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Core Rulebook

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Latest Errata 4.0 - 1/3/2023
Release Date 8/1/2019
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These entries have been updated with errata released on 1/3/2023

Ancestries [8]

Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human

Ancestry Heritages [29]

Ancient-Blooded Dwarf, Arctic Elf, Cavern Elf, Chameleon Gnome, Charhide Goblin, Death Warden Dwarf, Fey-Touched Gnome, Forge Dwarf, Gutsy Halfling, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Hillock Halfling, Irongut Goblin, Nomadic Halfling, Razortooth Goblin, Rock Dwarf, Seer Elf, Sensate Gnome, Skilled Heritage, Snow Goblin, Strong-Blooded Dwarf, Twilight Halfling, Umbral Gnome, Unbreakable Goblin, Versatile Heritage, Wellspring Gnome, Whisper Elf, Wildwood Halfling, Woodland Elf

Animal Companions [8]

Badger, Bear, Bird, Cat, Dromaeosaur, Horse, Snake, Wolf

Animal Companions - Advanced Options [2]

Nimble, Savage

Animal Companions - Specialized Options [6]

Ambusher, Bully, Daredevil, Racer, Tracker, Wrecker

Animals (Rentals/Sales) [7]

Guard Dog, Pack Animal, Riding Dog, Riding Horse, Riding Pony, Warhorse, Warpony

Arcane Schools [9]

Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation, Universalist

Arcane Thesis [4]

Improved Familiar Attunement, Metamagical Experimentation, Spell Blending, Spell Substitution

Archetypes [12]

Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Champion, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard

Armor [13]

Breastplate, Chain Mail, Chain Shirt, Explorer's Clothing, Full Plate, Half Plate, Hide Armor, Leather Armor, Padded Armor, Scale Mail, Splint Mail, Studded Leather Armor, Unarmored

Backgrounds [35]

Acolyte, Acrobat, Animal Whisperer, Artisan, Artist, Barkeep, Barrister, Bounty Hunter, Charlatan, Criminal, Detective, Emissary, Entertainer, Farmhand, Field Medic, Fortune Teller, Gambler, Gladiator, Guard, Herbalist, Hermit, Hunter, Laborer, Martial Disciple, Merchant, Miner, Noble, Nomad, Prisoner, Sailor, Scholar, Scout, Street Urchin, Tinker, Warrior

Bloodlines [10]

Aberrant, Angelic, Demonic, Diabolic, Draconic, Elemental, Fey, Hag, Imperial, Undead

Champion Causes [3]

Liberator, Paladin, Redeemer

Champion Tenets [1]


Classes [12]

Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Champion, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard

Class Kits [12]

Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Champion, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard

Class Sample Builds [26]

Animal Rager (Barbarian), Animal Ranger (Ranger), Archer (Fighter), Archer (Ranger), Bomber (Alchemist), Bully (Fighter), Chirurgeon (Alchemist), Conjurer (Wizard), Crane Monk (Monk), Dancer (Bard), Demonblood (Sorcerer), Duelist (Fighter), Fey-Touched (Sorcerer), Fury (Barbarian), Gozren (Cleric), Illusionist (Wizard), Ki Monk (Monk), Leaf Druid (Druid), Liberator (Champion), Mutagenist (Alchemist), Pharasmin (Cleric), Redeemer (Champion), Scoundrel (Rogue), Storm Druid (Druid), Thief (Rogue), Wild Druid (Druid)

Conditions [42]

Blinded, Broken, Clumsy, Concealed, Confused, Controlled, Dazzled, Deafened, Doomed, Drained, Dying, Encumbered, Enfeebled, Fascinated, Fatigued, Flat-Footed, Fleeing, Friendly, Frightened, Grabbed, Helpful, Hidden, Hostile, Immobilized, Indifferent, Invisible, Observed, Paralyzed, Persistent Damage, Petrified, Prone, Quickened, Restrained, Sickened, Slowed, Stunned, Stupefied, Unconscious, Undetected, Unfriendly, Unnoticed, Wounded

Deities [23]

Abadar, Asmodeus, Atheism, Atheism, Calistria, Cayden Cailean, Desna, Erastil, Gorum, Gozreh, Iomedae, Irori, Lamashtu, Nethys, Norgorber, Pharasma, Rovagug, Sarenrae, Shelyn, Torag, Urgathoa, Whispering Way, Zon-Kuthon

Doctrines [2]

Cloistered Cleric, Warpriest

Domains [37]

Air, Ambition, Cities, Confidence, Creation, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Dreams, Earth, Family, Fate, Fire, Freedom, Healing, Indulgence, Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Might, Moon, Nature, Nightmares, Pain, Passion, Perfection, Protection, Secrecy, Sun, Travel, Trickery, Truth, Tyranny, Undeath, Water, Wealth, Zeal

Druidic Orders [4]

Animal, Leaf, Storm, Wild

Equipment [972]

