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PFS StandardMiracleSpell 10

Source Core Rulebook pg. 352 4.0
Traditions divine
Cast material, somatic, verbal
You request aid directly from your divine source. Your divine source always refuses a request out of line with its nature, and it might grant a different request (potentially more powerful or better fitting its nature) than the one you asked for. A casting of miracle can do any of the following things.
  • Duplicate any spell from the divine list of 9th level or lower to which you have access.
  • Duplicate any spell from another spell list of 7th level or lower. It must be common or you must have access.
  • Produce any effect whose power level is in line with the above effects.
  • Reverse certain effects that refer to the wish spell.
The GM might allow you to try using miracle to produce greater effects than these, but doing so may be dangerous, or the spell may have only a partial effect.