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PFS LimitedDawnflower's LightSpell 4

This Spell may contain spoilers from the Kingmaker Adventure Path

Rare Divination Good Light 
Source Kingmaker Companion Guide pg. 71
Traditions divine, occult
Cast verbal, somatic
Range touch; Targets 1 unattended, non-magical object of 1 Bulk or less
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
The object glows with soft golden light that lays bare the truth, reveals hidden objects, and shines supernatural light on false orders. The object casts bright light in a 60-foot radius (and dim light for the next 60 feet). Within the area of bright light, Perception checks to locate hidden objects (including secret doors but not traps), Will saves to resist visual illusions, and Will saves to resist effects placed by evil creatures that inflict the controlled condition all gain a +2 status bonus. This light suppresses magical darkness of your Dawnflower's light spell's level or lower.

Finally, the supernatural light created by this spell is similar to sunlight, and while it can't damage creatures normally harmed by sunlight, it does make them uncomfortable so that they suffer a –2 status penalty to saves versus fear effects while in the area of bright light.

    Heightened (7th) The status bonus increases to +3.
    Heightened (9th) The status bonus increases to +4.