10th-Level Scroll, 1st-Level Scroll, 2nd-Level Scroll, 3rd-Level Scroll, 4th-Level Scroll, 5th-Level Scroll, 6th-Level Scroll, 7th-Level Scroll, 8th-Level Scroll, 9th-Level Scroll, Acid Flask, Acid Flask (Greater), Acid Flask (Lesser), Acid Flask (Major), Acid Flask (Moderate), Adamantine, Adamantine Armor, Adamantine Armor (High-Grade), Adamantine Armor (Standard-Grade), Adamantine Buckler (High-Grade), Adamantine Buckler (Standard-Grade), Adamantine Chunk, Adamantine Ingot, Adamantine Object (High-Grade), Adamantine Object (Standard-Grade), Adamantine Shield, Adamantine Shield (High-Grade), Adamantine Shield (Standard-Grade), Adamantine Weapon, Adamantine Weapon (High-Grade), Adamantine Weapon (Standard-Grade), Adventurer's Pack, Aeon Stone, Aeon Stone (Clear Spindle), Aeon Stone (Dull Gray), Aeon Stone (Gold Nodule), Aeon Stone (Lavender and Green Ellipsoid), Aeon Stone (Orange Prism), Aeon Stone (Pale Lavender Ellipsoid), Aeon Stone (Pink Rhomboid), Aeon Stone (Tourmaline Sphere), Alarm Snare, Alchemist Goggles, Alchemist Goggles (Greater), Alchemist Goggles (Major), Alchemist's Fire, Alchemist's Fire (Greater), Alchemist's Fire (Lesser), Alchemist's Fire (Major), Alchemist's Fire (Moderate), Alchemist's Lab, Alchemist's Lab (Expanded), Alchemist's Tools, Aligned Oil, Anarchic, Animal Staff, Animal Staff (Greater), Animal Staff (Major), Anklets of Alacrity, Antidote, Antidote (Greater), Antidote (Lesser), Antidote (Major), Antidote (Moderate), Antimagic, Antimagic Oil, Antiplague, Antiplague (Greater), Antiplague (Lesser), Antiplague (Major), Antiplague (Moderate), Armbands of Athleticism, Armbands of Athleticism (Greater), Armor Potency, Armor Potency (+1), Armor Potency (+2), Armor Potency (+3), Arrow-Catching Shield, Arsenic, Artisan's Tools, Artisan's Tools (Sterling), Axiomatic, Backpack, Bag of Holding, Bag of Holding (Type I), Bag of Holding (Type II), Bag of Holding (Type III), Bag of Holding (Type IV), Barding, Barding (Heavy; Large), Barding (Heavy; Small or Medium), Barding (Light; Large), Barding (Light; Small or Medium), Barding of the Zephyr, Barkskin Potion, Basic Crafter's Book, Beacon Shot, Bedroll, Belladonna, Belt of Giant Strength, Belt of Regeneration, Belt of the Five Kings, Berserker's Cloak, Berserker's Cloak (Greater), Bestial Mutagen, Bestial Mutagen (Greater), Bestial Mutagen (Lesser), Bestial Mutagen (Major), Bestial Mutagen (Moderate), Beverages, Beverages (Bottle of Fine Wine), Beverages (Bottle of Wine), Beverages (Keg of Ale), Beverages (Mug of Ale), Beverages (Pot of Coffee or Tea), Biting Snare, Black Adder Venom, Black Lotus Extract, Bleeding Spines Snare, Blightburn Resin, Bloodletting Kukri, Bloodseeker Beak, Bomb Snare, Bomber's Eye Elixir, Bomber's Eye Elixir (Greater), Bomber's Eye Elixir (Lesser), Boots of Bounding, Boots of Bounding (Greater), Boots of Elvenkind, Boots of Elvenkind (Greater), Boots of Speed, Bottled Air, Bottled Lightning, Bottled Lightning (Greater), Bottled Lightning (Lesser), Bottled Lightning (Major), Bottled Lightning (Moderate), Bracelet of Dashing, Bracers of Armor, Bracers of Armor I, Bracers of Armor II, Bracers of Armor III, Bracers of Missile Deflection, Bracers of Missile Deflection (Greater), Bravo's Brew, Bravo's Brew (Greater), Bravo's Brew (Lesser), Bravo's Brew (Moderate), Breastplate of Command, Breastplate of Command (Greater), Brimstone Fumes, Bronze Bull Pendant, Brooch of Shielding, Broom of Flying, Caltrop Snare, Caltrops, Candle, Candle of Truth, Cape of the Mountebank, Cassock of Devotion, Caterwaul Sling, Cat's Eye Elixir, Celestial Armor, Chain, Chalk, Channel Protection Amulet, Cheetah's Elixir, Cheetah's Elixir (Greater), Cheetah's Elixir (Lesser), Cheetah's Elixir (Moderate), Chest, Chime of Opening, Choker of Elocution, Choker of Elocution (Greater), Circlet of Persuasion, Clandestine Cloak, Clandestine Cloak (Greater), Climbing Bolt, Climbing Kit, Climbing Kit (Extreme), Cloak of Elvenkind, Cloak of Elvenkind (Greater), Cloak of the Bat, Cloak of the Bat (Greater), Clothing, Clothing (Explorer's), Clothing (Fine), Clothing (High-Fashion Fine), Clothing (Ordinary), Clothing (Winter), Cognitive Mutagen, Cognitive Mutagen (Greater), Cognitive Mutagen (Lesser), Cognitive Mutagen (Major), Cognitive Mutagen (Moderate), Cold Iron, Cold Iron Armor, Cold Iron Armor (High-Grade), Cold Iron Armor (Low-Grade), Cold Iron Armor (Standard-Grade), Cold Iron Buckler (High-Grade), Cold Iron Buckler (Low-Grade), Cold Iron Buckler (Standard-Grade), Cold Iron Chunk, Cold Iron Ingot, Cold Iron Object (High-Grade), Cold Iron Object (Low-Grade), Cold Iron Object (Standard-Grade), Cold Iron Shield, Cold Iron Shield (High-Grade), Cold Iron Shield (Low-Grade), Cold Iron Shield (Standard-Grade), Cold Iron Weapon, Cold Iron Weapon (High-Grade), Cold Iron Weapon (Low-Grade), Cold Iron Weapon (Standard-Grade), Collar of Empathy, Collar of Inconspicuousness, Compass, Compass (Lensatic), Comprehension Elixir, Comprehension Elixir (Greater), Comprehension Elixir (Lesser), Cookware, Corrosive, Corrosive (Greater), Coyote Cloak, Coyote Cloak (Greater), Crafter's Eyepiece, Crafter's Eyepiece (Greater), Crowbar, Crowbar (Levered), Crying Angel Pendant, Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball (Clear Quartz), Crystal Ball (Moonstone), Crystal Ball (Obsidian), Crystal Ball (Peridot), Crystal Ball (Selenite), Cytillesh Oil, Dagger of Venom, Dancing, Dancing Scarf, Dancing Scarf (Greater), Daredevil Boots, Daredevil Boots (Greater), Darkvision Elixir, Darkvision Elixir (Greater), Darkvision Elixir (Lesser), Darkvision Elixir (Moderate), Darkwood, Darkwood Armor, Darkwood Armor (High-Grade), Darkwood Armor (Standard-Grade), Darkwood Branch, Darkwood Buckler (High-Grade), Darkwood Buckler (Standard-Grade), Darkwood Lumber, Darkwood Object (High-Grade), Darkwood Object (Standard-Grade), Darkwood Shield, Darkwood Shield (High-Grade), Darkwood Shield (Standard-Grade), Darkwood Tower Shield (High-Grade), Darkwood Tower Shield (Standard-Grade), Darkwood Weapon, Darkwood Weapon (High-Grade), Darkwood Weapon (Standard-Grade), Dazing Coil, Deathcap Powder, Decanter of Endless Water, Demon Armor, Demon Mask, Demon Mask (Greater), Diadem of Intellect, Diplomat's Badge, Disguise Kit, Disguise Kit (Elite Cosmetics), Disguise Kit (Elite), Disguise Kit (Replacement Cosmetics), Disintegration Bolt, Dispelling Sliver, Disrupting, Disrupting (Greater), Doubling Rings, Doubling Rings (Greater), Dragon Bile, Dragon Turtle Scale, Dragonhide, Dragonhide Armor, Dragonhide Armor (High-Grade), Dragonhide Armor (Standard-Grade), Dragonhide Buckler (High-Grade), Dragonhide Buckler (Standard-Grade), Dragonhide Object (High-Grade), Dragonhide Object (Standard-Grade), Dragonhide Shield, Dragonhide Shield (High-Grade), Dragonhide Shield (Standard-Grade), Dragonplate, Dragon's Breath Potion, Dragon's Breath Potion (Adult), Dragon's Breath Potion (Wyrm), Dragon's Breath Potion (Young), Dragonslayer's Shield, Dread Blindfold, Druid's Vestments, Dust of Appearance, Dust of Disappearance, Dwarven Thrower, Eagle-Eye Elixir, Eagle-Eye Elixir (Greater), Eagle-Eye Elixir (Lesser), Eagle-Eye Elixir (Major), Eagle-Eye Elixir (Moderate), Effervescent Ampoule, Electric Eelskin, Elemental Gem, Elixir of Life, Elixir of Life (Greater), Elixir of Life (Lesser), Elixir of Life (Major), Elixir of Life (Minor), Elixir of Life (Moderate), Elixir of Life (True), Elixir of Rejuvenation, Elven Chain, Elven Chain (High-Grade), Elven Chain (Standard-Grade), Emerald Grasshopper, Energy-Resistant, Energy-Resistant (Greater), Ethereal, Everburning Torch, Explorer's Yurt, Explosive Ammunition, Explosive Ammunition (Greater), Eye of Apprehension, Eye of Fortune, Eyes of the Eagle, Fade Band, Fear Gem, Feather Step Stone, Feather Token, Feather Token (Anchor), Feather Token (Bird), Feather Token (Chest), Feather Token (Fan), Feather Token (Holly Bush), Feather Token (Ladder), Feather Token (Swan Boat), Feather Token (Tree), Feather Token (Whip), Fighter's Fork, Fishing Tackle, Fishing Tackle (Professional), Flame Navette, Flame Tongue, Flame Tongue (Greater), Flaming, Flaming (Greater), Flint and Steel, Floating Shield, Floating Shield (Greater), Flying Blade Wheel Snare, Force Shield, Forge Warden, Formula Book (Blank), Fortification, Fortification (Greater), Frost, Frost (Greater), Frost Brand, Frost Vial, Frost Vial (Greater), Frost Vial (Lesser), Frost Vial (Major), Frost Vial (Moderate), Gallows Tooth, Ghost Ammunition, Ghost Dust, Ghost Touch, Ghoul Hide, Giant Centipede Venom, Giant Scorpion Venom, Giant Wasp Venom, Glamered, Gloom Blade, Gloves of Storing, Goggles of Night, Goggles of Night (Greater), Goggles of Night (Major), Gorget of the Primal Roar, Grappling Hook, Grasping Snare, Graveroot, Grievous, Grim Trophy, Hail of Arrows Snare, Hammer, Hampering Snare, Hand of the Mage, Handwraps of Mighty Blows, Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+1 Striking), Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+1), Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+2 Greater Striking), Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+2 Striking), Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+3 Greater Striking), Handwraps of Mighty Blows (+3 Major Striking), Hat of Disguise, Hat of Disguise (Greater), Hat of the Magi, Hat of the Magi (Greater), Headband of Inspired Wisdom, Healer's Gloves, Healer's Gloves (Greater), Healer's Tools, Healer's Tools (Expanded), Healing Potion, Healing Potion (Greater), Healing Potion (Lesser), Healing Potion (Major), Healing Potion (Minor), Healing Potion (Moderate), Hemlock, Hireling, Hireling (Skilled), Hireling (Unskilled), Hobbling Snare, Holly and Mistletoe, Holy, Holy Avenger, Holy Prayer Beads, Holy Prayer Beads (Greater), Holy Water, Horn of Blasting, Horn of Fog, Horseshoes of Speed, Horseshoes of Speed (Greater), Hourglass, Hunter's Bane, Hunting Spider Venom, Immovable Rod, Impenetrable Scale, Indestructible Shield, Inexplicable Apparatus, Infiltrator's Elixir, Instant Evisceration Snare, Instant Fortress, Invisibility, Invisibility (Greater), Invisibility Potion, Iron Cube, Iron Cudgel, Iron Equalizer, Iron Medallion, Jade Bauble, Jade Cat, Javelin of Lightning, Juggernaut Mutagen, Juggernaut Mutagen (Greater), Juggernaut Mutagen (Lesser), Juggernaut Mutagen (Major), Juggernaut Mutagen (Moderate), Keen, King's Sleep, Knapsack of Halflingkind, Knapsack of Halflingkind (Greater), Ladder (10 ft.), Lantern, Lantern (Bull's-Eye), Lantern (Hooded), Leaper's Elixir, Leaper's Elixir (Greater), Leaper's Elixir (Lesser), Lethargy Poison, Lich Dust, Lifting Belt, Lion's Shield, Lock, Lock (Average), Lock (Good), Lock (Poor), Lock (Simple), Lock (Superior), Lodging, Lodging (Bed, for 1), Lodging (Extravagant Suite, for 6), Lodging (Floor Space), Lodging (Private Room, for 2), Luck Blade, Luck Blade (Wishing), Maestro's Instrument, Maestro's Instrument (Greater), Maestro's Instrument (Lesser), Maestro's Instrument (Moderate), Magic Armor, Magic Armor (+1 Resilient), Magic Armor (+1), Magic Armor (+2 Greater Resilient), Magic Armor (+2 Resilient), Magic Armor (+3 Greater Resilient), Magic Armor (+3 Major Resilient), Magic Wand, Magic Wand (1st-Level Spell), Magic Wand (2nd-Level Spell), Magic Wand (3rd-Level Spell), Magic Wand (4th-Level Spell), Magic Wand (5th-Level Spell), Magic Wand (6th-Level Spell), Magic Wand (7th-Level Spell), Magic Wand (8th-Level Spell), Magic Wand (9th-Level Spell), Magic Weapon, Magic Weapon (+1 Striking), Magic Weapon (+1), Magic Weapon (+2 Greater Striking), Magic Weapon (+2 Striking), Magic Weapon (+3 Greater Striking), Magic Weapon (+3 Major Striking), Magnifying Glass, Mail of Luck, Malyass Root Paste, Manacles, Manacles (Average), Manacles (Good), Manacles (Poor), Manacles (Simple), Manacles (Superior), Marking Snare, Marvelous Medicines, Marvelous Medicines (Greater), Material Component Pouch, Mattock of the Titans, Meal (Fine Dining), Meal (Poor), Meal (Square), Meals, Mending Lattice, Mentalist's Staff, Mentalist's Staff (Greater), Mentalist's Staff (Major), Merchant's Scale, Mesmerizing Opal, Messenger's Ring, Messenger's Ring (Greater), Mindfog Mist, Mirror, Mistform Elixir, Mistform Elixir (Greater), Mistform Elixir (Lesser), Mistform Elixir (Moderate), Mithral, Mithral Armor, Mithral Armor (High-Grade), Mithral Armor (Standard-Grade), Mithral Buckler (High-Grade), Mithral Buckler (Standard-Grade), Mithral Chunk, Mithral Ingot, Mithral Object (High-Grade), Mithral Object (Standard-Grade), Mithral Shield, Mithral Shield (High-Grade), Mithral Shield (Standard-Grade), Mithral Weapon, Mithral Weapon (High-Grade), Mithral Weapon (Standard-Grade), Monkey Pin, Moonlit Chain, Mug, Mummified Bat, Murderer's Knot, Musical Instrument, Musical Instrument (Handheld), Musical Instrument (Heavy), Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Handheld), Musical Instrument (Virtuoso Heavy), Necklace of Fireballs, Necklace of Fireballs I, Necklace of Fireballs II, Necklace of Fireballs III, Necklace of Fireballs IV, Necklace of Fireballs V, Necklace of Fireballs VI, Necklace of Fireballs VII, Nectar of Purification, Nettleweed Residue, Nightmare Vapor, Oathbow, Obfuscation Oil, Oil, Oil of Animation, Oil of Keen Edges, Oil of Mending, Oil of Potency, Oil of Repulsion, Oil of Weightlessness, Oil of Weightlessness (Greater), Omnidirectional Spear Snare, Onyx Panther, Orichalcum, Orichalcum Armor, Orichalcum Armor (High-Grade), Orichalcum Buckler (High-Grade), Orichalcum Chunk, Orichalcum Ingot, Orichalcum Object (High-Grade), Orichalcum Shield, Orichalcum Shield (High-Grade), Orichalcum Weapon, Orichalcum Weapon (High-Grade), Owlbear Claw, Panacea, Pendant of the Occult, Pendant of the Occult (Greater), Penetrating Ammunition, Persona Mask, Persona Mask (Greater), Philosopher's Stone, Phylactery of Faithfulness, Phylactery of Faithfulness (Greater), Piton, Plate Armor of the Deep, Pocket Stage, Possibility Tome, Potency Crystal, Potion of Flying, Potion of Flying (Greater), Potion of Leaping, Potion of Quickness, Potion of Resistance, Potion of Resistance (Greater), Potion of Resistance (Lesser), Potion of Resistance (Moderate), Potion of Swimming, Potion of Swimming (Greater), Potion of Tongues, Potion of Undetectability, Potion of Water Breathing, Primeval Mistletoe, Primeval Mistletoe (Greater), Purple Worm Venom, Quicksilver Mutagen, Quicksilver Mutagen (Greater), Quicksilver Mutagen (Lesser), Quicksilver Mutagen (Major), Quicksilver Mutagen (Moderate), Rations, Reflecting Shield, Religious Symbol, Religious Symbol (Silver), Religious Symbol (Wooden), Religious Text, Repair Kit, Repair Kit (Superb), Resilient, Resilient (Greater), Resilient (Major), Retribution Axe, Returning, Rhino Hide, Ring of Climbing, Ring of Counterspells, Ring of Energy Resistance, Ring of Energy Resistance (Greater), Ring of Energy Resistance (Major), Ring of Lies, Ring of Maniacal Devices, Ring of Maniacal Devices (Greater), Ring of Spell Turning, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Swimming, Ring of the Ram, Ring of the Ram (Greater), Ring of Wizardry, Ring of Wizardry (Type I), Ring of Wizardry (Type II), Ring of Wizardry (Type III), Ring of Wizardry (Type IV), Robe of Eyes, Robe of the Archmagi, Robe of the Archmagi (Greater), Rod of Negation, Rod of Wonder, Rope, Runestone, Sack, Saddlebags, Salamander Elixir, Salamander Elixir (Greater), Salamander Elixir (Lesser), Salamander Elixir (Moderate), Salve of Antiparalysis, Salve of Antiparalysis (Greater), Salve of Slipperiness, Savior Spike, Scholarly Journal, Scholarly Journal (Compendium), Scroll, Scything Blade Snare, Sea Touch Elixir, Sea Touch Elixir (Greater), Sea Touch Elixir (Lesser), Sea Touch Elixir (Moderate), Serene Mutagen, Serene Mutagen (Greater), Serene Mutagen (Lesser), Serene Mutagen (Major), Serene Mutagen (Moderate), Serum of Sex Shift, Shadow, Shadow (Greater), Shadow (Major), Shadow Essence, Shark Tooth Charm, Shifting, Shining Ammunition, Shock, Shock (Greater), Shrinking Potion, Shrinking Potion (Greater), Signal Whistle, Signaling Snare, Silver, Silver Armor, Silver Armor (High-Grade), Silver Armor (Low-Grade), Silver Armor (Standard-Grade), Silver Buckler (High-Grade), Silver Buckler (Low-Grade), Silver Buckler (Standard-Grade), Silver Chunk, Silver Ingot, Silver Object (High-Grade), Silver Object (Low-Grade), Silver Object (Standard-Grade), Silver Shield, Silver Shield (High-Grade), Silver Shield (Low-Grade), Silver Shield (Standard-Grade), Silver Weapon, Silver Weapon (High-Grade), Silver Weapon (Low-Grade), Silver Weapon (Standard-Grade), Silversheen, Silvertongue Mutagen, Silvertongue Mutagen (Greater), Silvertongue Mutagen (Lesser), Silvertongue Mutagen (Major), Silvertongue Mutagen (Moderate), Skeleton Key, Skeleton Key (Greater), Sky Hammer, Sleep Arrow, Slick, Slick (Greater), Slick (Major), Slippers of Spider Climbing, Slumber Wine, Smokestick, Smokestick (Greater), Smokestick (Lesser), Snake Oil, Snare Kit, Snare Kit (Specialist), Sneaky Key, Soap, Speed, Spellbook (Blank), Spellcasting, Spellcasting (1st level), Spellcasting (2nd level), Spellcasting (3rd level), Spellcasting (4th level), Spellcasting (5th level), Spellcasting (6th level), Spellcasting (7th level), Spellcasting (8th level), Spellcasting (9th level), Spellguard Shield, Spell-Storing, Spellstrike Ammunition, Spellstrike Ammunition (Type I), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type II), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type III), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type IV), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type IX), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type V), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type VI), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type VII), Spellstrike Ammunition (Type VIII), Spider Root, Spike Snare, Spined Shield, Spyglass, Spyglass (Fine), Stabling, Staff of Abjuration, Staff of Abjuration (Greater), Staff of Abjuration (Major), Staff of Conjuration, Staff of Conjuration (Greater), Staff of Conjuration (Major), Staff of Divination, Staff of Divination (Greater), Staff of Divination (Major), Staff of Enchantment, Staff of Enchantment (Greater), Staff of Enchantment (Major), Staff of Evocation, Staff of Evocation (Greater), Staff of Evocation (Major), Staff of Fire, Staff of Fire (Greater), Staff of Fire (Major), Staff of Healing, Staff of Healing (Greater), Staff of Healing (Major), Staff of Healing (True), Staff of Illumination, Staff of Illusion, Staff of Illusion (Greater), Staff of Illusion (Major), Staff of Necromancy, Staff of Necromancy (Greater), Staff of Necromancy (Major), Staff of Power, Staff of the Magi, Staff of Transmutation, Staff of Transmutation (Greater), Staff of Transmutation (Major), Stalker Bane Snare, Stone Bullet, Stone Fist Elixir, Storm Arrow, Storm Flash, Storm Flash (Greater), Striking, Striking (Greater), Striking (Major), Striking Snare, Stunning Snare, Sturdy Shield, Sturdy Shield (Greater), Sturdy Shield (Lesser), Sturdy Shield (Major), Sturdy Shield (Minor), Sturdy Shield (Moderate), Sturdy Shield (Supreme), Sunrod, Survey Map, Survey Map (Atlas), Swift Block Cabochon, Tack, Tanglefoot Bag, Tanglefoot Bag (Greater), Tanglefoot Bag (Lesser), Tanglefoot Bag (Major), Tanglefoot Bag (Moderate), Tears of Death, Ten-Foot Pole, Tent, Tent (Four-Person), Tent (Pavilion), Tent (Pup), Thieves' Tools, Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator Picks), Thieves' Tools (Infiltrator), Thieves' Tools (Replacement Picks), Third Eye, Thundering, Thundering (Greater), Thunderstone, Thunderstone (Greater), Thunderstone (Lesser), Thunderstone (Major), Thunderstone (Moderate), Thurible of Revelation, Thurible of Revelation (Greater), Thurible of Revelation (Lesser), Thurible of Revelation (Moderate), Tiger Menuki, Tindertwig, Toll, Tool, Tool (Long), Tool (Short), Torch, Tracker's Goggles, Tracker's Goggles (Greater), Transportation, Transportation (Caravan), Transportation (Carriage), Transportation (Ferry or Riverboat), Transportation (Sailing Ship), Traveler's Any-Tool, Trip Snare, Triton's Conch, Truesight Potion, Truth Potion, Twining Staff, Unholy, Unholy Water, Vanishing Coin, Ventriloquist's Ring, Ventriloquist's Ring (Greater), Verdant Staff, Verdant Staff (Greater), Vine Arrow, Viper Arrow, Viper's Fang, Vorpal, Voyager's Pack, Wand of Continuation, Wand of Continuation (1st-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (2nd-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (3rd-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (4th-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (5th-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (6th-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (7th-Level Spell), Wand of Continuation (8th-Level Spell), Wand of Manifold Missiles, Wand of Manifold Missiles (1st-Level Spell), Wand of Manifold Missiles (3rd-Level Spell), Wand of Manifold Missiles (5th-Level Spell), Wand of Manifold Missiles (7th-Level Spell), Wand of Slaying, Wand of Slaying (7th-Level Spell), Wand of Slaying (8th-Level Spell), Wand of Slaying (9th-Level Spell), Wand of Smoldering Fireballs, Wand of Smoldering Fireballs (3rd-Level Spell), Wand of Smoldering Fireballs (5th-Level Spell), Wand of Smoldering Fireballs (7th-Level Spell), Wand of Smoldering Fireballs (9th-Level Spell), Wand of Widening, Wand of Widening (1st-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (2nd-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (3rd-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (4th-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (5th-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (6th-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (7th-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (8th-Level Spell), Wand of Widening (9th-Level Spell), Warning Snare, Waterskin, Wayfinder, Weapon Potency, Weapon Potency (+1), Weapon Potency (+2), Weapon Potency (+3), Whisper of the First Lie, Winged Boots, Winter Wolf Elixir, Winter Wolf Elixir (Greater), Winter Wolf Elixir (Lesser), Winter Wolf Elixir (Moderate), Wolf Fang, Wolfsbane, Wondrous Figurine, Wondrous Figurine (Golden Lions), Wondrous Figurine (Jade Serpent), Wondrous Figurine (Marble Elephant), Wondrous Figurine (Obsidian Steed), Wondrous Figurine (Onyx Dog), Wounding, Writing Set, Writing Set (Extra Ink and Paper), Wyvern Poison

