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PFS StandardSparkling Targe

Legacy Content

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 39 1.1
You've studied the applications of magic, training yourself to perform not just offensive maneuvers but defensive tactics as well. When magic flows through you, your shield can block impossible things, even a dragon's breath or a magic missile.

You gain the Shield Block general feat.

When you're in Arcane Cascade stance with your shield raised, your circumstance bonus to AC from your shield also applies to your saves against spells and other magical effects. In addition, damage you take as a result of a spell or magical effect while you're in Arcane Cascade can trigger your Shield Block reaction, even if the damage isn't physical. When blocking damage in this way, increase your shield's Hardness by an amount equal to the extra damage from Arcane Cascade (typically 1, but 2 if you have weapon specialization, or 3 if you have greater weapon specialization). These benefits apply whether you're using an actual shield, the shield spell, or something else that works like a shield (such as a raised tome if you have the Raise a Tome feat).

Conflux Spell Shielding Strike
Studious Spell (7th) Resist Energy
Studious Spell (11th) Warding Aggression
Studious Spell (13th) Stoneskin