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Travel Guide

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Release Date 8/31/2022
Product Line Lost Omens

Backgrounds [8]

Astrological Augur, Doomcaller, Eclipseborn, Nocturnal Navigator, Sign Bound, Starless One, Sun Dancer, Tide Watcher

Deities [8]

Cosmic Caravan, Hearth and Harvest, Seafarer's Hope, The Deliberate Journey, The Enlightened Scholar's Path, The Laborer's Bastion, The Offering Plate, Urban Prosperity

Equipment [84]

Ale, Alpaca, Animal Bed, Artevil Suspension, Axolotl, Badger, Bat, Beehive, Bird, Bird (House Eagle), Brick, Butterfly or Moth, Cage, Cat, Cat (Galtan Orange), Cloth, Cloth (Cotton), Cloth (Linen), Cloth (wool cloth, 1 Bulk), Cloth (Wool Cloth, 1 square yard), Collar, Copper (Ingot), Cotton, Cotton (1 Bulk), Cotton (Bale), Cow, Cradle Minder, Curled Cure Gel, Dinosaur, Dog, Drowsy Sun Eye Drops, Duck, Dyes and Ink, False Flayleaf, Feed, Feed (Standard), Feed (Unique), Ferret, Fish, Fish, Fox, Frog, Gerbil or Hamster, Gold (Ingot), Handling Gloves, Harness, Horse, Infused Stone, Iron (Ingot), Kayalini, Lady's Blessing Oil, Leash, Leather, Lizard, Lizard (X's), Lumber, Marble, Monkey, Mouse, Opossum, domestic, Pig, Praying Mantis, Rabbit, Raccoon, Rat, Silver (Ingot), Snake, Spider, Squirrel, Tank, Tank (Stationary), Tank (Traveling), Tin (Ingot), Toothwort Extract, Treats, Treats (Standard), Treats (Unique), Turtle, Wheat, Wine (Fine), Wool, Wool (1 Bulk), Wool (Sack), Yarrow-Root Bandage

Monsters [5]

Baccali Alpaca, Irriseni Owlbear, Sarkorian Wolf, Vulture Rat, Whalesteed

Rituals [1]

Lucky Month

Rules [1]

Housing Costs