Familiar Abilities [18]

Amphibious (familiar), Burrower (familiar), Cantrip Connection (master), Climber (familiar), Damage Avoidance (familiar), Darkvision (familiar), Extra Reagents (master), Familiar Focus (master), Fast Movement (familiar), Flier (familiar), Kinspeech (familiar), Lab Assistant (familiar), Lifelink (master), Manual Dexterity (familiar), Scent (familiar), Speech (familiar), Spell Battery (master), Spell Delivery (master)

Feats [820]

Abundant Step, Acute Scent, Acute Vision, Adapted Cantrip, Adaptive Adept, Additional Lore, Adopted Ancestry, Advanced Arcana, Advanced Blood Potency, Advanced Bloodline, Advanced Concoction, Advanced Deity's Domain, Advanced Devotion, Advanced Dogma, Advanced Domain, Advanced Fury, Advanced Hunter's Trick, Advanced Kata, Advanced Maneuver, Advanced Muse's Whispers, Advanced School Spell, Advanced Trickery, Advanced Weapon Training, Advanced Wilding, Advantageous Assault, Affliction Mercy, Ageless Patience, Aggressive Block, Agile Grace, Alchemical Crafting, Alchemical Familiar, Alchemical Savant, Alchemist Dedication, Align Armament, Allegro, Ancestral Longevity, Ancestral Paragon, Anchoring Aura, Animal Accomplice, Animal Companion, Animal Elocutionist, Animal Rage, Animal Skin, Arcane Breadth, Arcane Evolution, Arcane School Spell, Arcane Sense, Archwizard's Might, Armor Proficiency, Arrow Snatching , Assisting Shot, Assurance, Attack of Opportunity, Aura of Courage, Aura of Faith, Aura of Life, Aura of Righteousness, Aura of Vengeance, Auspicious Mount, Automatic Knowledge, Avatar's Audience, Awesome Blow, Barbarian Dedication, Barbarian Resiliency, Bard Dedication, Bardic Lore, Bargain Hunter, Basic Arcana, Basic Bard Spellcasting, Basic Blood Potency, Basic Bloodline Spell, Basic Cleric Spellcasting, Basic Concoction, Basic Devotion, Basic Dogma, Basic Druid Spellcasting, Basic Fury, Basic Hunter's Trick, Basic Kata, Basic Maneuver, Basic Muse's Whispers, Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting, Basic Trickery, Basic Wilding, Basic Wizard Spellcasting, Battle Assessment, Battle Cry, Battle Medicine, Bespell Weapon, Bizarre Magic, Blade of Justice, Blank Slate, Blind-Fight, Bloodline Breadth, Bloodline Conduit, Bloodline Focus, Bloodline Perfection, Bloodline Resistance, Bloodline Wellspring, Bond Conservation, Bonded Animal, Bonded Focus, Boulder Roll, Boundless Reprisals, Brawling Focus, Breath Control, Brutal Beating, Brutal Bully, Brutal Critical, Brutal Finish, Brutish Shove, Burn It!, Burrow Elocutionist, Calculated Splash, Call of the Wild, Camouflage, Canny Acumen, Cantrip Expansion, Cast Down, Castigating Weapon, Cat Fall, Cave Climber, Ceaseless Shadows, Celestial Form, Celestial Mount, Certain Strike, Champion Dedication, Champion Resiliency, Champion's Reaction, Champion's Sacrifice, Channel Smite, Channeled Succor, Charming Liar, City Scavenger, Cleave, Cleric Dedication, Clever Counterspell, Clever Improviser, Cloud Jump, Cloud Step, Cognitive Loophole, Collateral Thrash, Combat Climber, Combat Grab, Combat Reflexes, Combine Elixirs, Come and Get Me, Command Undead, Communal Healing, Companion's Cry, Conceal Spell, Confabulator, Connections, Contagious Rage, Continual Recovery, Cooperative Nature, Cooperative Soul, Counter Perform, Counterspell, Counterspell, Courtly Graces, Craft Anything, Craft Philosopher's Stone, Crane Flutter, Crane Stance, Cremate Undead, Critical Debilitations, Crossblooded Evolution, Crossbow Ace, Crushing Grab, Cultural Adaptability, Dancing Leaf, Dangerous Sorcery, Deadly Aim, Deadly Simplicity, Debilitating Bomb, Debilitating Shot, Deep Lore, Defensive Recovery, Defensive Roll, Deflect Arrow, Deity's Domain, Deity's Protection, Delay Trap, Desperate Finisher, Determination, Devoted Focus, Diamond Fists, Diamond Soul, Diehard, Directed Channel, Directional Bombs, Dirge of Doom, Disarming Stance, Disarming Twist, Dispelling Slice, Disrupt Ki, Disrupt Prey, Disruptive Stance, Distracting Feint, Distracting Shadows, Distracting Shot, Diverse Armor Expert, Diverse Weapon Expert, Divine Ally, Divine Breadth, Divine Evolution, Divine Grace, Divine Guidance, Divine Health, Divine Reflexes, Divine Wall, Divine Weapon, Domain Focus, Domain Initiate, Domain Wellspring, Double Prey, Double Shot, Double Slice, Dragon Roar, Dragon Shape, Dragon Stance, Dragon Transformation, Dragon's Rage Breath, Dragon's Rage Wings, Dragonslayer Oath, Dread Striker, Druid Dedication, Dual-Handed Assault, Dubious Knowledge, Dueling Dance (Fighter), Dueling Parry (Fighter), Dueling Riposte, Dwarven Lore, Dwarven Weapon Cunning, Dwarven Weapon Expertise, Dwarven Weapon Familiarity, Echoing Channel, Eclectic Polymath, Eclectic Skill, Efficient Alchemy (Alchemist), Effortless Concentration, Elastic Mutagen, Elemental Fist, Elemental Shape, Elf Atavism, Elf Step, Elven Lore, Elven Weapon Elegance, Elven Weapon Expertise, Elven Weapon Familiarity, Emblazon Antimagic, Emblazon Armament, Emblazon Energy, Empty Body, Enduring Alchemy, Enduring Quickness, Energized Font, Enhanced Familiar, Enlightened Presence, Eschew Materials, Esoteric Polymath, Eternal Bane, Eternal Blessing, Eternal Composition, Eternal Elixir, Evasiveness (Rogue), Exacting Strike, Expanded Splash, Expeditious Search, Experienced Professional, Experienced Smuggler, Experienced Tracker, Expert Alchemy, Expert Bard Spellcasting, Expert Cleric Spellcasting, Expert Druid Spellcasting, Expert Longevity, Expert Sorcerer Spellcasting, Expert Wizard Spellcasting, Exploitive Bomb, Extend Armament Alignment, Extend Elixir, Familiar, Fantastic Leap, Far Lobber, Far Shot, Fascinating Performance, Fast Channel, Fast Movement, Fast Recovery, Fatal Aria, Favored Enemy, Favored Terrain, Fearsome Brute, Feather Step, Felling Shot, Felling Strike, Feral Mutagen, Ferocious Shape, Fey Caller, Fey Fellowship, Fiendsbane Oath, Fighter Dedication, Fighter Resiliency, First World Adept, First World Magic, Fleet, Flinging Shove, Flurry of Maneuvers, Flying Kick, Foil Senses, Forager, Forlorn, Form Control, Furious Bully, Furious Finish, Furious Focus, Furious Grab, Furious Sprint, Fuse Stance, Gang Up, General Training, Genius Mutagen, Giant's Lunge, Giant's Stature, Glad-Hand, Glib Mutagen, Gnome Obsession, Gnome Weapon Expertise, Gnome Weapon Familiarity, Gnome Weapon Innovator, Goblin Lore, Goblin Scuttle, Goblin Song, Goblin Weapon Expertise, Goblin Weapon Familiarity, Goblin Weapon Frenzy, Graceful Poise, Great Cleave, Greater Bloodline, Greater Crossblooded Evolution, Greater Debilitating Bomb, Greater Distracting Shot, Greater Mental Evolution, Greater Merciful Elixir, Greater Mercy, Greater Vital Evolution, Green Empathy, Green Tongue, Group Coercion, Group Impression, Guarded Movement, Guardian's Deflection (Fighter), Guiding Finish, Guiding Luck, Guiding Riposte, Halfling Lore, Halfling Luck, Halfling Weapon Expertise, Halfling Weapon Familiarity, Halfling Weapon Trickster, Hand of the Apprentice, Harming Hands, Harmonize, Haughty Obstinacy, Hazard Finder, Heal Mount, Healing Hands, Healing Touch, Healing Transformation, Hefty Hauler, Heroic Recovery, Hidden Paragon, Hierophant's Power, Hobnobber, Holy Castigation, House of Imaginary Walls, Hunted Shot, Hunter's Aim, Illusion Sense, Impaling Briars, Impeccable Crafting, Implausible Infiltration, Imposing Destrier, Impossible Flurry, Impossible Polymath, Impossible Striker, Impossible Technique, Impossible Volley, Impressive Performance, Improbable Elixirs, Improved Command Undead, Improved Communal