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PFS StandardImmovable TripodItem 10

Source Guns & Gears pg. 182
PFS Note Characters with access to firearms gain access to accessories that can be used with those weapons.

Price 700 gp
Bulk 1
This copper tripod with an immovable rod at its core is a perfect example of engineering ingenuity applied to magic items, adapting the eccentric power of an immovable rod for the pragmatic use of stabilizing weapons without the need for solid ground on which to stabilize them. In addition to extraplanar and aquatic environments, these devices have seen use by flying and climbing snipers who would otherwise have no way to mitigate their weapons' fierce kickback.

Activate Interact; Effect You deploy the tripod and press a button to lock it into place via the immovable rod, allowing you to deploy the tripod in midair, underwater, or anywhere else where you don't have a solid horizontal surface available. If you Activate the tripod by pushing the button again, you release and retrieve the tripod. While anchored, the tripod can be moved only if 8,000 pounds of pressure are applied to it or if a creature uses Athletics to Force Open the tripod with a DC of 40 (though most intelligent creatures can just push the button to release the tripod).