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PFS StandardVolcanic EruptionSpell 7

Evocation Fire 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 382 4.0
Traditions primal
Spell List elemental
Deity Yamatsumi
Cast somatic, verbal
Range 120 feet; Area 5-foot radius, 80-foot tall cylinder
Saving Throw Reflex
The ground opens up, spraying a column of lava high into the air in a vertical cylinder, dealing 14d6 fire damage to creatures in the area. The lava rapidly cools and encases creatures in the area. A creature encased in rock is clumsy 1 and takes a –10-foot status penalty to its Speeds. All normal terrain is difficult terrain to a flying creature, and such creatures immediately descend 20 feet the moment they're encased, but they don't take damage from this fall. A creature encased in rock can attempt to Escape against your spell DC to end the effect. Otherwise, the creature remains encased until it takes a total of 50 damage, freeing it from the rock.

Additionally, creatures in the area and those within 5 feet of the lava column automatically take 3d6 fire damage from the intense heat, regardless of the results of their saving throws.

Critical Success The creature is unaffected.
Success The creature takes half damage.
Failure The creature takes full damage and is encased.
Critical Failure The creature takes double damage and is encased.

    Heightened (+1) The damage in the area increases by 2d6, and the damage from the intense heat increases by 1d6.