Healing, Improved Dueling Riposte, Improved Knockback, Improved Knockdown, Improved Poison Weapon, Improved Reflexive Shield, Improved Swift Banishment, Improved Twin Riposte (Fighter), Improved Twin Riposte (Ranger), Incredible Aim, Incredible Companion (Druid), Incredible Companion (Ranger), Incredible Ferocity, Incredible Improvisation, Incredible Initiative, Incredible Investiture, Incredible Ricochet, Infinite Possibilities, Insect Shape, Inspirational Focus, Inspirational Performance, Inspire Competence, Inspire Defense, Inspire Heroics, Inspire Imitation, Instant Opening, Instinct Ability, Instrument of Zeal, Interweave Dispel, Intimidating Glare, Intimidating Prowess, Intimidating Strike, Inventor, Invincible Mutagen, Invoke Disaster, Ironblood Stance, Ironblood Surge, Irrepressible, Juggernaut's Fortitude, Junk Tinker, Ki Blast, Ki Rush, Ki Strike, Kip Up, Knockback, Knockback Strike, Knockdown, Know-It-All, Lasting Coercion, Lasting Doubt, Leave an Opening, Legendary Codebreaker, Legendary Linguist, Legendary Medic, Legendary Monster Hunter, Legendary Negotiation, Legendary Performer, Legendary Professional, Legendary Shot, Legendary Sneak, Legendary Survivalist, Legendary Thief, Lengthy Diversion, Leshy Familiar, Leyline Conduit, Liberating Stride, Lie to Me, Light Step, Lightning Snares, Lingering Composition, Linked Focus, Litany Against Sloth, Litany Against Wrath, Litany of Righteousness, Loremaster's Etude, Loyal Warhorse, Lunge, Lunging Stance, Magic Sense, Magical Crafting, Magical Shorthand, Magical Trickster, Maker of Miracles, Manifold Edge, Master Alchemy, Master Bard Spellcasting, Master Cleric Spellcasting, Master Druid Spellcasting, Master Monster Hunter, Master of Many Styles, Master Sorcerer Spellcasting, Master Spotter (Ranger), Master Wizard Spellcasting, Masterful Companion, Mature Animal Companion (Druid), Mature Animal Companion (Ranger), Meditative Focus, Meditative Wellspring, Mega Bomb, Melodious Spell, Merciful Elixir, Mercy, Metamagic Channel, Metamagic Mastery, Mindblank Mutagen, Minor Magic, Miracle Worker, Mirror Shield, Mixed Maneuver, Mobile Shot Stance, Mobility, Moment of Clarity, Monastic Weaponry, Monk Dedication, Monk Moves, Monk Resiliency, Monk's Flurry, Monster Hunter, Monster Warden, Monstrosity Shape, Monstrous Peacemaker, Mountain Quake, Mountain Stance, Mountain Stronghold, Mountain's Stoutness, Multifarious Muse, Multilingual, Multishot Stance, Multitalented, Natural Ambition, Natural Medicine, Natural Skill, Necrotic Infusion, Nimble Crawl, Nimble Dodge, Nimble Elf, Nimble Roll, No Escape, Occult Breadth, Occult Evolution, Oddity Identification, Opportune Backstab, Opportunist, Orc Ferocity, Orc Sight, Orc Superstition, Orc Weapon Carnage, Orc Weapon Expertise, Orc Weapon Familiarity, Order Explorer, Order Magic, Order Spell, Otherworldly Magic, Overwhelming Energy, Paragon's Guard, Penetrating Shot, Perfect Clarity, Perfect Debilitation, Perfect Distraction, Perfect Encore, Perfect Form Control, Perfect Mutagen, Perfect Shot, Perfection's Path, Persistent Mutagen, Pervasive Superstition, Pickpocket, Planar Survival, Plant Shape, Point-Blank Shot, Poison Resistance, Poison Weapon, Positioning Assault, Potent Poisoner, Power Attack, Powerful Leap, Powerful Shove, Powerful Snares, Powerful Sneak, Precise Debilitations, Predator's Pounce, Primal Breadth, Primal Evolution, Primal Focus, Primal Summons, Primal Wellspring, Quaking Stomp, Quick Alchemy, Quick Bomber, Quick Climb, Quick Coercion, Quick Disguise, Quick Draw, Quick Identification, Quick Jump, Quick Recognition, Quick Repair, Quick Reversal, Quick Shield Block, Quick Snares, Quick Squeeze, Quick Swim, Quick Unlock, Quickened Casting, Quiet Allies, Quivering Palm, Radiant Blade Master, Radiant Blade Spirit, Raging Athlete, Raging Intimidation, Raging Thrower, Ranged Reprisal, Ranger Dedication, Ranger Resiliency, Rapid Mantel, Reach Spell, Reactive Distraction, Reactive Interference, Reactive Pursuit, Reactive Shield, Read Lips, Reckless Abandon, Recognize Spell, Reflect Spell, Reflexive Shield, Renewed Vigor, Replenishment of War, Reprepare Spell, Resurrectionist, Revealing Stab, Revivifying Mutagen, Ride, Robust Recovery, Rock Runner, Rogue Dedication, Rough Rider, Running Reload, Sabotage, Sap Life, Savage Critical, Scare to Death, Scout's Warning, Scroll Savant, Second Ally, Second Sting, Second Wind, Selective Energy, Sense Evil, Sense the Unseen, Shadow Hunter, Shake it Off, Shameless Request, Share Rage, Shared Prey, Shared Replenishment, Shatter Defenses, Shattering Strike (Monk), Shield Block, Shield of Grace, Shield of Reckoning, Shield Paragon, Shield Warden, Shielded Stride, Shining Oath, Side by Side (Druid), Side by Side (Ranger), Sidestep, Sign Language, Silent Spell, Skill Mastery (Rogue), Skill Training, Skirmish Strike, Skittering Scuttle, Sleeper Hold, Slippery Secrets, Sly Striker, Smite Evil, Smoke Bomb, Snagging Strike, Snap Shot, Snare Crafting, Snare Specialist, Sneak Attacker, Sneak Savant, Soaring Shape, Soothing Ballad, Sorcerer Dedication, Specialized Companion (Druid), Specialized Companion (Ranger), Specialty Crafting, Spell Combination, Spell Penetration, Spell Tinker, Spirits' Interference, Spirit's Wrath, Spring Attack, Spring from the Shadows, Stance Savant (Fighter), Stance Savant (Monk), Stand Still, Steady Balance, Steady Spellcasting, Stealthy Companion, Sticky Bomb, Stonecunning, Stonewalker, Storm Born, Storm Retribution, Streetwise, Student of the Canon, Studious Capacity, Stunning Fist, Subtle Theft, Sudden Charge, Sudden Leap, Superior Bond, Supernatural Charm, Sure Feet, Survey Wildlife, Swift Banishment, Swift River, Swift Sneak, Swift Tracker, Swipe, Symphony of the Muse, Tactical Debilitations, Tangled Forest Rake, Tangled Forest Stance, Targeting Shot, Terrain Expertise, Terrain Master, Terrain Stalker, Terrified Retreat, Terrifying Howl, Thousand Faces, Thrash, Tiger Slash, Tiger Stance, Timeless Body, Timeless Nature, Titan Slinger, Titan Wrestler, Titan's Stature, To the Ends of the Earth, Tongue of Sun and Moon, Toughness, Train Animal, Trap Finder, Trick Magic Item, Trickster's Ace, Triple Shot, Triple Threat, Triple Time, True Debilitating Bomb, True Hypercognition, True Shapeshifter, Turn Undead, Twin Feint, Twin Parry, Twin Riposte, Twin Takedown, Twinned Defense (Fighter), Twist the Knife, Two-Weapon Flurry, Ubiquitous Snares, Ultimate Mercy, Ultimate Skirmisher, Unbalancing Blow, Unburdened Iron, Uncanny Bombs, Uncanny Dodge, Unconventional Expertise, Unconventional Weaponry, Underwater Marauder, Unfettered Halfling, Unified Theory, Unimpeded Step, Universal Longevity, Universal Versatility, Unmistakable Lore, Untrained Improvisation, Unusual Composition, Unwavering Mien, Vengeful Hatred, Vengeful Oath, Vengeful Strike, Verdant Metamorphosis, Versatile Font, Versatile Performance, Versatile Signature, Very Sneaky, Very, Very Sneaky, Vicious Debilitations, Vicious Evisceration, Victorious Vigor, Virtuosic Performer, Vivacious Conduit, Wall Jump, Wall Run, Ward Medic, Warden's Boon, Warden's Guidance, Warden's Step, Wary Disarmament, Watchful Halfling, Water Step, Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Supremacy, Weight of Guilt, Whirling Throw, Whirlwind Strike, Wholeness of Body, Widen Spell, Wild Empathy, Wild Shape, Wild Winds Gust, Wild Winds Initiate, Wind Caller, Wind Jump, Winding Flow, Wizard Dedication, Wolf Drag, Wolf Stance, Woodland Stride, Wounded Rage, Wyrmbane Aura, You're Next

