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Source Core Rulebook pg. 636 2.0
This indicates abilities from the sorcerer class.


Advanced Bloodline, Ancestral Blood Magic, Ancestral Mage, Anoint Ally, Arcane Evolution, Bespell Weapon, Blessed Blood, Blood Component Substitution, Bloodline Conduit, Bloodline Focus, Bloodline Metamorphosis, Bloodline Mutation, Bloodline Perfection, Bloodline Resistance, Bloodline Wellspring, Cantrip Expansion, Consume Spell, Counterspell, Crossblooded Evolution, Dangerous Sorcery, Diverting Vortex, Divine Evolution, Echoing Spell, Effortless Concentration, Elaborate Flourish, Energetic Resonance, Energy Fusion, Energy Ward, Enhanced Familiar, Entreat with Forebears, Familiar, Greater Bloodline, Greater Crossblooded Evolution, Greater Mental Evolution, Greater Physical Evolution, Greater Spiritual Evolution, Greater Vital Evolution, Interweave Dispel, Magic Sense, Metamagic Mastery, Occult Evolution, Overwhelming Energy, Primal Evolution, Quickened Casting, Reach Spell, Reflect Spell, Ruby Resurrection, Safeguarded Spell, Scintillating Spell, Signature Spell Expansion, Soulsight, Spell Relay, Spell Shroud, Split Shot, Steady Spellcasting, Tenacious Blood Magic, Terraforming Spell, Widen Spell

Focus Spells

Aberrant Whispers, Abyssal Wrath, Ancestral Memories, Angelic Halo, Angelic Wings, Arcane Countermeasure, Blinding Beauty, Celestial Brand, Cleansing Flames, Consuming Darkness, Diabolic Edict, Dim the Light, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claws, Dragon Wings, Drain Life, Elemental Blast, Elemental Motion, Elemental Toss, Embrace the Pit, Establish Ward, Extend Spell, Faerie Dust, Fey Disappearance, Fey Glamour, Genie's Veil, Glutton's Jaw, Grasping Grave, Heart's Desire, Hellfire Plume, Horrific Visage, Jealous Hex, Nymph's Token, Rejuvenating Flames, Sepulchral Mask, Shepherd of Souls, Shroud of Flame, Spirit Veil, Steal Shadow, Swamp of Sloth, Tentacular Limbs, Undeath's Blessing, Unusual Anatomy, Wish-Twisted Form, You're Mine