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Bottled Breath

Source Rage of Elements pg. 75
Bottles of breath are enchanted bottles of cloud and mist, first developed by the denizens of the Plane of Air. You can Activate an item with the bottled breath trait as you inhale it or cause another creature to inhale it. You can make another creature inhale bottled breath only if that creature is within reach and willing or so helpless that it can't resist. You usually need only one hand to consume a bottled breath or make another creature inhale it.
The bottled breath is held in a user's lungs, and its effects last as long as the user holds its breath. This is typically a maximum number of rounds equal to 5 + its Constitution modifier, but this time can be reduced due to the creature's actions or it taking damage (as described in Player Core), or extended by abilities that increase the amount of time a creature can hold its breath.
Some bottled breath consumables have a special effect when you exhale them. Since you're exhaling the breath, doing this expends the item.

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