Hazards [29]

Armageddon Orb, Banshee's Symphony, Bloodthirsty Urge, Bottomless Pit, Darkside Mirror, Drowning Pit, Electric Latch Rune, Fireball Rune, Frozen Moment, Hallucination Powder Trap, Hammer of Forbiddance, Hidden Pit, Lava Flume Tubes, Pharaoh's Ward, Planar Rift, Poisoned Dart Gallery, Poisoned Lock, Polymorph Trap, Quicksand, Scythe Blades, Second Chance, Slamming Door, Spear Launcher, Spinning Blade Pillar, Summoning Rune, Telekinetic Swarm Trap, Vorpal Executioner, Wheel of Misery, Yellow Mold

Hunter's Edges [3]

Flurry, Outwit, Precision

Instincts [5]

Animal, Dragon, Fury, Giant, Spirit

Languages [32]

Abyssal, Aklo, Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Druidic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnoll, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Hallit, Ignan, Infernal, Jotun, Kelish, Mwangi, Necril, Orcish, Osiriani, Shadowtongue, Shoanti, Skald, Sylvan, Terran, Tien, Undercommon, Varisian, Vudrani

Monsters [1]

Unseen Servant

Muses [3]

Enigma, Maestro, Polymath

Rackets [3]

Ruffian, Scoundrel, Thief

Research Fields [3]

Bomber, Chirurgeon, Mutagenist

Rituals [20]

Animate Object, Atone, Awaken Animal, Blight, Call Spirit, Commune, Commune with Nature, Consecrate, Control Weather, Create Undead, Freedom, Geas, Imprisonment, Inveigle, Legend Lore, Planar Ally, Planar Binding, Plant Growth, Primal Call, Resurrect

Rules [12]

Appendix, Chapter 1: Introduction, Chapter 10: Game Mastering, Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure, Chapter 2: Ancestries & Backgrounds, Chapter 3: Classes, Chapter 4: Skills, Chapter 5: Feats, Chapter 6: Equipment, Chapter 7: Spells, Chapter 8: The Age of Lost Omens, Chapter 9: Playing the Game

Shields [4]

Buckler, Steel Shield, Tower Shield, Wooden Shield

Skills [17]

Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Crafting, Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, Lore, Medicine, Nature, Occultism, Performance, Religion, Society, Stealth, Survival, Thievery

Skills (General) [6]

Decipher Writing, Earn Income, Identify Magic, Learn a Spell, Recall Knowledge, Subsist

Spells [537]

Aberrant Whispers, Abundant Step, Abyssal Plague, Abyssal Wrath, Acid Arrow, Acid Splash, Aerial Form, Agile Feet, Air Bubble, Air Walk, Alarm, Allegro, Alter Reality, Anathematic Reprisal, Ancestral Memories, Angelic Halo, Angelic Wings, Animal Form, Animal Messenger, Animal Vision, Ant Haul, Antimagic Field, Appearance of Wealth, Arcane Countermeasure, Artistic Flourish, Athletic Rush, Augment Summoning, Augury, Avatar, Baleful Polymorph, Bane, Banishment, Barkskin, Bind Soul, Bind Undead, Bit of Luck, Black Tentacles, Blade Barrier, Bless, Blind Ambition, Blindness, Blink, Blur, Breath of Life, Burning Hands, Call of the Grave, Calm Emotions, Captivating Adoration, Cataclysm, Celestial Brand, Chain Lightning, Champion's Sacrifice, Charm, Charming Touch, Charming Words, Chill Touch, Chilling Darkness, Chromatic Wall, Circle of Protection, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Cloak of Colors, Cloak of Shadow, Cloudkill, Collective Transposition, Color Spray, Command, Commanding Lash, Competitive Edge, Comprehend Language, Cone of Cold, Confusion, Contingency, Continual Flame, Control Water, Counter Performance, Create Food, Create Water, Creation, Crisis of Faith, Crusade, Crushing Despair, Cry of Destruction, Dancing Lights, Darkened Eyes, Darkness, Darkvision, Daze, Dazzling Flash, Deafness, Death Knell, Death Ward, Death's Call, Delusional Pride, Destructive Aura, Detect Alignment, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Scrying, Diabolic Edict, Dimension Door, Dimensional Anchor, Dimensional Lock, Dimensional Steps, Dinosaur Form, Dirge of Doom, Disappearance, Discern Lies, Discern Location, Disintegrate, Disjunction, Dispel Magic, Disperse into Air, Disrupt Undead, Disrupting Weapons, Divine Aura, Divine Decree, Divine Inspiration, Divine Lance, Divine Vessel, Divine Wrath, Diviner's Sight, Dominate, Downpour, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claws, Dragon Form, Dragon Wings, Drain Life, Dread Aura, Dream Council, Dream Message, Dreamer's Call, Dreaming Potential, Drop Dead, Duplicate Foe, Earthbind, Earthquake, Eclipse Burst, Electric Arc, Elemental Blast, Elemental Form, Elemental Motion, Elemental Tempest, Elemental Toss, Embrace the Pit, Empty Body, Endure Elements, Enduring Might, Energy Absorption, Energy Aegis, Enhance Victuals, Enlarge, Entangle, Enthrall, Eradicate Undeath, Ethereal Jaunt, Extend Spell, Fabricated Truth, Face in the Crowd, Faerie Dust, Faerie Fire, False Life, False Vision, Fatal Aria, Fear, Feather Fall, Feeblemind, Feet to Fins, Fey Disappearance, Fey Glamour, Field of Life, Fiery Body, Finger of Death, Fire Ray, Fire Seeds, Fire Shield, Fireball, Flame Barrier, Flame Strike, Flaming Sphere, Fleet Step, Flesh to Stone, Floating Disk, Fly, Forbidding Ward, Force Bolt, Forced Quiet, Foresight, Freedom of Movement, Gaseous Form, Gate, Gentle Repose, Ghost Sound, Ghostly Weapon, Ghoulish Cravings, Glibness, Glimpse the Truth, Glitterdust, Globe of Invulnerability, Glutton's Jaw, Glyph of Warding, Goblin Pox, Goodberry, Grasping Grave, Grease, Grim Tendrils, Guidance, Gust of Wind, Hallucination, Hallucinatory Terrain, Hand of the Apprentice, Harm, Haste, Heal, Heal Animal, Healer's Blessing, Hellfire Plume, Heroism, Hero's Defiance, Hideous Laughter, Holy Cascade, Horrid Wilting, Horrific Visage, House of Imaginary Walls, Humanoid Form, Hurtling Stone, Hydraulic Push, Hydraulic Torrent, Hypercognition, Hypnotic Pattern, Illusory Creature, Illusory Disguise, Illusory Object, Illusory Scene, Impaling Briars, Implosion, Insect Form, Inspire Competence, Inspire Courage, Inspire Defense, Inspire Heroics, Invisibility, Invisibility Cloak, Invisibility Sphere, Item Facade, Jealous Hex, Jump, Ki Blast, Ki Rush, Ki Strike, Knock, Know Direction, Know the Enemy, Lay on Hands, Levitate, Life Siphon, Light, Lightning Bolt, Lingering Composition, Litany against Sloth, Litany Against Wrath, Litany of Righteousness, Localized Quake, Locate, Lock, Longstrider, Loremaster's Etude, Lucky Break, Mage Armor, Mage Hand, Magic Aura, Magic Fang, Magic Missile, Magic Mouth, Magic Weapon, Magic's Vessel, Magnificent Mansion, Malignant Sustenance, Mariner's Curse, Mask of Terror, Massacre, Maze, Meld into Stone, Mending, Message, Meteor Swarm, Mind Blank, Mind Probe, Mind Reading, Mindlink, Miracle, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Mislead, Modify Memory, Moment of Renewal, Monstrosity Form, Moon Frenzy, Moonbeam, Mystic Beacon, Nature Incarnate, Nature's Bounty, Nature's Enmity, Negate Aroma, Neutralize Poison, Nightmare, Nondetection, Obscuring Mist, Outcast's Curse, Overstuff, Overwhelming Presence, Paralyze, Paranoia, Pass Without Trace, Passwall, Perfected Form, Perfected Mind, Pest Form, Phantasmal Calamity, Phantasmal Killer, Phantom Pain, Phantom Steed, Physical Boost, Plane Shift, Plant Form, Polar Ray, Positive Luminance, Possession, Power Word Blind, Power Word Kill, Power Word Stun, Precious Metals, Prestidigitation, Primal Herd, Primal Phenomenon, Primal Summons, Prismatic Sphere, Prismatic Spray, Prismatic Wall, Private Sanctum, Produce Flame, Project Image, Protection, Protective Ward, Protector's Sacrifice, Protector's Sphere, Prying Eye, Pulse of the City, Punishing Winds, Purify Food and Drink, Purple Worm Sting, Pushing Gust, Quivering Palm, Raise Dead, Ray of Enfeeblement, Ray of Frost, Read Aura, Read Fate, Read Omens, Rebuke Death, Regenerate, Remake, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Remove Fear, Remove Paralysis, Repulsion, Resilient Sphere, Resist Energy, Resplendent Mansion, Restoration, Restore Senses, Retributive Pain, Retrocognition, Reverse Gravity, Revival, Righteous Might, Rope Trick, Safeguard Secret, Sanctified Ground, Sanctuary, Savor the Sting, Scholarly Recollection, Scintillating Pattern, Scrying, Searing Light, Secret Page, See Invisibility, Sending, Shadow Blast, Shadow Siphon, Shadow Walk, Shape Stone, Shape Wood, Shapechange, Shared Nightmare, Shatter, Shield, Shield Other, Shifting Form, Shillelagh, Shocking Grasp, Shrink, Shrink Item, Sigil, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Solid Fog, Soothe, Soothing Ballad, Soothing Words, Sound Burst, Speak with Animals, Speak with Plants, Spectral Hand, Spell Immunity, Spell Turning, Spellwrack, Spider Climb, Spider Sting, Spirit Blast, Spirit Link, Spirit Song, Spiritual Epidemic, Spiritual Guardian, Spiritual Weapon, Splash of Art, Stabilize, Status, Stinking Cloud, Stone Tell, Stone to Flesh, Stoneskin, Storm Lord, Storm of Vengeance, Stormwind Flight, Subconscious Suggestion, Sudden Shift, Suggestion, Summon Animal, Summon Celestial, Summon Construct, Summon Dragon, Summon Elemental, Summon Entity, Summon Fey, Summon Fiend, Summon Giant, Summon Plant or Fungus, Sunburst, Swamp of Sloth, Sweet Dream, Synaptic Pulse, Synesthesia, Take its Course, Talking Corpse, Tanglefoot, Tangling Creepers, Telekinetic Haul, Telekinetic Maneuver, Telekinetic Projectile, Telepathic Bond, Telepathic Demand, Telepathy, Teleport, Tempest Surge, Tempt Fate, Tentacular Limbs, Tidal Surge, Time Stop, Tongues, Touch of Idiocy, Touch of Obedience, Touch of the Moon, Touch of Undeath, Traveler's Transit, Tree Shape, Tree Stride, Trickster's Twin, Triple Time, True Seeing, True Strike, True Target, Uncontrollable Dance, Undeath's Blessing, Undetectable Alignment, Unfathomable Song, Unfettered Pack, Unimpeded Stride, Unity, Unrelenting Observation, Unseen Servant, Unusual Anatomy, Vampiric Exsanguination, Vampiric Touch, Veil, Veil of Confidence, Ventriloquism, Vibrant Pattern, Vibrant Thorns, Vigilant Eye, Visions of Danger, Vital Beacon, Volcanic Eruption, Wail of the Banshee, Waking Nightmare, Wall of Fire, Wall of Force, Wall of Ice, Wall of Stone, Wall of Thorns, Wall of Wind, Wanderer's Guide, Warp Mind, Warped Terrain, Water Breathing, Water Walk, Weapon of Judgment, Weapon Storm, Weapon Surge, Web, Weird, Wholeness of Body, Wild Morph, Wild Shape, Wild Winds Stance, Wind Jump, Wind Walk, Wish, Word of Freedom, Word of Truth, You're Mine, Zeal for Battle, Zealous Conviction, Zone of Truth

