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PFS StandardMattock of the TitansItem 19

Uncommon Evocation Magical 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 601 4.0
Price 36,000 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 16
Base Weapon Greatpick
This 15-foot-long adamantine digging tool is far too big for even a Large creature to wield, though if you’re a Small or larger creature, you can wield it while wearing a belt of giant strength, as though it were appropriately sized for you and had 2 Bulk. The GM might also allow you to wield the mattock if you have some other means of wielding oversized weapons, such as if you’re a Large barbarian with the giant instinct or are a Huge creature. When it’s used as a weapon, the mattock of the titans has the statistics of a +3 greater striking keen adamantine greatpick.

While you’re wielding the mattock of the titans, you gain a +3 item bonus to Athletics checks. You can use it to loosen or push soft earth at a rate of 1 minute per 5-foot cube or smash through solid stone at the rate of 5 minutes per 5-foot-cube.

Activate [two-actions] Interact Frequency once per day; Effect You dig furiously with the mattock to non-magically replicate the effects of an earthquake spell.

Craft Requirements You are a titan, and the initial raw materials must include 8,100 gp of adamantine.