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Book of the Dead

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Release Date 4/27/2022
Product Line Rulebooks

Ancestries [1]


Ancestry Heritages [4]

Compact Skeleton, Fodder Skeleton, Monstrous Skeleton, Sturdy Skeleton

Animal Companions [5]

Ghost, Skeletal Mount, Skeletal Servant, Vampiric Animal, Zombie

Archetypes [12]

Exorcist, Ghost, Ghoul, Hallowed Necromancer, Lich, Mummy, Reanimator, Soul Warden, Undead Master, Undead Slayer, Vampire, Zombie

Backgrounds [9]

Curandero, Grave Robber, Haunted Citizen, Necromancer's Apprentice, Night Watch, Pyre Tender, Scion of Slayers, Tomb Born, Willing Host

Deities [2]

Orcus, Set

Eidolons [1]


Equipment [28]

Banquet of Hungry Ghosts, Bottled Sunlight, Bottled Sunlight (Greater), Bottled Sunlight (Lesser), Bottled Sunlight (Major), Bottled Sunlight (Moderate), Celestial Peachwood Sword, Dawnlight, Dawnlight (Greater), Dawnlight (Major), Ectoplasmic Tracer, Feast of Hungry Ghosts, Final Rest, Grim Ring, Lady's Chalice, Lady's Spiral, Life Salt, Peachwood, Peachwood Branch, Peachwood Lumber, Peachwood Object (High-Grade), Peachwood Object (Standard-Grade), Peachwood Talisman, Peachwood Weapon, Peachwood Weapon (High-Grade), Peachwood Weapon (Standard-Grade), Soul Cage, Undead Detection Dye

Familiar Abilities [7]

Anchored Incorporeality (familiar), Anchored Incorporeality (familiar), Heads Will Roll (familiar), Invisibility (familiar), Lend a Hand (familiar), Polong Possession (familiar), Undead (familiar)

Familiars (Specific) [4]

Crawling Hand, Old Friend, Polong, Talking Head

Feats [114]

Accursed Touch, Advanced Hallowed Spell, Ankle Biter, As in Life, So in Death, Bat Form, Blessed Medicine, Bolster Soul Cage, Bonds of Death, Bone Missile, Bone Swarm, Brains!, Cast Out, Channel Rot, Clinging Climber, Coffin Bound, Collapse, Consecrated Aura, Corpse Stench, Cycle Spell, Daywalker, Death Warden, Deathly Secrets, Desiccating Inhalation, Dominating Gaze, Drain Soul Cage, Enhanced Psychopomp Familiar, Enshroud Soul Cage, Ensnaring Wrappings, Enticing Dwelling, Exorcist Dedication, Expand Spiral, Feast, Festering Wound, Feverish Enzymes, Frighten Undead, Frightful Aura, Frightful Moan, Gear Up, Ghost Dedication, Ghost Flight, Ghostly Grasp (Ghost), Ghostly Resistance, Ghoul Dedication, Glutton for Flesh, Grave Mummification, Grave Strength, Greater Deathly Secrets, Greater Despair, Guardian Ghosts, Hallowed Initiate, Hallowed Necromancer Dedication, Hand of the Lich, Hunter's Sanctum, Liberate Soul, Lich Dedication, Macabre Virtuoso, Manipulative Charm, Master of the Dead, Mist Escape, Mummy Dedication, Mummy's Despair, Necromancer's Visage, Necromantic Heir, Necromantic Resistance, Nocturnal Kindred, Numb, One with the Land, Out of Hand, Paralyzing Slash, Pass Through, Past Life, Play Dead, Positive Luminance, Predatory Claws, Psychopomp Familiar, Ravenous Charge, Reanimator Dedication, Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation Token, Replenishing Consumption, Sacred Spells, Safeguard Soul, Seize, Semblance of Life, Sepulchral Sublimation, Shamble, Sickening Bite, Skeletal Resistance, Skeletal Transformation, Skeleton Commander, Slayer's Blessing, Slayer's Presence, Slayer's Strike, Soul Warden Dedication, Spell Gem, Spiral Sworn, Spirit's Absolution, Spirit's Anguish, Stitch Flesh, Storm Shroud, Swift Leap, Terrain Form, Their Master's Call, Turn to Mist, Undead Empathy, Undead Master Dedication, Undead Slayer Dedication, Undying Conviction, Unkillable, Unlimited Ghost Flight, Vampire Dedication, Vicious Fangs, Well-armed, Zombie Dedication

Hazards [25]

Blood Tears, Blood-Soaked Soil, Bloodthirsty Toy, Cannibalistic Echoes, Cold Spot, Desperate Hunger, Disembodied Voices, Ectoplasmic Grasp, Entombed Spirit, Final Words, Flood of Spirits, Frenetic Musician, Ghost Stampede, Glimpse Grave, Grasping Dead, Locking Door, Phantom Footsteps, Phantom Jailer, Sadistic Conductor, Shattered Window, Siphoning Spirit, Spirit Cyclone, Toppling Furniture, Violent Shove, Weight of Guilt

Monsters [85]

Beetle Carapace, Bhuta, Bone Croupier, Cadaverous Rake, Child of Urgathoa, Combusted, Corpseroot, Daqqanoenyent, Death Coach, Deathless Acolyte of Urgathoa, Deathless Hierophant of Urgathoa, Decrepit Mummy, Drake Skeleton, Ecorche, Excorion, Faithless Ecclesiarch, Fallen Champion, Festering Gnasher, Fiddling Bones, Fluxwraith, Gallowdead, Gashadokuro, Geist, Gholdako, Ghost Pirate Captain, Ghul, Grappling Spirit, Graveknight Warmaster, Hollow Serpent, Horde Lich, Hungry Ghost, Hunter Wight, Husk Zombie, Ice Mummy, Ichor Slinger, Iroran Mummy, Iruxi Ossature, Jitterbone Contortionist, Lacedon, Last Guard, Little Man in the Woods, Llorona, Minister Of Tumult, Mummified Cat, Mummy Prophet of Set, Nasurgeth, Obrousian, Onryo, Pale Sovereign, Pale Stranger, Polong, Predatory Rabbit, Priest of Kabriri, Provincial Jiang-Shi, Prowler Wight, Queen Sluagh, Raw Nerve, Relictner Eroder, Runecarved Lich, Scorned Hound, Seetangeist, Shadern Immolator, Shredskin, Siabrae, Silent Stalker, Skeletal Mage, Skeletal Soldier, Skeletal Titan, Sluagh Reaper, Sykever, Taunting Skull, Tormented, Unrisen, Urveth, Vanyver, Vetalarana Emergent, Vetalarana Manipulator, Waldgeist, Wight Commander, Withered, Wolf Skeleton, Zombie Lord, Zombie Mammoth, Zombie Owlbear, Zombie Snake

Rules [3]

Playing Undead, Undead Adjustments, Undead Allies

Spells [4]

Eyes of the Dead, Hallowed Ground, Shambling Horror, Subjugate Undead

Traits [2]

Darvakka (Monster), Ghul (Monster)