Traits [197]

Aberration (Creature Type), Abjuration (School), Acid (Energy), Additive (Class-Specific), Agile (Weapon), Air (Elemental), Alchemical (Monster), Alchemist (Class), All Ancestries (AoN-Special), Angel (Monster), Animal (Creature Type), Apex (Equipment), Arcane (Tradition), Archetype, Archon (Monster), Astral (Creature Type), Attached (Weapon), Attack, Auditory (Sense), Aura, Azata (Monster), Backstabber (Weapon), Backswing (Weapon), Barbarian (Class), Bard (Class), Beast (Creature Type), Bomb (Equipment), Bulwark (Armor), Cantrip, Celestial (Creature Type), Champion (Class), Chaotic (Alignment), Cleric (Class), Cold (Energy), Comfort (Armor), Common (Rarity), Companion (Equipment), Complex (Hazard), Composition (Class-Specific), Concentrate, Conjuration (School), Consecration, Consumable (Equipment), Contact (Poison), Curse, Darkness, Deadly (Weapon), Death, Dedication, Demon (Monster), Detection, Devil (Monster), Dinosaur (Monster), Disarm (Weapon), Disease, Divination (School), Divine (Tradition), Downtime, Dragon (Creature Type), Drow (Monster), Druid (Class), Duergar (Monster), Dwarf (Ancestry), Earth (Elemental), Electricity (Energy), Elemental (Creature Type), Elf (Ancestry), Elixir (Equipment), Emotion, Enchantment (School), Environmental (Hazard), Ethereal (Creature Type), Evil (Alignment), Evocation (School), Exploration, Extradimensional, Fatal (Weapon), Fear, Fey (Creature Type), Fiend (Creature Type), Fighter (Class), Finesse (Weapon), Fire (Energy), Flexible (Armor), Flourish, Focused (Equipment), Force (Energy), Forceful (Weapon), Fortune, Free-Hand (Weapon), Fungus (Creature Type), General, Giant (Creature Type), Gnome (Ancestry), Goblin (Ancestry), Good (Alignment), Grapple (Weapon), Hag (Monster), Half-Elf (Ancestry), Halfling (Ancestry), Half-Orc (Ancestry), Haunt (Hazard), Healing, Human (Ancestry), Humanoid (Creature Type), Illusion (School), Incapacitation, Infused (Class-Specific), Ingested (Poison), Inhaled (Poison), Injury (Poison), Invested (Equipment), Jousting (Weapon), Lawful (Alignment), Light, Linguistic, Litany (Class-Specific), Magical, Manipulate, Mechanical (Equipment), Mental, Metamagic, Mindless (Monster), Minion, Misfortune, Monitor (Creature Type), Monk (Class), Morph, Move, Multiclass, Mutagen (Equipment), Necromancy (School), Negative (Energy), Noisy (Armor), Nonlethal (Weapon), Oath (Class-Specific), Occult (Tradition), Oil (Equipment), Ooze (Creature Type), Open, Orc (Half-Orc), Parry (Weapon), Plant (Creature Type), Poison (Poison), Polymorph, Positive (Energy), Possession, Potion (Equipment), Precious (Equipment), Prediction, Press, Primal (Tradition), Propulsive (Weapon), Rage (Class-Specific), Ranger (Class), Rare (Rarity), Reach (Weapon), Reload (Weapon), Revelation, Rogue (Class), Scroll (Equipment), Scrying, Secret, Shadow (Planar), Shove (Weapon), Skill, Sleep, Snare (Equipment), Sonic (Energy), Sorcerer (Class), Spirit (Creature Type), Splash, Staff (Equipment), Stance (Class-Specific), Structure (Equipment), Summoned, Sweep (Weapon), Talisman (Equipment), Teleportation, Thrown (Weapon), Transmutation (School), Trap (Equipment), Trip (Weapon), Twin (Weapon), Two-Hand (Weapon), Unarmed (Weapon), Uncommon (Rarity), Undead (Creature Type), Unique (Rarity), Varies (AoN-Special), Versatile (Weapon), Virulent, Visual (Sense), Volley (Weapon), Wand (Equipment), Water (Elemental), Wizard (Class)

Weapons [83]

Alchemical Bomb, Arrows, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Blowgun, Blowgun Darts, Bo Staff, Bolts, Clan Dagger, Club, Composite Longbow, Composite Shortbow, Crossbow, Dagger, Dart, Dogslicer, Dwarven War Axe, Elven Curve Blade, Falchion, Filcher's Fork, Fist, Flail, Gauntlet, Glaive, Gnome Flickmace, Gnome Hooked Hammer, Greataxe, Greatclub, Greatpick, Greatsword, Guisarme, Halberd, Halfling Sling Staff, Hand Crossbow, Hatchet, Heavy Crossbow, Horsechopper, Javelin, Kama, Katana, Katar, Kukri, Lance, Light Hammer, Light Mace, Light Pick, Longbow, Longspear, Longsword, Mace, Main-gauche, Maul, Morningstar, Nunchaku, Orc Knuckle Dagger, Orc Necksplitter, Pick, Ranseur, Rapier, Sai, Sap, Sawtooth Saber, Scimitar, Scythe, Shield Bash, Shield Boss, Shield Spikes, Shortbow, Shortsword, Shuriken, Sickle, Sling, Sling Bullets, Spear, Spiked Chain, Spiked Gauntlet, Staff, Starknife, Temple Sword, Trident, War Flail, Warhammer, Whip