard, the resistance is to negative and positive damage instead.

    Heightened (+2) The resistance increases by 5.

    The Outer Sphere

    The nine main planes of the Outer Sphere are the homes of many deities, celestials, monitors, and fiends. Their names, along with their alignments, are: Heaven (LG), Nirvana (NG), Elysium (CG), Axis (LN), the Boneyard (N), the Maelstrom (CN), Hell (LE), Abaddon (NE), and the Abyss (CE).