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Rewrite PossibilityFocus 5

This Spell may contain spoilers from the Stolen Fate Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Uncommon Divination Fortune Mental Prediction Sorcerer 
Source Stolen Fate Player's Guide pg. 15
Bloodline harrow
Cast [two-actions] somatic, verbal
Range touch; Targets 1 creature
Duration 1 minute
You continually glimpse into the target's future and nudge fate to guide them toward the best possible outcome. Due to the amount of information this spell requires you to process, you can't have more than one rewrite possibility spell in effect at a time. Casting it again ends the previous casting. While rewrite possibility is in effect, the target gains a +1 status bonus to initiative rolls. In addition, you gain the following reaction.

Rewrite Possibility [reaction] Trigger The target fails a check; Effect The target rolls again with a +2 status bonus and uses the higher result.