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PFS StandardSplit Hex Feat 18

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 105 2.0

You siphon some of the power from an offensive hex you cast to direct it at a second target as well. If the next action you use is to Cast a Spell to cast a harmful hex with a single target, reduce its level by 2 (making it 2 levels lower than the maximum spell level you can cast). If you do, you can select a second target for that hex to affect.



An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.


Actions with the metamagic trait, usually from metamagic feats, tweak the properties of your spells. You must use a metamagic action directly before Casting the Spell you want to alter. If you use any action (including free actions and reactions) other than Cast a Spell directly after, you waste the benefits of the metamagic action. Any additional effects added by a metamagic action are part of the spell’s effect, not of the metamagic action itself.