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PFS LimitedHarrow

Legacy Content

Source Stolen Fate Player's Guide pg. 15
You have a deep connection to the harrow, perhaps passed on through generations or unlocked after you had a harrow reading performed for you. This connection gives you an uncanny influence over your own fate.

Spell List occult
Bloodline Skills Occultism, Performance
Granted Spells cantrip: detect magic, 1st: ill omen, 2nd: augury, 3rd: wanderer's guide, 4th: suggestion, 5th: shadow siphon, 6th: true seeing, 7th: retrocognition, 8th: unrelenting observation, 9th: weird
Bloodline Spells initial: unraveling blast, advanced: invoke the harrow, greater: rewrite possibility
Blood Magic You become enveloped in possibility, represented as multiple versions of yourself from your possible futures overlaid on each other. You gain concealment for 1 round, but can't use the concealment to Hide.