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Alchemical Plants

Source Travel Guide pg. 101
Each of the plant items listed below has specific benefits, some of which apply when you use a specific action or activity. Alchemical plant items are “herbal items,” meaning characters with the herbalist archetype can use their archetype abilities with them. Items that require using them as part of a Medicine check are kept in your healer's tools, allowing you to access the item as part of the check. Items with the additive trait work just like alchemist feats with the additive trait, except they require consuming the item rather than taking a feat. You can add only one additive to a single alchemical item; attempting to add another spoils the item. You can typically Activate items with the additive trait only when you're creating an infused alchemical item; you can draw the item with the additive trait as part of using advanced alchemy or Quick Alchemy. The additive trait is always followed by a level, such as additive 2. An additive adds its level to the level of the alchemical item you're modifying; the result is the new level of the mixture. The mixture's item level must be no higher than your advanced alchemy level.

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