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This section is intended to serve as a reference for GMs running the listed adventures. It will show all related Archetypes, Creatures, Feats, and Spells for a given adventure. It is not intended to be a replacement for the Sources section - if you are looking for a full list of everything that has come from an adventure, please check there.
The Beast of Birchfrost


The Birchfrost Beastpg. 70

Rumored daeodon
Speed 40 feet, burrow 40 feet

The Matepg. 71

Rumored boar
darkvision 60 feet, low-light vision, scent (imprecise) 30 feet

The Whelppg. 71



Hampering Web
Shaking the Helping Hand


Bahvanpg. 91

Male bounty hunter

Jayntpg. 91

CN female human tiefling mage for hire
low-light vision

Kevelpg. 91

Male innkeeper

Shadow's Lieutenantpg. 91


Shadow's Minionspg. 91

Elite fetchling scout
A Song of Making and Unmaking


Burning Monkpg. 110

Elite combusted

Adaberopg. 112

Weak warden
Eerie Flicker (Adabero only)

Beetle Carapacepg. 112

Weak Sulfur Zombiepg. 112

Ximenapg. 112

Weak warden
Blasting Beams (Ximena only) The beams deal cold damage.

Empowered Bulettepg. 113

High-speed Regeneration The bulette's body vibrates at hypersonic speed before its wounds close. This High-Speed Regeneration can be suppressed by cold damage, which slows the bulette's metabolism.

Storming Breath The bulette can emit a grinding scream that deals sonic damage. When it uses this ability, it Flies backward 15 feet in a straight line directly opposite its blast. This movement doesn't trigger reactions based on movement.

Wihsaakpg. 113

Lady of the Harvest


Greater Shadowpg. 130

Elite Ghost Commonerpg. 131

Bodakpg. 132

Elite Lurker In Lightpg. 132

Elite Poltergeistpg. 132

Blood Painterpg. 133


Clone Mirrors, Constricting Hall, False Step Floor, Ghostly Choir
The Verdure of Iblydos


Mother Miterapg. 152

Quartz-Spawaned Shadowpg. 153

Crystal Siphon [two-actions] (death, divine, necromancy, negative) Requirements The shadow and the target are both within 40 feet of the crystal that spawned the shadow, and the crystal isn't covered or obstructed; Effect Shadows in the shape of tendrils curl around the target, drawing out a portion of the target's vitality and siphoning it into the crystal. The target takes 4d6 negative damage (DC 21 basic Fortitude save). On a failure, they are also enfeebled 1. This enfeebled condition is cumulative with other enfeebled conditions from quartz-spawned shadows, to a maximum of enfeebled 4. If Crystal Siphon increases the creature's enfeebled value to 3 or more, the target's shadow is pulled entirely into the shadow's crystal. While the target's shadow is trapped, they feel an invisible tether linking them to the crystal, and they become slowed 1 whenever they are more than 40 feet away from it. The enfeebled condition from Crystal Siphon can't be reduced until the crystal is broken; if the crystal is broken, the effect immediately ends. This ability replaces a normal shadow's Shadow Spawn and Steal Shadow abilities.

Verdure's Moonflowerpg. 153

Spray Blossoms [two-actions] Effect The moonflower expels mindwarping petals in a 30-foot cone. Creatures in the area take 4d6 mental damage and 4d6 poison damage (DC 26 basic Will save). On a failure, they are stupefied 2 for 1 minute, and on a critical failure, they are also confused for 1 round. The moonflower can't Spray Blossoms again for 1d4 rounds. This ability replaces a normal moonflower's Light Pulse ability.
Wishes in Krasnoprudny


10-foot Matryoshkapg. 174

6-foot Matryoshkapg. 174

The matryoshkas function as variant animated furnaces, with the 6-foot and 8-foot matryoshkas also having the weak adjustment. All three matryoshkas have the following adjustments as well.
  • Add the fey trait.
  • The door attack is instead a body attack, and the use of Improved Grab and Swallow Whole means the matryoshka popped open and either caught the character partly or wholly inside itself, respectively.
  • The 6-foot and 8-foot matryoshkas are Medium, not Huge, although they can Swallow Whole characters of up to Medium size (popping open and then engulfing a character). The 10-foot matryoshka is Large and can Swallow Whole characters of up to Large size.
  • Replace all fire damage the furnace deals to piercing damage dealt by wooden splinters. Fan the Flames thus becomes Fan of Splinters.

8-foot Matryoshkapg. 174

Tomorrow's Feast


Morrowkinpg. 192

Jiudu Xienpg. 194

Elite ghost mage

Fapg. 195

Elite assassin

Kuenpg. 195

Elite assassin
The Last Dream


Elite Shining Childpg. 211

Reshape the Mindscape The shining child controls the anchor for section A.

Rusalkapg. 212

Reshape the Mindscape The rusalka controls the anchor for section D.

K.H.W.'s Echopg. 214


Call of the Void, Flensing Blades, Thalassophobic Pool
In Darkness


Kuchisake-Onnapg. 6

Amalgamitepg. 8

Elite Nilithpg. 8

Spectral Fang Fossil Golempg. 8

Incomplete The spectral fang fossil golem is missing part of its body, making it Large instead of Huge and reducing the reach of its jaws Strike to 10 feet.
Ranged [one-action] spectral flame +24 (fire, magical, negative, occult, range 60 feet), Damage 3d8+13 fire plus 1d6 negative and fossilization
Fossilization The spectral fang fossil golem's fossilization ability applies to its spectral flame attack instead of its jaws attack.

Gogitethpg. 9

Redacted, The Weaver In Dreamspg. 16

Cocoon Of Lucid Potentialpg. 17


Planar Rift